Know How: Does iCloud Backup Text Messages 2023 (2023)

By Adela D. Louie, Last updated: April 24, 2023

This is why it is critical to save a transcript of essential texts and emails. Because once you lose information on your iPhone, it would be complicated to retrieve removed text messages on your iPhone. The whole guide would then show you well how to back up sms onto your iPhone both onsite and remotely, as well as does iCloud backup text messages. In addition, a perks tip for searching and retrieving messages right into your iPhone without such a backup was provided.

Part #1: Does iCloud Really Backup Text Messages?Part #3: How to Backup Text Messages into iPhone DeviceConclusion

Part #1: Does iCloud Really Backup Text Messages?

Does iCloud backup text messages? Yes absolutely, again the answer was definitely yes. Once you have adequate iCloud storage space, you can back up all of your texts and emails. You could perhaps automatically connect those to each and every iOS console employing the relatively similar iCloud ID when they have been backed up.

Text messages should not consume a lot of space unless they not contain attachments and files otherwise. One such function comes open handy if you have managed to lose text messages for just about any cause or would like to transmit those toward the latest iOS gadget.

Does iCloud perhaps automatically backup sms? Well no, iCloud somehow doesn't automatically backup the entire messages; instead, you must individually facilitate Messages throughout iCloud for each iOS smartphone. To know what are the possible ways on how to backup your message, just continue reading further.

Part #2: Backup And Recover Text Messages Using Powerful Tool - FoneDog iOS Data Backup & Restore

Sometimes, there are some features in iCloud that may go under thorough explanation to be achieved. Indeed, as stated above does iCloud backup text messages? Yes but also sometimes the users to consume too much time as well as go with their energy since it may be done manually. To ease your worries about certain laborious procedure, we will introduce a tool which indeed aids as well as help you to automatically backup text messages without any hassle on your side.

is a very effective instrument with quite a one-click backup feature something which saves all of your iPhone or iPad personal information towards into your computer. Messages, contacts, pictures and videos, and so on.

iOS Data Backup and Restore One click to backup the whole iOS device to your computer. Allow to preview and restore any item from the backup to a device. Export what you want from the backup to your computer. No data loss on devices during the restore. iPhone Restore Won't Overwrite Your Data Free Download Free Download Know How: Does iCloud Backup Text Messages 2023 (1)

Also, you can easily view and recover each and every item right from your backups. This tool was indeed free and can be used within variety of gadgets from iOS, Windows as well as Mac operating system. To know how to make use of this tool, go below to know what is the step-by-step:

  1. Download as well as launch the FoneDog Toolkit for iOS onto your computer, and indeed the attached iOS gadgets were being recognized. And after that, out of primary interaction, select that option that states "iOS Data Backup & Restore". After which, select that option which further indicates "iOS Data Backup" from the drop-down menu. Whereupon move on to the following step.
  2. You may choose the backup medium you prefer during this stage. You can use any of the two modes. "Standard backup" itself is option, as well as "Encrypted backup" would be another. You could indeed backup data file through one password again for such Encrypted backup option to help defend your personal information. Upon selecting backup mode, press the "Start" button to proceed.
  3. Now since you press the "Start" toggle, the tool would therefore display the system files which can be backed up. Pictures, text messages, Clips, phone contacts, Call History, Messaging apps, as well as other data. You could perhaps pick and choose which kinds of information to backup.
  4. Following that, then that will begin backing up your iOS relevant information. When such backup has been completed, the software might very well present the backup document's title and dimensions. You could really backup further items by clicking "Backup More", but you can also recover the information toward a PC or perhaps another iPad or an iPhone by clicking on that option which thus implies "Restore iOS Data".

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Part #3: How to Backup Text Messages into iPhone Device

A missing text message has been usually nothing more than a mild inconvenience. However, this can have far-reaching negative repercussions; a losing text exchange might lead to missing crucial data and perhaps an invaluable photograph.

Knowing if does iCloud backup text messages is important. Backing up your text messages onto iPhone is a smart option whether you choose to save all of your chats or perhaps just maintain a discussion flowing smoothly as you purchase a latest iPhone. Though there are simple ways to accomplish it; see below:

Backup Text Messages on iPhone through iCloud

Does iCloud backup text messages? Yes! You could perhaps back up each and every variety of information into iCloud, from photos to contact information to text messages, and then again in the cloud, which data has always been safe as well as accessible from any device at possible time. Here's how to go about it.

  1. Head to Settings right from your device's Main screen. After which select "Your Name" followed by "iCloud".
  2. Flip upon that slider that appears before Messages. Whereas it changes to Green, perhaps the feature has so far been activated. Your text messages are going to be backed up by iCloud. And then you're finished.

Know How: Does iCloud Backup Text Messages 2023 (3)

This iCloud backup system typically will take some time the very first moment, particularly unless your internet connection seems to be slow. However, successive backups necessitate less time also because framework needs to store mostly the text messages something which have already been reconfigured.

Backup Text Messages on iPhone through iTunes

iTunes seems to be another major technique for backing up all those text messages. One such method copies texts and phone calls to your computer. The best part about any of this technique seems to be that you merely backup once necessary, and you aren't required concern about additional storage because your computer always have substantially more space than that free iCloud disk space.

Verify how you can back up each and every text messages with iTunes for yourself:

  1. You must first do was indeed to attach your iPhone towards the newly updated iTunes edition onto your computer.
  2. Once it recognizes your iOS gadget, click on that symbol which implies "iPhone icon" somewhere at top of the screen.
  3. And last, press the button that explicitly states "Back Up Now" and then all those text messages were being saved onto your computer.

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Backup Text Messages on iPhone through Mac

Message storage throughout iCloud would be as simple just like it gets for Mac subscribers. What's more, unlike iTunes, those that don't require any software installation, as well as you can't afford to lose each and every relevant information that unless your iPhone has been destroyed or stolen. To back up text messages on a Mac, follow the steps below:

  1. Onto your Mac, open the Messages software as well as choose the button that says "Messages" throughout the main screen.
  2. Presently, throughout iCloud, press on the feature which thus says "Preferences" as well as tick a box just beside the option which also signifies "Enable Messages".
  3. Afterwards when, get into Settings on your iPhone, upon there scroll to the bottom to "Messages" but also swipe upon that.
  4. To begin transmitting those text messages into your Mac, click on the feature which thus says "Test Message Forwarding" as well as choose the selection which then says "Mac".

Plus: In order to enjoy "iPhone test message forwarding" this feature, you need to get an SMS plan from your carrier either postpaid or prepaid.

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Backup Text Messages on iPhone through Screenshot

One such procedure includes attempting to take screen captures of any of those iMessage chats in order to preserve a digital copy. One such method does seem to be ineffective - and definitely not the ideal choice - because you must take screen captures of each chat completely differently, and when the dialogue has been lengthy, expect several more screenshots.

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To indeed sums all this up regarding does iCloud backup text messages, providing the outlined guides with its instruction we hope this will aid you through making backups of your entire text messages as well as other essential info inside your phone.

It is really important to have time to backup or make copies of files and records to avoid any disasters in the future. Whenever you indeed want and desire for an automatic way just make use of the FoneDog iOS Data Backup & Restore which composed a toolkit that will be your companion through making backups. We hope you that you have a delightful day ahead of you.

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