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Kaiju are the titular Gootraxians in Kaiju Paradise and were created and designed by YukaChaan.

They appear to be large, dark-blue reptilian humanoids with a lighter blue underbelly and glowing, blue crystal spines running along their backs and tail. They have very blue colored eyes with light blue irises, a bright light blue tongue and dark blue claws on their lighter blue hands and feet.

They are the only Gootraxian in the game that appears larger than a player.


Azarue is a plant based Gootraxian covered in pink flowers with yellow pistils. They are considered Community-created Gootraxians.

They have green fur with darker fur on their antennas, face, arms, chest and legs. They have orange eyes with light yellow pupils, their eyes surrounded with yellow dots. A large orange flower sits on Azarue's flat, bushy tail. White particles appear at the center of the flower tail.The flowers on their tail and forehead are similar to the item needed to transform into one, the Strange Flowers.


"A bucket has suddenly been placed on top of you.."

Catte is an orange feline Gootraxian and were the one of the first transmogrifying item-type introduced into the game.

They wear an orange bucket similar in coloring on its head. They have pure white eyes and light creamsicle underbellies, neck fur and inner ears. They usually have their left ear covered by their bucket hats.

Players infected by a Catte do not have a bucket on their head like those infected normally do, but they are able to pick up new Catte buckets.


"A fedora has suddenly been placed on top of you... Very classy.."

Feds are grey wolf Gootraxians that wear dark grey fedoras as accessories.

They lack any body markings other than the jagged light grey fur patterns on their wrists and feet, which share the same color as Fed's underbelly, neck fur and inner ears. Fed's eyes are a bright magenta pink color.

They are considered to be a counterpart of Shade due to their many similarities.


"My stomach hurts.."

Figs is a light blue colored insect of an unknown species. They are considered Community-created Gootraxians.

They have green stripes and marks all over their body, as well as singular, large pink stripes on their wrists and ankles. They have four large, transparent wings on their backs as well as three dark purple horns and six thick, light blue hair puffs on their heads.

Their eyes match the color of the pink stripes on their arms, and their neck fur matches the color of their green body markings. It is unclear what species of insect Figs is; it is said to be a type of dragonfly and not a moth.

Ghost Fox[]

Ghost Fox is a light blue fox spirit with two large, fluffy tails. They are considered Community-created Gootraxians.

Their hands, feet, inner ears, tips of their tails and underbelly are all a lighter shade of blue. Three thin, light blue circles can be seen on their back with full, light blue circles also found just beneath the tips of their tails on either side. Their eyes are completely white and are usually always accompanied by tears in the corner of their eyes.


"Something is wrong with this hazmat suit..."

Hazzy are fox Gootraxians. They have red fur with slightly darker lower arms and feet, those of which have spots slightly darker to the latter. Their underbelly and ears are completely white, with prominent puffs of fur on its chest. Their eyes are a pale pinkish-white color and it has noticeable whiskers next to its mouth.


Lang is a red panda Gootraxian with light purple fur. They are considered Community-created Gootraxians.

There are large, dark purple stripes on its arms and legs as well as smaller ones on its face going from their eyes to the bottom of their face.

They have relatively short ears and fluff on their head, and their eyes are a much darker purple than the rest of their body. They have large fluffy tails, the upper part of which is colored the same dark purple as the stripes on its body.

This Gootraxian has now been removed along with v3.1 bug fixes due to complications with its creator.

Lemon Shork[]

"The shark reacted strangely to the lemon you carried.."

Lemon Shorks are pastel yellow sharks with very pale yellow underbellies. They are considered Community-created Gootraxians.

They have four black eyes with dark purple pupils, the bottom of which are longer and sharper than the top ones. Unlike their similarly designed counterpart, the Shork, the fins on their head and arms have black stripes on them. They also have a singular fin in between their ear fins and below the back of their head, something no other Shork type has.


Mochi is a coffee colored dragon Gootraxian made of mochi. They are considered Community-created Gootraxians.

Their underbelly is a tan color as well as the sharp stripes on their arms and legs and the two large dragon horns on their head. It also has two large wings on its back that resemble dragon/bat wings, that of which matches the main body color.

It has four cat-like ears on its head, two of which point to the side and the other two point straight up. Its eyes are a dark shade of green with a brown outline.


"Your eyes feel a whole lot better... Very cool.."

Shade is a gray wolf Gootraxian with black sunglasses. They have grey fur, with their inner ears, neck fluff, underbelly, feet and hands being a lighter shade of grey. Their arms and legs have curved, light green stripes on the outer sides

Their eyes are colored white, with a neon green rim on the inside. VIP Shades appear the same, except for the large Video Camera tool they can equip.

They are considered the counterpart of Fed.


The Shork is a grey shark Gootraxian with a pure white underbelly and eyes. They have fins similar to regular sharks on their elbows and back in addition to their normal tail.

Slime Hound[]

Slime Hounds are essentially the adult form of Slime Pups and look almost identical but stand bipedally instead of quadrupedally, with a constantly angered expression. Their neck fur is the same as normal, but their tails are very ruffled and messy.

Much like their juvenile form, they can also come in a variety of colors, including Golden and Diamond variants. Slime Hounds have been removed from the game due to a request from their creator.

Slime Pup[]

Slime Pups are one of the main Gootraxians in Kaiju Paradise. They have the lowest HP (83 HP) out of all the other Gootraxians along with Dragon Pups in the game without a hat and with the exception of their Diamond and Golden variants.

They are small, quadruped, dog-like creatures made of a type of slime with a whitish facial mask. They can come in many colors, such as red, white, lime and cyan.

They can steal weapons and food from survivors, and can bite people which deals 10 damage to survivors and 5 damage to Gootraxians. Slime Pups have been removed from the game due to a request from their creator.

Slime Pup Dragon[]

SlimePupDragons are slime Gootraxians with white masks, whose bodies can come in all of the colors Slime Pups can have, and, likewise, have Golden, Diamond, and Rainbow variants, the latter of which is unobtainable outside of VIP servers.

They have four ears, two in front and two in the back, as well as a pair of dragon wings that they use to move. They also have a long, thin dragon tail.

They have the lowest health of all Gootraxians along with Slime Pups (83 HP) before fused, with the exception of their Diamond and Golden variants. Slime Pup Dragons have been removed from the game due to a request from their creator.


"My stomach is freezing cold..."

Sprinklekit is a feline ice cream Gootraxian with a cream white body. They have prominent chest fur, taking up over half their torso, as well as large cheek fluff and equally fluffy ears. There are small groups of chocolate rice sprinkles all over its body, mainly on its stomach area.

Their tail is a large scoop of ice cream, with small drips of it falling off, as well as a very large waffle cone on top. Their face is a similar brown color to the rice sprinkles on its body, and it has visible whiskers on its face. It has small patches of light brown on its knees.

Toxic Rabbit[]

Toxic Rabbits are neon green rabbit Gootraxians. They are considered Community-created Gootraxians.

They have bright green fur with a greenish-white underbelly and inner ears. Their eyes, hands and feet are all a slightly lighter shade of green compared to the body's main color.

Their most prominent features are their long, droopy bunny ears, cheek and hair fluff and their small, puffy rabbit tail. They also have a green colored gas emitting from their body, which is fairly hard to notice while they're moving.

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