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A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this website.

  • Positive Messages

    a little

    The site says its mission is to provide a positive, friendly experience for users; a number of streamers also request that users remain positive when commenting on their content. But there's no guarantee that everyone will.

  • Violence & Scariness


    Things generally don't get too gory/bloody in all channels, but some game characters brandish guns and knives and engage in combat. Content varies from channel to channel, so users will have to pay attention to the games/videos being streamed on a channel basis.

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  • Sex, Romance & Nudity

    a little

    According to Twitch's community guidelines, sexually explicit content isn't allowed, and that seems to be pretty strictly enforced. Some vloggers do show cleavage, and a few segment names feature words like "penis," but if nudity or extremely suggestive material exists, it isn't easily found.

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  • Language

    a lot

    Content broadcasters are supposed to enable a setting if they plan to share mature content, but some don't seem to view swearing that way; kids may hear hosts say "f--k" or other swear words in conversation. If kids set up a channel, they can use an AutoMod option to replace certain words in their chat feed with asterisks and hold questionable messages for review.

    Did you know you can flag iffy content? Adjust limits for Language in your kid's entertainment guide.

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    (Video) What Is Twitch? Twitch Explained In 3 Minutes
  • Products & Purchases

    a lot

    Users are encouraged to buy Bits through Amazon/PayPal to support streamers. They can also pay to subscribe to certain user-sponsored channels for $4.99-24.99 a month; some channels also ask for donations. A link leads to an Amazon store with clothes and other site merchandise. Users are encouraged to sign up for Amazon's Prime service, products may be listed on pages, and ads sometimes play before channel content.

  • Drinking, Drugs & Smoking

    a little

    Some channels/games mention marijuana, drinking.

    Did you know you can flag iffy content? Adjust limits for Drinking, Drugs & Smoking in your kid's entertainment guide.

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  • Parents Need to Know

    Parents need to know that Twitch is an online streaming site that covers both gaming and non-gaming content. It has many settings that can help restrict kids' contact with other users, such as options that block private chat-room invites. The site also makes a concerted effort to keep sexual content from being shared, putting temporary or permanent bans on users who break these rules. But even with these standards, kids may encounter iffy stuff. Language is often a free-for-all during live feeds, with "f--k" and other swear words frequently used, even though channel streamers are supposed to indicate whether they'll use mature language during a stream. Many users and streamers make drug and alcohol references during broadcasts, too. Plus, a number of games feature a significant amount of shooting and violence, so it's up to viewers to pay attention to the games being streamed and the kinds of games a streamer likes to play to avoid certain kinds of content. There's also a fair amount of product promotion on the site for Amazon Prime, channel subscriptions, and other items, and kids will periodically see ads before and during streams. Read the privacy policy on the website to find out about the information that's collected and shared.

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goldih0rn Adult

(Video) MY FIRST TWITCH CHECK: How much do small twitch streamers make

November 7, 2021

age 18+

was good but is very bad now

it was good once. now it's just collection of boobie streamer, toxicity, scammer and very rare 1 or 2 good streamer.viewers just try to scam, snipe, abuse reports, insult and so on...since there literally is no support at all you, as a community member, are exposed to all of that without any protection at all.

This title has:

Too much violence

Too much sex

Too much swearing

Too much consumerism

Too much drinking/drugs/smoking

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sumerishere94 Adult

April 23, 2021

age 18+

Twitch is softcore porn advertised as gaming. Pathetic website

Do not let your kids on this website, it is a joke. Twitch is softcore porn advertised as gaming. Yes there is gaming but one of the largest viewing and recommended section on twitch is now porn. The moderating on the website is absolutely pathetic and the people responsible are greedy losers who imo should be ashamed of themselves for displaying porn to 10 year old kids based on false advertisement. Pathetic website from a pathetic company. Did I say this company is pathetic?

(Video) Twitch Is Complete Garbage

5 people found this helpful.

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What’s It About?

TWITCH bills itself as a social video service where a community of millions discusses Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC games. It also features videos and channel content based on hobbies and other topics. Users share live gameplay and other video (with audio) as others chime in via a chat feed; you can also choose to be invisible and just observe or cheer streamers on by buying and using Bits, a Twitch form of currency that can be used to support a user's favorite broadcasters. The site, which was launched in 2011, is now owned by Amazon, so promotion of Amazon Prime subscriptions sometimes provides benefits for Twitch users as well.

Is It Any Good?

Our review:

Parents say (27):

Kids say (37):

The gaming-related content is the high point of this streaming-friendly site, which has varied content, but it can hard to tell whether a broadcast is safe for kids or is for adults only. Gaming fans on Twitch will find detailed, fast-paced discussions and be able to view game-playing experiences. Fewer channels seem to touch on other subjects, such as drawing and programming; on some, conversations feel like they move much slower than the gaming talk, with less dynamic visuals. But with channels and conversations in a number of languages, content scheduled to stream at different times around the clock, and videos playing automatically, it doesn't take much poking around to find something else to watch.

In addition to viewing cooking demonstrations and other content, kids can, without much effort, find other people to geek out about their favorite game with. But the community aspect is also the site's biggest concern. Dropping in on someone's uncensored conversation can expose kids to swearing and sexual references; they may also come across vloggers with ample cleavage and others who hit viewers up for financial contributions. Some mention drinking and other vices, and it's not uncommon for site users to praise the violence that's shown in games. Twitch has included some features to help protect users' privacy, such as the ability to be invisible when observing a chat conversation, but with the amount of streams available to watch and profile settings and functions to review, the privacy protections can be easy to overlook. Kids might not realize, for example, that their activity could be shared with other users unless they unclick that option. Also, selecting appropriate privacy and content settings will mean a lot of time spent digging through the site's detailed help area to tailor the experience to your needs. Twitch can be an entertaining online experience, as long as you're aware that some of that fun could also come with a hefty dose of content for mature viewers.

Talk to Your Kids About ...

  • Families can talk about online privacy. What kinds of things should you never say online, especially if it's being streamed to a worldwide audience?

  • Talk about violence in video games. Should streaming services have explicit age controls to regulate who can watch games with mature content? Should streams be prevented from changing from non-violent to violent games in mid-broadcast?

  • Discuss marketing to kids. Even though Amazon owns Twitch, should it be allowed to heavily promote its services and ads to users that only want to watch games? Would you pay extra if it meant not having to be subjected to constant promotion about Amazon?

Website Details

  • Genre: Gaming
  • Pricing structure: Paid, Free
  • Last updated: September 13, 2021

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(Video) Should You Stream On TWITCH or YOUTUBE (1 month after switching)


Twitch Website Review? ›

Twitch's ubiquity, ease of use, and high adoption rate make it an excellent service and an Editors' Choice pick, despite a few issues. It's one of the best video game live streaming services, not to be confused with services that let you play video games through streaming.

Is Twitch a safe platform? ›

Gaming addiction is a genuine concern for children who use Twitch. Financial scams through social engineering are common on Twitch. Profanity and adult content are easily accessible on Twitch. Sexualized content is often used as a ploy to increase donations.

What is Twitch website for? ›

What exactly is it? Twitch is a video-streaming platform that offers a fun, social way to watch people play games. Through the Twitch app (and online at, gamers who broadcast their matches (known as streamers) play their favorite titles while providing running commentary on the action.

Is Twitch good for beginners? ›

Live streaming on Twitch isn't too demanding for a novice. You can have your live content on Twitch in a matter of minutes with some basic gear.

What are you not allowed to do on Twitch? ›

Any activity, such as cheating, hacking, botting, or tampering, that gives the account owner an unfair advantage in an online multiplayer game, is prohibited. This also includes exploiting another broadcaster's live broadcast in order to harass them in-game, such as stream sniping.

Should I let my kid have Twitch? ›

Children under 13 may not use Twitch. We are committed to upholding our age restrictions to keep kids and teens safe. If you know someone under the age of 13 is using Twitch please let us know.

How much does Twitch cost? ›

How Much Does a Twitch Subscription Cost? At minimum, a subscription costs $4.99/month (or localized pricing if available). There are additional tiers that cost $9.99/month and $24.99/month, though the benefits afforded depends on the channel; it won't necessarily give you anything different.

Is Twitch owned by Amazon? ›

Amazon acquired Twitch for almost $1 billion in 2014. The site is most known as a popular livestreaming platform for video gamers. After buying Twitch, Amazon was largely hands off with the business, though it has offered Prime subscribers perks on the livestreaming platform, such as free games and in-game loot.

Is Twitch free with Amazon Prime? ›

The Free Subscription with Prime Gaming subscription option only displays if: Twitch subscriptions are available in your location. You are subscribed to Prime Gaming. The streamer is a Partnered or Affiliate channel.

Do small Twitch streamers make money? ›

Small Twitch streamers may only make a few hundred dollars per month, or not even reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $100. People just starting out on Twitch usually don't make anything until they reach Twitch Affiliate status. Learn more about how to become a Twitch Affiliate.

Can I make money on Twitch? ›

Anyone can be a streamer and earn money through donations and merchandise sales. Once you have more than 50 followers and meet other requirements, you can become an affiliate and earn cash from subscriptions, Twitch bits, and brand deals. As a partner, you can boost your earnings even more with ad revenue.

What age uses Twitch the most? ›

Over two thirds of Twitch users are aged under 35; only 3% of viewers are aged 55 or above.

How much do Twitch streamers make? ›

Small Twitch streamers can earn anywhere from $50 to $1500 per month, depending on the number of average viewers they have. Here's what you can expect to make based on your viewership: 5 – 10 average viewers: $50 – $200 per month. 20 average viewers: $200 – $400 per month.

Is Twitch safe for credit card? ›

Credit/debit cards

Twitch is a secure platform but there are other payment methods for making online transactions that ensure your bank details are always safe and none of your financial accounts are shared on the internet.

Is Twitch safe privacy? ›

Twitch uses a variety of managerial, technical, and physical measures to protect the integrity and security of your information. These measures may vary based on the sensitivity of your information. However, no security precautions or systems can be completely secure.

How do I keep my kids safe on Twitch? ›

However, there are still a few ways to make sure they're using Twitch safely.
  1. Show Your Kids How to Use Their Money on Twitch. ...
  2. Stay Away From Inappropriate Content on Twitch. ...
  3. Check Who Your Kids Are Talking With. ...
  4. Talk to Your Kids About Grooming. ...
  5. Your Kids Should Never Share Personal Information on Twitch.
Jun 27, 2023

Is it safe to stream on Twitch without a VPN? ›

Should I use a VPN if I'm streaming? It's generally a good idea to use a VPN if you're streaming, as it'll hide your IP address, which will stop your ISP from throttling your speeds. It's completely legal to do, and it often improves your user experience by letting you access different content from around the world.


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