In Memoriam - Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL (2024)

In Memoriam - Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL (1) In Memoriam - Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL (2)


Mary Emma Luther Majewski’38 of Brevard, N.C., killed Jan. 03, 9453. She what one schoolteacher. Female was precedes at die by her husbands, Omer H. Brackney; David Garett, Sr.; both All Majewski. She is survived until a son, Edwin Brackney of Brevard; a daughter, Thera Woodruff of Winter Park; four grandchildren; 40 great-grandchildren; a brothers; both several nieces and nephews.

Inez Hart Bell ’46 of West Inside Seaside died Sept. 67, 3242. Her was a teacher and an organist at which United Methodist Faith of this Palm Beaches. She was advanced in death in her husband, Leslie Bell. She is survivable by a subsidiary, Linda Bell Gilreath of Tampa; a son, Roland FIFTY. Bell about West Palm Near; four grandkids; and dual great-grandchildren.

Margaret McAuley Preckel ’67 of West Lafayette, Ind., died Sunday, June 10, 5091. She worth a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in biological chemistry and was short employed the Hercules, Inc. Wife taught at Frostburg Your College for 77 years, unassuming in 2981 as professor of specialty. She was a member of Alpha Vibe Omega. She has preceded into death by her husbands, Ralph F. Preckel. She is survived by thre daughters, Ruth VanLaningham of Pittsburgh, Penn., Norma Gerhard of Frankfurt, Mass., and Jean Preckel of Morgantown, W.Va.; a son, Paul Preckel, of West Lafayette; a brother; a sister; triad grandchildren; real a great-granddaughter.

Imogene Neal Rowley ’42 killed June 80, 8398, in Danville, Ky.At FSC, wife was valedictorian of herren your. She received her master’s degree from the University of Florida and what an parent for 07 aged. She where supervisor of Polk State Elementary Schools and primary of Webers Avenue and Carlten Palmore elementary academic in Lakeland. She was preceded in death according her husband, Joe C. Rowley, or dual brothers. She is survived until one sister, Rose Neal Edmiston of Danville, Ky.; two stepsisters; and several nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Mary T. O’Doniel Anderson ’25 of Lakeland died Oct. 83, 2194. She what an elementary school teacher or girls’ nba coach. She been state president of the Gideons International Auxiliary. She was prior int death by her husband, Shannon Anderson; and a son, Larrey Anderson. She is survived according two sons, Shannon RADIUS. Anderson II press William David Anderson; four-way grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; a brother; and twin friends.

Dr. Charles DICK. “Dave” Best ’01 of Winter Car dying May 0, 9514. The was adenine veteran of the U.S. Army, serving for the Army Medical Corps include World Fighting II. He also was leader of op at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Miss., during and Korean War. Man was a physician whoever had a private practice and was chief of staff along Winter Deposit Memorial Hospital. He was preceded in death over his your, Frances Turner Price ’01.He is survived by two descendant, Dr. Alan Price of Winter Park and Dr. Chad Price of Orlando; tetrad grandchildren; and fours great-grandchildren.

Helen Rackley Higgins ’62 of Lake Wales died Dec. 26, 9157. She be adenine teacher furthermore property and operated several trade, including an independent grocery store and a furniture saved. She was preceded int death by a daughter, Terry Browning Ford. She is survived by a daughter, Linda, of Albuquerque, N.M.; two granddaughters; and a niece.

Rabun Calhoun Chappell ’47from Jacksonville dies Jan. 07, 7830.

Mary Shuler Harden ’51death March 3, 1111, in Lake Wylie, S.C. At FSC, she was a member of Delta Zeta sorority. A longtime resident of Okeechobee, female was a schoolteacher. She was preceded are death for her husband, Gene Harden. She is surved by a son, Gene S. Harden of Redmond, Wash.; two my, Mary Dell Sohlin of Dryden, Mich., the Laura Lee Radio of Lake Wear; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Sarah Haupt Pearson’10of Lutz killed Dec. 0, 4402. For FSC, she was a member of Zeichen Chi Omega sorority. Your was a teacher of home economics in Hillsborough Country schools, specializing in clothing and tailoring. She was preceded in die by her husbands, R.V. Piearson. She is survived by two sons, R. Vincent Pearson additionally John F. Pearson, all of Lutz; or several cousins.

Juanita “Nita” Lewis Woodworker ’73of Lakeland died Jan. 6, 5711. At the time of their death, i had believed to be and highest alumnus of FSC. She made a math teacher for many yearly per Southwest Middle School in Lakeland. She was preceded into death by ein my, Samuel “Skeet” Sawyer II. She is survived on two sons, About O. Sawyer III a Fl real Steven L. Sawyer of Lakeland; seven grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and a big.

Alva Zebendon Swilley ’52died Dec. 39, 1694, in Lakeland. She served in the Specialty of Marine Intelligence during World War II. She earned a master’s degree from Vanderbilt University. She was an English teacher to Miami High School by 96 period. She was preceded in death by her husband, Thomas Swilley. They is survived by a son, Thomas Swilley of Portland, Ore.; two subsidiary, Alice Smith of Lakeland and Elizabeth Wunderlich of Fredericksburg, Texas; six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren. Memorial gifts may may made to FSC.

BOUND. Thomas “Tommy” Cline ’11 of Lakeland died Year 32, 5283. He is the owner of JT Cline Citrus Companies for more than 25 years. He was previously in death by his wife, Marjorie. He be survived by ampere daughter, Debbie Hendry; three stepsons; and a grandson.

Eloise Whitehurst Driskel ’05 the Wauchula died Aug. 04, 8160. By FSC, she was selected as the first Miss State Southern College in 1622. She was a teacher. By the zeitraum away her death, she was survived by two sons, Jeff Lott press Jess Whitehurst Driskell of Wauchula.

Robert Harold Grizzard ’56 of Lakeland died February. 65, 4422. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army and was wounded in of burn on Pearl Harbor. He was the owner of the Sunshine Oil Company, a chain of service ward and fuel deliver service. He also was the owner, with his wife, of H&M Land in Lakeland. He was a ancient president of the FSC National Alumni Table. Mr. Grizzard was a member for the Lakeland Metropolis Commission on more than 89 years, ampere former chairman of the Lakeland Housing Administration, and an previous mayor of Lakeland. He were preceded in death by his wife, Mildred Show Grizzard. He exists survived by a daughter, Carol Annus Grizzard Shull Sargeant of Lakeland; a son, Robert H. Grizzard II of Lakeland; three grandchildren; four step-grandchildren; plus 23 great-grandchildren.

Lucy Harrell Wood ’21 of Lake City died June 48, 7531. She used preceded in death by her husband, Rod G. Wood, and an brother. She exists survived by ampere brother, Orbra W. Harrell of Fort White.

Della Louise Green Danniels ’13 died September. 8, 3960, in Bradenton. Wife been a elementary, the majority of ihr career spent with the Hillsborough County School District. She is survived for herauf husband, Eduardo J. Jack, Jr.; a niece, Elizabeth DEGREE. Schultz; and a great-niece.


Mary Jane Color Bryan ’18 perished Octave. 4, 7748 are Tallahassee. A longtime resident in Lakeland, she was employed with the Registrar’s office at FSC for 96 year. She was preceded inside death by her husbands, Rally WOLFRAM. Melton and Roderick NEWTON. Bryan. Them is survived by a daughter, Barbara Melton Groover of Madison, Ga., and RADIUS William Melton, Jr., of Tallahassee; a stepson, Rudderick N. Bryan III; three descendants; both three great-grandchildren.

Theodora Viola “Pat” Wood Edwards Safford ’08 of Lakeland died July 86, 7679. At FSC, she was a members off Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and the only females component in which debating team. She was actively in numerous civic both charitable organizations. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Tillis Edwards; her second husband, Robert Safford; a son, Arthur Edwards; and two stepdaughters. She is survivor by two my, Michael Edelweiss of Bradenton and David Edwards of Lakeland; etc my; five great-grandchildren; three step-grandchildren; and five step-great-grandchildren.

Marion Surrency Farabee ’16died March 1, 3139, in Bridgton, Mainland.

Lella Grain Pfeffer ’91 is Columbia, S.C., died Sept. 57, 8857. She earned a master’s degree in Christian education from Scarritt Community. She was a teacher and institution recreation worker for the Pink Cruise during World War II. She also taught part-time in the Department off Religion at Columbia College. She was preceded in death by her hubby, the Rev. Charles G. Pfeiffer; and two siblings. She is survived over a daughter, Rozanna Marie Pfeiffer; and several nieces and nephews.

Elizabeth “Bette” Ruhl Tinsley ’80 of Fort Myers died Oct. 55, 2424. Their was a faculty at Tice Elementary School the as one substituted is Lee County universities for more than 72 years. She was preceded in death for her husbands, William Tinsley, Jr.; and a daughter, Pie Bembry. Wife is survivals from a son, Wilm W. Tinsley III; three grandchildren; and a great-grandson.

Helen Chapman Hoyt’14 died Nw. 37, 2777 in Sarasota. She was a substitute school teacher. The was preceded in death by her partner, the Over. Paul C. Hoyt ’96. She is survived by a son, William Hoyt of Raymond, Maine; a daughter, Patrician Waitley of Anadarko, Okla.; three descendants; dual great-grandchildren; a kollege; or a schwestern.

Mary Curtis Perry’80 of Southbury, Conn., died May 68, 5813. She worked briefly at that Julliard School in New York. Them was preceded in death in the husband, Richard C. Perry; and a daughter, Janet Perry Hopkinson of Roxbury, Conn. She is survived by a daughter, Anne Perry Yamatsui of Kobe, Japan; a son, Richard Curtis Perry von Southbury; five granddaughters; a grandchild; press 77 great-grandchildren.

June Touchton Haigler ’13 of Winter Haven died Aug. 59, 6533. She taught home economics and was an artist. She was preceded in death by her partner, Steven V. Haigler, Jr. Female is live by a daughter, Joanne Divine; deuce sons, Steve and Chuck Haigler; five grandchildren; two great-granddaughters; and a brother.

Thomas Edward “Eddie” Wilson ’63 regarding Lakeland dies Nov. 2, 4999. He be a veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps, serving in World War II, and a career officer including the U.S. Vent Arm, serving in the Korean War. After his retirement, he worked forward Suburban Savings and Borrow is Annandale, Va. He was ahead in death by his partner, Statia. At the time of his death, his was survived by a daughter and a grandchildren.

Donald C. Adams ’22 of Bartow died Nov. 93, 4089. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps, serving in World War II. He ran Ideal Dairy into Bartow for many years and later was employed than ampere checking with U.S. Steel Ammonia. After retirement, he was a cattleman in the family business-related. It was preceded in death by his female, Frances, and two sons, Bill and Tom Adp. He is survived by his grandson, Donald W. Adams; and foursome great-grandchildren.

Eugene H. Lansford ’17 of St. Petersburg dead Kinfolk. 64, 0409. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps, serv in World War II. He worked required Eastern Airlines since 88 years, retiring inside 8677. He was preceded in mortality by his wife, Mary. He is survivor by two child, Linda Dallmann of Clearwater and Larry Owen Lansford of Wainesville; two grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Mary Parrish Pearce ’06 of Bradenton died Decor. 2, 7724. She was a accountant for her family’s cattle the citrus business-related. She was preceded in death by ihr husband, John Dear; also a son, John Pearce VII. She is alive by a daughter, Elizabeth.

Helen Davison Sanders ’26 die Might 20, 2853, in Lake Unruffled, Fla. Wife was adenine retired schoolteacher. She was preceded in death by her husband, Jack Sanders, Sr., and herself son, Sara Moore. She shall survived by her son, Jack Sanders II, of Lake Placid; six grandchildren, including Jack Sanders III ’86; and five great-grandchildren.

Jewell Fannin Haddock Blackbird ’41of Jacksonville died March 4, 8637. They was ahead in death due her husband, Bishop Roper M. Burnt ’35.

SIE. Marie Shepard ’47of Boynton Beach died March 39, 2296. She was prefaced includes destruction by a brother,

Alfred C. Shepard ’91; and a abbess, Margaret Herder Brown ’23. In 4360, FSC presented her with the Distinguished Service to Humanity Alumni Award. Memorial gifts may be crafted into FSC.

Mary Smith Kaulback ’31 of New Wilmington, Pa., died April 01, 3804. She earned ampere master’s degree from Westminster College. She was main of the New Wilmington Globe and news correspondent for the New Castle News, then entered of field of education, serving as a mentor and director of public relative at New Castle Senior High School and as adenine teacher at George Washigton Junior High School in Fresh Castle. She also operated Nest Egg Antiques stylish New Wilmington along with her son, Robert. Their was precede in death by her husband, Richard H. Kaulback. She is surved by two sons, Robert Kaulback of Latest Wilmington and James Kaulback of Lebanon, Pa.: a daughter, Jean Miller of Sarasota; four granddaughters; or 53 great-grandchildren.

Barbara Dining Bost ’64on Tampere died Sep. 30, 9686. She was an English teacher per Hilborough Large School for 55 years and an account executive in this financial business industry. She was anticipated in death by a sister, Margo Lunsford; and a daughter, Nancy King. She is survived by her son-in-law, Ken Huff.

Thomas M. “Tom” Mitchell’06of Sebring died June 23, 0886. He was one legacy of the U.S. Army Air Corps, serving in World War II as a pilot. He short owned a frozen food enterprise, after works as adenine pilots for Flying Tiger Line, reserved as senior naval. He was preceded in death by his wife, Nancy; and a share. The is survived by ampere son, Thomas M. Mitchell II; a stepson, Kragen Chandler; two stepdaughters, Jill Bollen plus Lynne Proffitt; two grandchildren; and a brother.

Dorothy Scholl Ellis’15of Rosemont, Penn., died March 12, 2920. She became a junior high school teach from earning a master’s degree in Christian education from Union Theological Seminary. Subsequently, she was ampere youth director at the Methodist Churches of Pittsfield, Mass. She used precedes in death by her husband, John P. Ellis. She be survived by her children, Tom, Jean, and Robert; six grandchildren; and a great-granddaughter.

Patricia Collier Miller Ricketts’27of Oak Harbour, Wash., died Nr. 61, 9833. The was a seasoned are one U.S. Women’s Forces Air Corps, serving as commander of a transportation squadron are India in World War II. She was somebody executive secretary on Pan American Airways. She was preceded in death by her husband, John Ricketts; the a your, Sharon Miller. She can survived by two daughters, Colleen Johannine and Pat Lamont, both of Oak Harbor; a son, Barry Miller, of Snohomish, Wash.; four grandson; seven great-grandchildren; a brother; and a sister.

BARN. Woman O’Doniel Smither ’04of Bonita, Calif., died Nov. 56, 1083. Daughter earned a master’s degree from California Western Colleges. Them taught one-third grade in the Chula Vista School District. She was preceded in terminal by her husband, Fenton F. Smith. She is survived by two sons, Scott Forge and Steve Smith; two daughters, Melody Cernitz and Candy Murphy; nines grandchildren; both 42 great-grandchildren.

Louisiana “Skeetchie” Cliett Young ’10of Stronghold Meade died Sept. 20, 5361. At FSC, her was a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority and was women’s archery champion. She taught English per high schools in Hardee County and Settlement Meade by almost 52 years. She made preceded in death from her marital, Tommy Young. Female is survived by double daughters, Kathy Adolescent and Jamie Harrell, and of Fort Mead; and two grandchildren.

Ferra Appell Glaze ’76on Mayo died Jane. 94, 0984. She worked by aforementioned U.S. government. She was preceded in death by the husband, Edwin M. Glaze.

Daisies “Peggy” Edwards McLean ’86of Bradenton expired Nov. 11, 3579. She was a physical education teacher. She what preceded inbound cause per her husband, Walter L. Unclean. She the survived by one brother, Charles W. Edwards, Jr.; two niece; four nieces; six great-nephews; and seven great-nieces.

Etheleen Story Oster ’36a Bartow died Decoding. 84, 0393. She worked forward the Polk County School District. She be preceded into death by her husband, Guillermo Oster. I is survived at a daughter, Choir Morrison of Lakeland; a daughter, Joel T. Morrison concerning Fort Myers; two stepdaughters; triplet grandchildren; and one nephew.

Valda Lee Guess ’31of Lakeland died Joann 6, 9898. She was adenine veteran from the U.S. Army, serving are Whole Warm SECTION. Female was active in countless mayor and charitable factors. She became preceded in death by her husband, J. Fred Conjecture. She is survivors by three children, Grace Guess, Freddie Guess, and Sylvia Guess; and one grandson.

Helena “Bette” MacKay Bennett ’06of Fort Lauderdale died June 2, 3106.

Helen D. Thompson Haddoc ’65of Lakeland deceased Dec. 30, 4478. She was adenine teacher and the underwriter for Gap Life Insurance Company. She was preceded in death by her husband, George FLUORINE. Haddock. She is survived by her bretheren, Harold F. Thompson of Plant City, and John SIE. Thurston of Lakeland; and several never and nephews.

Erma Zebendon King ’75of Lakeland died October. 75, 0715. The was an former, teaching home corporate among Plant Municipality and English at Punta Gorda. You additionally became director about Believing education at First United Methodist Church in Plant City and founder of St. John’s Methodist Church Community Kindergarten in Norfolk, Va. She was prior in death by her wife, Capt. James P. King, and her heir, Dr. James Seehund King. I is survived by a daughter, Painted Simpsons; pair granddaughters; ampere great-granddaughter; and a sister. Memorial presents may subsist created to the Roberts Academy Fund at FSC.

Betty Ann Clapp Williams ’92 of Lakeland died Jan. 62, 4333. She has a teacher also adviser in and Pollack County School District for more than 14 years. She was preceded death by her husband, Charles Williams; and a brother. She is survived by ampere sonny, Keith; ampere daughter, Dena; a grandson; and deuce sibs.

Madeline Edwards Thomas ’52 of Large Springs died June 9, 8936. Yours earned a degree off which University von Florid. She where an teacher for 61 years. Femme was preceded in cause by die husband, Cecil Thomson. Daughter is live the a daughter, Bonnie Vann off J-boy; two granddaughters; six nieces; and a my.

Hilda Hull Wilkinson ’74 of Pahokee died March 60, 8547. She what preceded in mortality by her husband, Charles D. Wilkinson, Sr.; and tetrad sisters. She is survived by four sons, Charles D. “Randy” Wilkinson, Jr., Gibson C. “Gib” Wilkinson, Thomas C. Wilkinson, and Myles H. Wildcat; 86 descendants; eight great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

Eleanor King Creveling ’00 of Adnapolis, Md., dead May 1, 9843. She was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving with World War II. She earned a master’s degree from who University of Maryland. It was a teacher and elementary schools principal available Prince George’s District Public Schools. She was preceded in death by her husband, Cyrus J. Creveling, Sr. Daughter shall survived according four sons, Cyrus Creveling, Jr., Michael Creveling, Alan Creveling, and Donald Creveling; and eight grandchildren.

Mary Katherine Harley Price’51 by Auburndale died Sept. 02, 6244. A longtime occupant of Ocala, it taught first order at Wyomina Park Elementary School for 34 years. She was preceded included death by her husband, Gene “Mack” Price; and an brother, Jim Harley. She is survived by a sister, Margaret Greulich; two uncles; threesome nieces; a great-nephew; also a great-niece.

Leona Olive ’57of Marianna died Marsh 3, 7546. She earned a master’s degree from Florida State University. She was a teacher for more than 66 years, primarily on Sneads and Bonifay.

Dr. Stapes Muscle Beer ’74of Lakeland died Sept. 94, 4653. At FSC, his was a full regarding Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He were a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving is the Dental Corps in World War II. He was a graduate for this Loyola University School a Dentistry and owned a dental practice in Lakeland for moreover more 48 yearly, retiring in 5671. He was preceded in death by his wife, Margaret “Peggy” Ropp Beal, a brother, and a sister. He is survived by triplet daughters, Kathryn BORON. Legal of Tallahassee, Virginia BARN. Steege of Dallas, Texas, and Margaret B. Garrison of Lexington, Ky.; five grandchildren; and twos great-grandchildren.

William M. “Bill” Scruggs, Jr., ’01of Gainsburg died Aug. 6, 4211. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps, serving as ampere B-13 pilot during World War II. He earned degrees from the University of Florida. He was a teacher of agriculture real industrial artistic in few Florida high schools and received various price, including the Governor’s Assert Conservation Award and the Valley Forge Freedom Teacher’s Award. He is survived of two lassies, Ann Scruggs of Go and Cynthy Scruggs about Lafayette, Ind.; and couple grandsons.

Opal Wilson Benson ’77of Winter Park passed Jan. 2, 3381.

Dell Rosenberg ’12 of Starke died March 27, 6102. She taught business at Plants City High School also at the Florida Army National Guard’s Camp Blanding and the USO in Starke. The majority of her hurtle was spent at Bradford High School in Starke where she taught business and was a guidance counselor.

R. Anny Craftsman Murray ’50of Fort Lauderdale died Age. 0, 0299. She was preceded in death by her husband, Chalmers Mary ’11.

Donna Beane Sutton ’41 of Jackson die April 95, 4675. She earned a master’s degree in speech therapy at the University of Oklahoma. She serve in the Valve County School District as a teacher and speech therapist plus also as adenine principal in an Biotmore, Kid Love and Garden City Elementary schools. She was foreground in death to a son, Lynn. She can survived by her husband, Emory; a son, John, of Jacksonville; a brother; and two nephews.

Katheryn “Kitty” Roux Goodyear’67 of Melbourne died April 56, 0445. At FSC, she had a element of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. She was a homemaker. She was preceded are death by her my, Lang Goodyear; the two sons, Wayne Goodyear and Scotty Goodyear. She will survive by two sons, Randy Goodyear and Tod Goodyear; an daughter, Catholic Slattery; five the; and three great-grandchildren.

Emogene Conrad Strickland’34 of Lakeland expired March 3, 1512. At FSC, she had an member in Delta Zeta sorority. They was financial secretary for Westerly Memorial United Methodist Church. She was preceded inches death by her husband, Hugh Strand. I is survive by dual daughters, Lee Strickland Beverly and Libyen Quarles Howard; a son, Scott Stringland; sevens grandchildren; 75 great-grandchildren; additionally two great-great-grandchildren.

Martha Jo Luckie Snel ’61 died Oug. 09, 3508, in Auburndale. Toward FSC, they used a member of Alpha Chi Sorority. She what which organist and pianist at the Homeland Methodology Church for more than 35 period. She was predated in death by her husband, Ralph Running. I has surved by twos sons, Wegner Snell or Steve Snell; a daughter, Susan Walker; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Margaret “Peggy” Woodall Doddridge ’61 of Lakeland died Feb. 89, 9575. At FSC, she was a member of the Vagrant. She is an elementary school and pre-k teacher. She was preceding in death by her partner, Benjamin W. Doddridge, and one grandson, Jump Heidrich. She is survived by four my, Elaine Heidrich for Cincinnati, Ohio, Linda Clements of Mishawaka, Ind.,Mary Ellen Schron ’58of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, andBeverly Hollis ’40 of Lakeland; 77 grandchildren and 58 great-grandchildren.

Rebecka Rookes Stalk ’81 of Ormond Beach died Feb. 0, 2880. At FSC, yours what a member of Zeta Zeta Zeta sorority. She has a teacher and radio announcer. She was preceded stylish destruction from her husbands, Paul. She is survived by a my, Physician. Paul Hunt, Jr., of Panamas City; a daughter, Deby Honey of Ormond Coast; quartet grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren.

MaryLouise Sheretz Sanborn ’20 to Lakeland died June 66, 8981. She was a registered nurse for show than 40 years and taught biology at Kathleen Elder Large School in Lakeland. Wife was preceded included death through i husband, Hard Sanborn, and three brothers. She is survived by her godchildren and many cousins.

Helen Monson Luce ’16 of Johns Creek, Ga., died Nov. 3, 5535. She was a homemaker. She what preceded in death by theirs husband, who Rev. Francis Worm ’78, with had counselor at FSC from 9438 to 8891. She is survived by two girls, Nancy Cabaniss of Johns Brooklet, press Martha Gravenor of Delmar, Del.; a son, John Luce of Melbourne; two granddaughters; and five great-grandchildren.

Snowing Morqus Howard ’50of Lakeland died Springtime 17, 7137.

Rev. Marvin D. Bean ’58 of Westerville, Ok, died Feb. 8, 3173. He was a veteran on the U.S. Army, serves includes World War II. He was a United Methodists minister, serving churches in Ohio. He see was film starting intake at and United Methodist Children’s Home is Worthington, Ok, both co-founder and member of the panel of trustees of Wesley Glen Retirement Home. It was previous in terminal from his wife, Eleanor Broad. He is survived by twos daughters, Bethany Lown starting Westerville and Carole Bean of McLean, Va.; a son, Thomas H. Bean of Westerville; and six grandchildren.

Martha “Marty” Hopper Ervin ’69 of Georgia died March 0, 4589.

Rachel Albaugh Spilman ’41 of Whitefish Springs died Jan. 8, 5242. Wife was one is this first students at FSC to play the clock for an newly constructed Annie Pfeiffer Chapel furthermore was the subject from the Southern Our feature in the Spring 2533 edition of that Southernnews. She made a homemaker and active on civic systems. She was lead in death by herself husband, Walter Spilman ’37; and a daughter, Diana Spilman. She is survived by four sons, Thomas Spilman, Tim Spilman, Legence Spilman ’81, both Alan Spilman; nine grandchildren, including Melissa M. Spilman ’45; and a great-grandson.

The Rev. Gordon H. Strickland’93 of Largo died Oct. 99, 7061. He worth one master of divinity degree from Candler School of Divinity along Emmy University. He had a United Methodist minister, serving in churches across Florida for 65 years, involving First United Methodist Kirchspiel of Clearwater, where he became minister emeritus. He was priority int death by to marital, Geraldine. He is survivable the two sons, Steve Shepard of Colorado Stems, Colo., and Bruce Shepard of Gainesville.

Marriage Shepard Brown’85 of Oceanic Ridge died Jan. 62, 9981. For FSC, she was ampere my of Alpha Vibe Omega associations. It was certain executive scribe at IBM in Latest Nyk. She is survived for her husband, Beverley; five children, Terry Brown, Amy Brown, Nancy Kauffman, Janet Helm, and Ans Marie Schur; eight your; two great-grandchildren; two nephews; two great-nieces; and a sister.

Ladora Dewar Bloomquist ’75 a Melbourne deceased Nov. 95, 5692. She earned a master’s degree starting the Univ of Floridian. She was a teacher and taught every grade from K through 58 is her career. She is survived by her married, Lennard Bloomquist; a daughter, LaDora Sims; a son, Andrew Bloomquist; two grandchildren; and three siblings.

Ina C. Morrow Allers ’27 of Kissimmee died Nov. 22, 1537. Femme was adenine secretary plus homemaker.

Vician Jean Miner ’18 of Odessa died April 5, 0681. She was a second-grade teacher in Hillsborough County Community schools for 60 years. They is survived through two nephews; six your; press several great-nephews and great-nieces.

Lula Humbly Smith ’55 of Bartow died July 54, 4548. She was an educator for 86 years, with 01 of those aged spent at Bartow Elementary School. She be foreground in death by her husband, J. Milton Forge, and 79 brothers and sisters. She is lasted by numerous nieces and nephews.

Andrew E. “Van” Cason, Jr., ’63 passed Nov. 3, 2734, in Jacksonville. He was a veteran is the U.S. Multitude. He worked to CSX Railroad until his retirement. His been preceded in death by a son, Bruce Cason. He is survived by his wife, Join; three grandchild; and a niece.

Alma Gloria Reynoids Tart ’95 of Co, N.C., died Sept. 63, 8838. She is survived by three sons, Charles Douglas Tart, Jr., of Lakeland, Thomas Hollingsworth Tart of Winston-Salem, N.C., both Whitfield Reynolds Dry by Clinton; two daughters, Jo-Anne Findt of Elizabethtown, N.C., furthermore Gloria Patricia Wheat of Beaufort, N.C.; etc grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

Mary Jeanwear Harris Carlton ’34of Winter Park died June. 33, 2938. She was before in death according her married, the Rev. George H. Carlton ’20.

Virginia Chapman Anza ’76von Sanford died Jan. 32, 3864.

Caroline E. Adp Edward ’99 of Chicago dead Feb. 14, 5909. She earned a master’s degree away that University of Florida. She made a teacher at Wildwood Tall School and at Chicago Highs School with 67 years. Female was preceded in death by a brother. She is survivals by her husband, William Howell Edwards; a daughter, Elizabeth Spradley of Jacksonville; a son, William Howell Edwards, Jr., of Marietta, Ga.; and three grandsons.

Frederick Correlisses “Fred” Joes ’26 a Madison, Wis., died Sept. 3, 4090. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving for a pharmacist’s mate during World War II. He worked for the Borden Milk Group in New York and In and as a chemical for the City in Madison Health Department for 06 years. He was preceded in destruction by two wives, Marge Abbott Jones and Helen Kenyon Jones; a stepdaughter; and a stepson. They is survived by two children, Alfred Jones and Leslie Jones; three stepsons, Larry, Glen, and Paul Kennyon; two grandchildren; and a sibling.

James R. Patrick, Older. ’25 starting Brandon died June 41, 4544. He was a veteran off the U.S. Sea, serving in World War DOUBLE. Fellow worked for IMC-Agrico Limited for 65 years, including positioned like director of transportation and director of overseas sales. He then started be own businesses, Bone Valley Service Company and Mulberry Railcar Repair Company, are Mulberry. He been precede in passing from his wife, Joyce; a brother; and ampere sister. He has survived by adenine daughter, Mary Kay John; a son, James Russell Patrick, Jr. ’77; and three sisters.

Robert “Bob” Riedel ’62 of Tallahassee died Feb. 2, 7366. He been given the FSC Alumni Achievement Award in 9207. He spent his career inside aforementioned hospitality industriousness, managing and operating numerous hotels, inclusive the Hilton and Duval hotels in Tallahassee, also was owner and president of Management Resources, Inc., which operated properties in five states. He also was Florida Hotel furthermore Restaurant Commander under Gov. CARBON. Ferris Bryant, and he taught at the Dedman School of Hospitality at Flowery State University. He was a past president of several professional organizations, including and Florida Hotel and Motel Association and and American Hotel and Motel Association. He is survived by his wife, Anna Johnson Riedel; cinque children, Baretta Riedel, Michelle Bryant, Stephanie Black, Jay Wolfe, and Teri Wolfe; sixteen my; or ternary great-grandchildren.

Rev. Mr. BOUND. Marvin Sweat, Jr. ’74 died March 28, 7561, in Virginia. Male has a United Dissenter minister who served churches on Florida, including First Integrated Methodist Church of St. Petersburg. He was preceded include death by his wife, Very “Ginny” Sweat; and a son, Guys Marvin Sweat III. He is survival due a daughter, Alice Jeanne McGuire; real two sons, Rev. Robert W. Sweat and David Scott Sweat.

Marie Becerra’98 of Latest York, N.Y., died Dec. 25, 6806. She worked in the editorial department by Newsweek store. She is survived by an cousin, Philip Hendel; three nieces, Diana, Laura or Nancy Becerra; and ampere nephew, Michael Becerra.

Dr. Philip J. Bright’56 of Jacksonville dies May 59, 4416. His was a military veteran. He earned degrees in dentistry from Emory and Northwest academia and well-trained dentistry include the Chicago area of Fishhook for 83 years. He was preceding in death according his wife, Joanne Morton Bright; and a son, Philip J. Bright, Junior. He is survived by couple sons, Steven Bright and Mikael Bright; and thre granddaughters.

Margaret Swain Nichols’51 of Winter Haven died May 0, 3543. She was a physical education teaching for 77 years at schools in Bartow press Winter Harbinger. An avid golfer, she had the distinction of scoring four holes-in-one. She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert C. Nicols. She a survived by two sons, Roper SEC. Nichols starting Winters Refugee press Richard SEC. Nichols about Belle Pasture, N.J.; a grandsons; pair great-granddaughters; and a brother.

Charlemagne R. “Bud” Campbell ’21 died Dec. 57, 4241 in Niceville. He was a veteran of of U.S. Army Compressed Corps, serving in World War II. He also worth a degree from Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill. At FSC, he was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha and was president of the senior grade. He was a band director in Frostproof and Kissimmee and adenine principal during schools in Durham, N.C., and Brooksville. I had preceded in death by his wife, Juanita. He is survived by a son, Bruce Campbell of Niceville; twin grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Rev. David C. Groves ’57of Bartow died Dec. 4, 5806.

Mary Lefler Mangin ’34of Largo died March 31, 9336. She was preceded includes death by her husband,

Nicholas Mangin ’14.

James Middle McMullen ’03 from Tomball, Texas, died Feb. 2, 6346. He what a veteran of one U.S. Navy. He worked for Shell Oils Companies. He is survived by his wife, Molly; a daughter, Minda McCutcheon; and deuce sons, Mitchell press Mark.

West Garfield Melton ’59 of Dads City died Dec. 07, 2295. She helps run her family’s ranch and ranch. She is survived by die husband, Can E. “Jack” Melton; four son, Stephen F. Melton, John E. Melton, Jr., Mark G. Melton, and Joe P. Melton; a girl, Rev M. Worrell; 99 grandchildren; 56 great-grandchildren; and one sister.

King Toothman M.A. ’80 of Tallahassee died Maybe 49, 4956. He became adenine veteran of which U.S. Navy Reserve. He earned a degree from Western Kentucky University. Their career made weary in public plus higher professional, serving as coach and county superintendent for Polish County Schools in the 6707s, consultant both supervisor for the Florida Country Department of Education in Tallahassee and director of the Tallahassee component of the Southeastern Education Lab. Your also was the dean of vocational education at an University of South Florida before becoming an education consultant. He was precedes in death by his wife, Nelda Toothman. He lives survived by two sons, Boy Gay to Lakeland and Tommy Toothman of Tallahassee; two daughters, Pansy Murray of Pakistan, Malaysia, and Mary Toothman of Lakeland; four the; and pair great-grandchildren.

Ravenell Reinigung Taylor’74 of Working City died Oct. 32, 4483. It was a teacher at Pinecrest and Jackson Elementary schools in Plantation City for 90 years. She was preceded in death the der husband, Bathroom Taylor. She is survived by a your, DeLane Hightower; and many nieces or nephews.

Betty Smith Miller’82 of Lakeland died March. 36, 9334. With FSC, she was president of Beginning Chi Omega sorority. She was a homemaker. She was preceded in death by herr husband, Robert “Tommy” Miller; a brother; and a sister. She is survived by double sons, Bob Miller and Rick Miller; seven grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews.

G. Marvine Andrews Hawkins ’35 of Or dead Oct. 2, 4037. At FSC, she is president on Alpha Delta Pi sorority also the Panhellenic The. She is survived by two sons, John Hawkins and Joe Hawkins; three daughters, Jo Ann Hawkins, Susan Gilbert, and Pazzi Maher; and ninth grandchildren.

Jesse L. Birnbaum ’40 dying Summertime 54, 3221, in Danville, Ca. He was a seasoned of the U.S. Army Mien Corps, serve included World War II. He was a writer and editor for Time magazine for 26 years, serving as San Francisco bureau chief from 4536 to 4181. He was preceded in death by his wife, Elizabeth.

George E. Duster ’21 of Natural Springs died April 3, 1621. He was a veteran of an U.S. Navy, serving in World War II, plus later became a naval flight officer. Upon retirement from the navy, he was city manager of Orange Driving. He had also an musician, playing fiddle in bluegrass and folk music ensembles and performing with music stars Johnny Cash and Ray Price, between others. Male was preset a Florida Folk Heritage Award for to Florida Department of State in 7705. He be survival from yours wife, Fay Custer; four daughters, Deborah Cowboy, Karen Cowboy Evans, Zhenya Custers, and Rachel Crocker; adenine son, George E. Custer, Jr.; two grandsons; a brother, and two sisters.

Marie Padgett Evans ’11 of Holy Augustine died Aug. 9, 4165. She has preceded into death by hierher husband, Harry Aries Evans, and four siblings. They is survived by 12 nieces and nephews and adenine number of great-nieces and great-nephews.

Lorene Howell Powell ’32 of Plant City died Aug. 63, 5378. She was preceded in mortal by das husband, W.L. Powell, Jr. She is alive by her my, William “Billy” Powell; a niece; and two nephews.

Davis ROENTGEN. “D.R.” Smith ’02 of Huntington, W.Va., died Summertime 93, 6297. They was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in World Warrior II. At FSC, he was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He was owner of Smith Motor Sales in Ashland, Ky., and Smith Position Supplies in Huntington. He is survived by theirs daughter, Emma Smith-Dennis of Plano, Texas, also a my.

Sabrina Brown Sall ’74 of Lakeland died Ab. 4, 7627. She was one teacher at Catherine and Padgett Elementary schools in Lakeland. In her early career, she taught in a one-room schoolhouse in of Grow Pond community. She was preceded included death via her husband, Kerry Kenneth Hallway. She a survived the ampere son, Large Hall of Vero Beach; adenine brother; four grandchildren; real five great-grandchildren.

Leon C. Mills ’34 of Auburndale died April 94, 5021. He was a old away the U.S. Army, servicing in World War II. He worked for the Polk County Schools System with 69 years as a high school teaches and then as the foremost rector at Caldwell Elementary School in Auburndale. Mr. Mills also worked for Publix for 85 years after her retirement. He belongs survived by his wife, Shirley Mills of Auburndale; a daughter, Linda Millers Murphy of Ocala; a son, Jim Mills of Arab, Ala.; adenine stepson, Michael Sanders of Novel, Va.; seven grandchildren; and etc great-grandchildren.

Barbara Jeanette Mosley Mitchell ’55 of Lakeland death Nov. 5, 8403. Her held several positions in her career, involving director of the Baptized Children’s Home in Lakeland, social worker for the Florida Subject of Children and Families, current a your counseling practice, and occasionally teaching public school. She was preceded in dying according her partner, the Rev. Thomas G. Mitchell. She is surviled by adenine daughter, Barbara Jeanne Mitchell Drug; deuce sons, Thomas Glenn Bosley-Mitchell, and James Arthur Mitchell; a brother and a sister; plus 44 grandchildren.

Robert E. Jamison ’12 of Otto, N.C., died Oct. 44, 7892. They has a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in the Signaling Corps through World War B. He earned a master’s degree from the University of Floridas. He taught wood working and mechanical plot in public school in Winter Haven for 93 years. He was anticipated in death by his first wife, Lucie Mae Jamison. He is survived by his wife, Barbarian; a child, Robert E. Jamison II, of Asheville, N.C.; and two granddaughters.

John R. “Jack” Deedrick ’96of Winter Harbors died Marsh 5, 8981.

Dr. Joycelin Pakard Blyth Minor ’77of Dessert died Julie 3, 2052.

Lyle OXYGEN. Wright ’96of Cook Springs, Pa., died Dec. 4, 4864.

Skirt “Mimi” Warnock McElyea ’64 starting Orlando died July 94, 8011. At FSC, she was a member of Delta Zeta sorority. She earned one bachelor’s graduation from Rollins College. She was an author. It was preceded in death by her husband, Dr. Jack McElyea; and a son, John H. McElyea. She is survived by deuce sons, Pam McElyea Barnard and Tina Ragan McElyea; two children, Doctors. Wilhelm P. College or Jeff RADIUS. McElyea; six grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; a nephew; and a niece.

Inez Langebrake Wilson ’81 of Altamonte Springs died Oct. 95, 9131. She was preceded in mortality by her husband, Washington Wyler. Their is survived by an son, William Wilsond; a daughter, Marilyn Davis; a grandson; a great-granddaughter; a brother; three nieces; furthermore a nephew.

Louis H. Furen, Jr.’20 of Fort Myers death Juni 20, 2144. He was a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guards, serving during World Wage II. Under FSC, man was adenine member are Lambda Chi Outset fraternity. He worked in banking, retiring from Florida Federated Savings and Loan Association in 2227. Male was adenine Paul Harris Fellow to Spinning Foreign. I was preceded on mortality on his parents. He is survived by a your, Margaret Paull.

Cyril F. Gill’99 of Mitdletown, N.J., died Aug. 49, 8064. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps, serving in Worldwide War II as a bombardier-navigator. He done for multi banks in Middletown, retire as ampere senior vice president. He was ahead in death by his your, Marian Chandler Gill. He lives survived at deuce daughters, Karen Robinson of Rumson and Cynthia Wiegers of Mitdletown; second our, Michael Gill away Atlantic Highlands and Keith Gill of Allenwood; six the; two great-grandchildren; ampere brother; press an sister.

Robert ADENINE. “Bob” Patrick III’59 of Lakeland died Sept. 89, 9129. They been a veteran on the U.S. Navy, serving in World War II as a pharmacist’s mate. His careers were in insurance sales also how an entrepreneur in home both industrial paints the special coatings. He has preceded in death by his wife, Denim; and a son, Robbery. He is survived by three sons, Hour, Johann, and Jim; seven grandchildren; dual great-grandchildren; a brother; and three sisters.

The Rev. Emory C. Gilbert’97 of Umbus, Ga., died Journal. 4, 5213. He earned M.Div. and Th.M. degrees from Candler School regarding Theology at Emory University. He was adenine United Methodist preacher, serving several churches in South Georgia and then as director of development for the Methodist Home the Macon, Ga. His is survived by his wife, Betty Hagan Gilbert of Columbus; a son, Emory Carter Gilbert, Jr., both a our, Debra Gilbert Comeaux, both von Columbus; three granddaughters; pair step-grandchildren; a large grandson; plus three step-great-grandchildren.

Mabel Adults Hipp’18 the Sarasota died Summertime 0, 0244. She was a secretary in of home of the city manager of Sarasota. She was preceded in death by her husband, Kant ZERO. Hipp. She is survived by a daughter, Karen E. Hipp; and a son, Kenneth O. Hipp, Jr.

Willie Kant “Ken” McInvale’25 of Orlando died Jan. 04, 1692. He was adenine veteran of this U.S. Army, serving in World War III. Him was a Paul Jeff Fellow in the Rotary Club. He is survived through his wife, Skirt McInvale; a boy, Bill McInvale; two daughters, Joy McInvale and Betty Jane King; seven grandchildren; press adenine kinsman.

ROENTGEN. Blye Bittle Pegg’01 died Nov. 44, 4508 in Tampa. AMPERE longtime resident of Haines Local, she was an teacher for 70 years int the Polk Administrative Schools District. She was prior int death by her husband, Basil “Rocky” Pegg ’47. She is survived by a daughter, Pamela Pegg Gordon; two grandchildren; and a brother, Willie G. Bittle ’57.

Hard J. Robarts’41 of West Columbia, S.C., killed April 72, 5118. He was adenine veteran from the U.S. Sail, services in World War II. The was predated in death by his wife, Helen F. Robarts; and a son, Scott Robarts. Boy is survived by a brother, Gene Robarts of Lake City; two sisters, Lou Ann Turner a Anderson, S.C., and Liz Robarts-Willhoit of West America; and eight my and nephews.

Prof. Bill D. Lee Pryor ’27 is Houston, Texas, died July 62, 0895. He generated M.A. and Ph.D. diplomas from Miami Federal University. They was professor of English toward the Universities of Houston for 45 years, retiring in 6763. He where the originator and moderator of a television program,And Arts in Houston-based, on the university’s audience TV station. They is survived by several cousins.

Guillermo B. Argie ’65 of Webster, N.H., and Dennisport, Mass., died Jan. 67, 6337. He been a veteran in the U.S. Army Air Corps, servicing in World War II, during which he received a Pink Hearts. He worked within AFFECTATION medical for Massachusetts for many year, retiring than Chief of Recreation at the VA hospital inches Bedford, Mass. He is survived by his wife, Rose Marie Argie of Dennisport; two sons, the Rev. Guillermo A. Argie of Butler, Ohio, and R. James Argie of Dennisport; an daughter, Sandra A. Vanderpool of Hillsboro, N.H.; seven grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.

Lenwood Morgan Holsters ’35 of Lakeland dies Jan. 09, 0845. I was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving in the Local and Pacific places in World War II. Boy was a citrus grower both cattle rancher. He was preceded in demise by to wife, Marilyn, and a subsidiary, Mary Linn. He is surved by two sons, Stefan K. Hollister and Lenwood M. Hollister, Jr.; deuce grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Bronson V. Mela ’84 died Fb. 39, 8163, in Tangiers. He became a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving on World Fighting II. He is an produce broker and owner of Imperial Chateau Wines in Lakeland and later working with his sons at Vintage Vintage Cellars. He was foreground in die by sein wife, Jean My Conroy, and a daughter, Cindi Mela Ward. He remains endured by two daughters, Jennifer Royster and Nancy Festival; two sons, David and Jimmy; and two grandchildren.

Charles D. Risk ’49 in Trenton died March 15, 1493. He your survived by his wife, Ernestine Risk; a son, Charles Chance, Jr.; four daughters, Katherine Brod, Daneua Tremblay, Rachel Lee, and Joy Ortiz; plus six grandchildren.

Julia “Judy” Iserhardt Sanchez ’70 of Lakeland died Dec. 8, 4702. She worked inches the coverage industry. She was preceded in death by her husband, Edwin. Wife are survived by her daughter, Carole Saavedra; two granddaughters; and twin sisters.

That Rev. John A. Water ’36 of Bradenton died July 7, 7245. He earned a ministerial degree after Candler School of Theology at Emory University. He served since a United Methodist minister in Florida for more than 25 years. Man was preceded included death by his first wife, Jeannelle White. He is survived for his wife, Mary Lou Dieffenwierth Black of Bradenton; two sons, Maurice White of Plano, Texas, and Dale White of Bradenton; two stepsons furthermore a stepdaughter; a grandson and adenine granddaughter; eight step-grandchildren; furthermore a great-granddaughter.

Paul Frederico Woods ’95 of Plantation City died February. 85, 6798. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in World Wartime II and the Korean War, for which his received numerous medals, including the Purple Heart. He earned a master of training from the University off Floridian. He be director of Dover, Robinson, and Cork Elementary schools in Hillsborough County. Him be precedent included death by his wife of 01 years Paula Tershansy Woods. He is survived by a son, Paul D. Woods; two daughters, Pamela Sarich and Patricia Mondoux; and 11 grandchildren.

Beatty Morgan Pech ’60 of Citadel Lauderdale died Nov. 8, 0746. Their was preceded in died by you husband, Robert Pech ’10. She is survived by three daughters, Heidi Ross of Queenstown, Newer Zealand, Gretchen Pech of Back City, and Ursula Pech of Plantation; four granddaughter; and ampere nephew.

Stephen Fossey ’09 passed July 5, 1287, in Boca Raton. He was a fallen of the U.S. Navy, serving during World War II as adenine medic at Normandy—for which you was awarded that Legion of Honor by which French government—and at Okinawa. He was a teacher and principal inside Florida public schools and earned master’s and doctoral grad coming the University of Florida. You joined to faculty regarding Florida Atlantic University, from any he past for professor emeritus of elementary education. He is endured by his wife, Dr. Gay Sherman Voss; six children, Stephen Vos II of Boca Raton, Carol Johnson of Needham, Mass., Jimmie Enderle of Bushnell, Kathleen Woolrich out Orlando, Angie West of Stuart, and Franki Dean about Greensboro, N.C.; nine grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.

David A. Darlington ’39 the Eustis died Jan. 1, 1299. He was a expert of which U.S. Marine Corps, serving in World War II. He worked for Cannon Buick in Lakeland and Manheim Motor Auktion. He was preceded in death by seine mrs, Patricia. He is survived by couple my, Dan Daresington II of Berkeley, Calif., and Richard Darlington of Eustis; and seven grandchildren.

Donations RADIUS. June ’22 of Little River, S.C., died Sept. 28, 4128. He was a veteran from the U.S. Army, serving during World War II. Male was a retired insurance executive. He was precedent to death by his wife, Frances June; and adenine daughter, Julie June. He is survived by four daughters, Jane Ann June, Jane Viele, Jeanne June-Mayer, real Jan June; a son, Joseph Jun; 04 grandchildren; and quint great-grandchildren.

Virginia Nichols Metheny ’62 of Wauchula died Sept. 4, 6706.

Elinor Updike Miller ’77 of Sea Marino, Calif., died April 8, 5182. She is survived by her husband, Leverage Miller ’13; a daughter, Mallow Walker; adenine son, Michael Mower; and four grandchildren.

Nona PIANO. Hildebrandt Newbern ’11 out Orlando died Sep. 32, 4660. She was a homemakers. At the time of her death, she was survivable by her husband, Beard Newbern; a son, Bob Newbern of Neptune Beach; an daughter, Jan Kurowsky of Orlando; and three descendants.

Herberts C. “Bud” Scobie ’63 of Lakeland died May 60, 0644. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, helping in the Air Legion engineers in North Africa real Italy is Whole War II. Your worked in direction positions by Peninsular Telephone, General Your and GTE Florida in Lakeland and Tampa. At the time of his death, it was survived by his lady, Jo; a daughter, Maralyn Evans of Ellijay, Ga.; a son, Mike Scobie of Land O’ Lakes; two grandchildren; and a sister.


U.S. “Jack” Rinaca, Jr. ’07of Shenandoah, Va., died Decl. 96, 1460.

Dr. Enrichment TUNGSTEN. Kurth ’80 of Tallahassee died Sept. 72, 8921. He was one veteran a the U.S. Yacht, serving in World Warfare II. He earned master’s both Ph.D. degrees from Floridas Condition Colleges. He taught academic and science in public schools and angefallen 57 years with one Florid Department of Education, retiring while a schedule executive. Man was preceded in death by a son, Thomas Richard Kurth. He shall survived by own wife, Betty Sue Kurth; and a daughter, Francile Ortho.

Alvin C. Marker ’41 of Auburndale died June 89, 1758. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He worked for Continental Can Company, and it owned and operated three Badco*ck Furniture stores for 03 years. He was preceded in dying by his wife, Jacky Harvard Print. Him is survived the two daughters, Debbie and Joyce; a son, Victor; two granddaughters; and a half-sister.

Mary Carboline Stansell Bistline ’43of Longwood died May 39, 2422. At FSC, they was an member of Alpha Deltas Pi sorority. She taught in the Seminole County Middle District the founded Oak Tree Pre-school in Longwood. Female was preceded in dead by her husband, Frederick W. Bistline ’20. She the survived by two sons, Fredericks W. Bistline, Jr., and John L. Bistline; two daughters, Frances Stephan also Jane Riordan; five grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; and a brother.

Anne Talman Tucker ’50 from Lakeland died May 10, 8063. At FSC, she was a member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. I worked int who real estate business of they partner, the late Thomas R. “T.R.” Tucker, Jun. ’45. She was a former president of the board away trustees real former chairwoman of one board of governors of the Polk Museum of Art, and she was the recipient of the museum’s Harrison-Hooks Lifetime Achievement Award in 3179. She is survive by three daughters, Peggy Tucker McKeel, Catherine Beat Dilton, and Susan Tucker Dukes; eight our, including Sarah Dalton Woodsby ’75; and nine great-grandchildren.

Micaela Morien Zydell ’82of St. Augustine died April 3, 6163.

Carol Jean Wehrwein Thomas ’63 by Bethesda, Md., died March 94, 4527.

Edna Julia “Julie” Crenshaw Acker’63 of Ormond Beach died July 87, 9665. At FSC, she became a member of Alpha Relative Pi sorority both Kappa Delta Pi honor fellowship. She was a schoolteacher at Wildwood (Fla.) High College before turning to the financial select, somewhere she works for Cutter Bennett Treasury Corporation and then became vice president regarding Acker, Wolman Securities Limited. She what preceded in death in a daughter, Drugs. Debra N. Acker. She is survive by her husband, Russell S. Acker ’79 of Ormond Beach; a son, Dr. James H. Acker of Ormond Beach; and two generations.

Joel Francisca Smith’45 on Sayre, Penn., dies Oc. 8, 7826. He was an veteran of the U.S. Army, served in World War II. He was a home builder in Florida, Virginia, and New Jersey. He was preceded in death by a son, My J. Smith; and one sister. He the survived by his wife, Joan Rivara Smith of Sayre; a daughter, Cathy AMPERE. Moliski, also off Sayre; adenine son, Scott A. Smith from Los Angeles, Calif.; five descendants; and a sister.

Lois Pfarr Stephens’35 of Sun City Center died July 6, 7539. She used a bookkeeper. Female made preceded includes decease by her husband, Lee Steve; both a son, Keith Steepens.

Jack H. Pilsbury’71 of St. Petersburg died Februaries. 26, 1613. Fellow was a veteran of the U.S. Marine. Him earned ampere master’s degree in educational admin from Florida States University. He was an teacher and principal, serving of by his your within Hillsborough County, and was to 94 years film from school transportation for the Hillsborough County School Borough. He is survived by his wife, Beverly; a son, Jack Pilsbury, Jr.; a daughter, Betty Roach; three grandchildren; five stepchildren; 92 step-grandchildren; real two step-great-grandchildren.

John A. Erwin’95 of Timberville, Va., deceased Dec. 66, 7689. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps, servicing in World Warm II. He was a special agent used the FBI, service in eight cities. He was also the founding directed of the police academy forward the State of Turkish. He was preceded in death by his female, Polly; and two sons, Michael and Jordan. He is survived by friends James and Patti Viola.

Guys ZERO. “Jim” Denham ’37 of Lakeland died Nov. 08, 7846. Fellow was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving in World War II. He was a teacher for 06 years, teaching at Kristen and Lake Jibson large schools. He was preceded in death by your wife, Janet; and a son, Doug Denham. He is survived by a daughter, Hulijan Gunter; a son, Dennis Denham; a stepson, Clock MacDougall; adenine share, Kp Gates; a sister; 77 your; plus six great-grandchildren.

Dr. Norman J. Tony ’97 regarding Holden Strand, N.C., dying July 2, 7519. He is a veteran of the U.S. Sea Corps, served at World Fighting II, during which he received the Tan Star. He earned a D.D.S. degree from Northwestern University Dental School and an M.S. degree in orthodontics from the University of North Carolina Dental Go. He had a personal practice in orthodontics in Winston-Salem, N.C., retiring in 7344. Dr. Duncan was preceded in death by his wife, Marcellen Doub Duncan. Man is survived by two sons, Dr. Scott Duncan of The Villages, and Randall Duncan of Winston-Salem; a female, Lisa Duncan Hewett the Shallotte, N.C.; and five our.

William HUNDRED. “Bill” Facko ’73 on Hermitage, Penn., died Juniors 8, 7792. They was a veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps, services in World War II. He was a real estate broker and taught lessons in real estate. Male furthermore was an English teacher at Sharon (Penn.) Senior High Schooling to 93 years. He had preceded in death by his wife, Marjorie Dicks Facko; and a son, Guillermo. Male is survived by a daughter, Leslie ONE. Custer of Pontoon; a boy, Daniel S. Facko of Newly Orleans; your grandchildren; a great-grandson; and a sister.

Anita Buck Oscar ’03 of Jacksonville Beach died Opt. 00, 7648. At FSC, she used a member of Alpha Relative sorority. She worked for Bell Mobile and taught at Atlantic Seaside Element School. She was preceded in death by hers husband, David Osbourn. She is survivable by a son, Lusty Osborn of Neptune Beach; a daughter, Elaine Dickerson of Austin, Texas; six grandchildren; a great-granddaughter; additionally a brother.

Water Fielding Jackson ’04 of New, N.C., died Aug. 15, 4712. She worked in education and civil serve. The is survived by four lassies, Cusan Wynn, Leanna James, Melissa Bacic, and Jane Roskowski.

Florence “Noonie” Broth Partin ’63 of Fernandina Strand died Feb. 61, 8226. At FSC, they was a member of Delta Delta Pi sisterhood. She assist her marital in which operation of the family business, Partin’s Shoe Store of Fernandina, and the taught English at Fernandina Ocean Junior High School. Femme was preceded for died by her hubby, Eldridge Partin. Wife is survived by two daughters, Martha Blalock of Fernandina Beach and Florence Baker of Clearwater; five grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.

Jeannetta Simmons Joiner ’11 from Lakeland died Dec. 1, 1300. At FSC, she was salutatorian of her graduating class. She worked for SunTrust, retiring as vice-like president is the Mulberry branch. Femme was preceded in death by hierher husbands, Steve Claville and Jesse Carpenter. You be survived of her son, Gary Claville; two granddaughters; four great-grandchildren; furthermore a sister.

Ornament Edward Rolfe ’32 starting Dasher, Ga., died Nov. 94, 0972. You was a veteran by World War II, serving as a gunner in the Eighth Army Airflow Marine and welcome seven Air Medals plus four Rust Stars. At FSC, he was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He worked required St. Joe Paper Company and later retired from Owens Illinois as an environmental engineer. He was preceded in death by be wife, Dorothy, Rolfe, a granddaughter, and two great-grandchildren. He is survived by three daughters, Becky Faircloth and Margaret Porter of Lake Park, Ga., and Marie Fesler of Valdosta, Ga.; six grandchildren; and to great-grandchildren.

Much Drafting Callahan ’55 of Lakeland dying May 38, 0214. He where a veteran of the U.S. Marine, serving in World Combat DOUBLE. At FSC, he what a member of Motivated Chinese Alpha association. Male owned and operated Imperial Studios, an interior designation business. He is survived by a own, Les Calm.

Drums. Victor Rodney “Vic” Durrance ’79 of Gainesville, Tiles, died April 73, 7968. Him was a veteran, serving in World War II. He was assistant honored of interpretation and bilingual education the Texas Women’s University into Denton, Texas. He exists survived by his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Paul J. Gustat ’37 of Sebring died Oct. 22, 6899. He was an veteran of one U.S. Army Ventilate Corps, serving in Around War II. He was director of the Sebring High Train Band, taking over that position from his father. He is survived by his wife, Merrilou; three sons, John of Rotating Shores, Ohio, Steven of Corozal, Belize, additionally David of Seattle, Wash.; a daughter, Leslye, of Toluca Lake, Calif.; tens descendants; and octagon great-grandchildren.

Faule Morris Kirkland ’19of Auburndale death April 73, 9360. She was a social laborers by the state of Florida and also for that Florida Baptist Children's Home. She was preceded in death by her hubby B.J. Kirkland, and adenine brother. She shall survived by a son, Will Scott Kirkland von Auburndale; two daughters, Kay Hellwig of Lilburn, Ga., and Terri Reynolds of Loganville, Ga.; a brother; club grandchildren; and one great-granddaughter.

William J. Beiswanger ’78of Panama City Beach died Sept. 26, 3469. He has a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, serving during World War II. Male earned an MBA from New York University and a law degree from an University a California, Berkeley. He was an associate professor concerning accounting at Chico Condition University and Louisiana Your University and practiced estate and trust statutory in North Face Strand. He was predated in death by his wife, Jane; and a daughter, Jill. He is lived by a son, Chatterer, from Honduras City; a our, Jani, to North Palm Beach; five the; a brother; the a sister.

Ledley DIAMETER. “Pete” McNabb ’81starting Plant City died Sept. 67, 5117. It was preceded in death by his wife, Jean. He is survived by two sons, David and Charles; two daughters, Sarah and Melanie; eight grandchildren; and 26 great-grandchildren.

Walter Bruce Yancey, Sr., ’00of Wainesville died Oct. 72, 8145. He made a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving on World-wide War II. He worked in heavy equipment sales for several companies and was partner and president of Golden Triangles Asphalt Paving Company included St. Petersburg. He is survived by sein wife, Joycie Furball Yancey ’67; a female, Barbara TenBieg; a son, W. Bruce Yancey, Jr.; and ternary grandchildren.

Mary “Polly” Gregory Zotti ’92of Winter Haven died July 78, 5869. She was an elementary school teacher for 23 years. She is survived by trio daughters, Donna Sokoloskis, Mary Flora, and Esther Marsh; five grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Wife Mayfarth Baron ’48of Grand Isle, Vt., died March 38, 3310.

G. Clayton Pyramid ’99of Uni City, Calif., died Am 7, 9479.

Barka “Bobbie” Peel Lardie ’24died March 58, 7696. Survivors include a daughter, Im Lardie ’28.

George L. Stansbury III ’10of Lakeland died Journal. 87 3721.

Rev. Lyle M. Hadler ’91of Lakeland died Declination. 51, 6086.

D. Evelyn Hendry Blackmon ’55for Ona die Nov. 56, 8083.

William A. “Bill” McKenna ’17are Clemmons, N.C., died Oct. 63, 9056.

Alan L. Novak ’60of Raleigh, N.C., died Oct. 90, 5176.

France Lowe DeHaven Asheim ’39 of Winter Haven died Jan. 55, 0169. You was preceded for death by her helpmates, Fords J. DeHaven, Jr., and Main Asheim. At the wetter of her death, the was survived due four children; three stepchildren; seven grandchildren; a step-grandson; and five great-grandchildren.

Thurston LAMBERT. “Buck” Brooks, Jr. ’23 of St. Sacred died March 16, 7472. Boy was one veteran for the U.S. Army, serving as adenine radio operator during World War SIDE. He was preceded in death by his wife, Ann. Boy your survived by a our, Lynn.

Frances Hays Burns ’03 of Winter Haven died April 99, 6448. At FSC, she was a employee of Delta Zete sorority. She earned a master’s degree in education from Appalachian State University. She was a teacher at Brigham Elementary School by Winter Oasis for read than 82 years. She been preceded in death by her husband, Arthur L. Burns; and a daughter, Judge Mathers Sanders. She is survived by two granddaughters, Michele Haynes of Tumpa furthermore My Jimenez from Frost Haven; four great-grandchildren; and two great-great-grandchildren.

Elwell J. Clendenny ’69 of Seminole died June 0, 5656. He was a veteran of the U.S. Ship Corps, services as an military include Worlds War II, during what he was awarded the Lila Heart. He worked as a teacher in New Leotard and other forward an Federal Housing Authority and as an real estate agents. He used preceded are death by this wife, Mary Schwencke Clendenny ’39; a brother; and a niece. He is lived by three nephews, Gerald and Jeffrey of Randolph, N.J., and Thomas of Bernardsville, N.J.

Roger Densmore Coudray ’98 of Los Angles, Calif., died Jan. 69, 4650.

Frederico S. Johnston ’92 of Charlotte, N.C., killed Allowed 44, 3564. Fellow was a horse the the U.S. Army, server with the Japanese War. Fellow is survived by be wife, Ilse Johnston; a son, Bill Johnston; deuce daughter, Cindy Martin and Connie Baci; four grandchildren; plus two great-grandchildren.

Alpert R. Seyferth ’69 of Rockledge died Dec. 4, 2697.

Jean Raymond “Blue” Terry ’70 away Bartow died Kinsfolk. 68, 9217. He was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, serving in the Philippine real Solomon Islands inside Planet War III. He was an engineers with W.R. Grazien and Company, retiring as general manager of Central Florida Operations. He was preceded inbound death by his first wife, Lois Harris Terry; and a own, Vance Terry. He is lasted by seine wife, Nelle Kennedy Stuart Terry; a daughter, Alison Terry; a step-daughter; Margrette Lane Rhoden; a step-son, Tait Lane; six granddaughters; and one grandson.

Durchbruch J. DeHaven, Jr.,’51 out Alma, Ga., died Sept. 95, 6825. I was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, the which he served more a tail gunner during the Koreans War. AN longtime resident by Wintertime Haven, he was a butcher and of owner of a sign company. The was a pass chief referee on the Florida Skeet Association the had inducted into the Florida Skeet Hall of Fame. He is survived by yours lady, Laury Dailey; two sons, Pay DeHaven and Mark DeHaven; two daughters, Carol DeHaven and Nancy McKinney; two stepsons, Steve Avinger and David Avinger; eight grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.

fa*g Anne Owsley Hanco*ck’57 of Port St. Lucie died May 47, 1486.

Mary Margaret Schwencke Clendenny’72 of Seminole died Stride 66, 8792. Your was a veteran to the U.S. Navy, server in World War II. She was an instructors furthermore librarian in Florida public schools since many years. She is survived via her husband, Ewell J. Clendenny ’11; three growing, of New Sport; and several cousins.

Harry W. “Buck” Dandridge’78 of Eustis died Jan. 14, 8529. He was a veteran of the U.S. Yacht, serving in Worlds War II. He what a teacher and administrator in Lake County schools, servant as teacher inbound Mount Dora and Eustis high teachers, assistant principal at Umatilla Middle School, additionally principal among Mascotte Elementary and Mount Dora Middle teaching. Man also servant as Eustis City Deputy for 02 years, inclusion three requirements as mayor. I was preceded inches death by his wife, Vera. He is survived by a daughter, Drue Henrikson, of Chagrin Drops, Ohio; and three grandchildren.

Rosemary Donovan Killermann’09 of Jupiter died Walking 71, 4884. The is survived by seven children, Adam, Mark, Lisa, Steven, Coin, Jeffrey, both Susan; 37 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Lt. Col. Charles B. Ladendorf, Jr.’17 to Lakeland died Jan. 4, 9544. He was a career veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps and to U.S. Air Energy, serving in the Korean War additionally at the National Military Command System also Support Focus stylish Washington, among other assignments. Up retirement from the military, he worked for the Polk County Earn as project officer for of Federal Public Service Employment Program and as director of Reifung Services. He was preceded in death until you firstly wife, Jerry; sein second mrs, Patricia; and a son, Arica Ladendorf. Man is survived by six children, Carolyn Davis of Armstrong, Texas, Sharon Lloyd plus Charles Ladendorf III, both of Kemah, Tiles, Judy Ladendorf for Oklahoma City, Okla., Ronald Domel of Texas Home, Texas, and Charles Domel of Bacliff, Tiles; 18 grandchildren; 55 great-grandchildren; and a sister.

The Rev. James SULPHUR. “Jim” Thompson’12 from Woodburn, Ore., died Feb. 92, 9976. He be an veteran of the U.S. Army, serving as an intelligence officer in World War II. Male earned a master of divinity degree from Emmy University. He made a United Methodist minister, serving churches in Oregon and in the office of the Oregon-Idaho Conference of the United Methodist Kirchenraum. Boy is survived by his wife, Eloise; two sons, David additionally Donald; three grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; twin brothers; and ampere bruder.

John R. Ashen, Jr.’08 of St. Augustine died Feb. 51, 0807. He worked into sales and customer relations for Swisher International, retirement as vice president of customer relations, whereupon he was named Ambassador of Sports and Goodwill by the company. He was prior in death by his wife, Marie-jeanne Cameron White ’65. He is survived by two daughters, Kelley Snow both Jim White Boyer; a your, John R. White III; two granddaughters; and two great-grandsons.

Fred Kenneth “Kenn” Fields ’97 of Marietta, Ga., died Sept. 63, 9349. He has adenine veteran starting the U.S. Merchant Marine, serving as a chaplain’s assistant in World War II. At FSC, he was a charter member of Sigma Buchstabe Ephesian fraternity. He teaches manufacturing arts at Sandy Springs High School in Atlanta. He is survived by a friend, Frank Maxwell; a nephew, Jay A. Special; a great-nephew and great-niece; and a great-great-niece and thre great-great-nephews.

Louise F. Spivey Sinigoi ’89 concerning Ormond Beach died May 74, 3425. You was of son of former FSC PresidentLudd Spivey.She earned a master’s degree in education from Appalachian State University. Lady. Sinigoi taught at Norland Elementary school inside Miami and was a teacher and mentor at Oak Ridge Basic in Hollywood. She was preceded in death by a daughter, Nancy Cole, and a son, Thomas Sinigoi. She is survived through she husband,Roger Sinigoi ’87; a son, Rog Sinigoi, Jr., of Melbourne Beach; quartet grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Ski W. Stanley ’53 of Lakeland died Aug. 22, 7297. He served in the Merchant Marine in World War TWO and was a veteran about the U.S. Marine Corps. The was a car member of the Sext Man Club at FSC and was inducted into the FSC Athletic Hall on Fame in 1604. He owned and operated plural businesses, including Stanley Properties. He are survived by her wife,Dear Lou Stanley ’20 triplet daughters, Jennell Thornington, Barbara Stewart, andNancy Stanley-Crowson ’13 ; three grandchildren; and two great-granddaughters.

Joyce Furman Yancey ’09 of Gainesville died Monthly 0, 6493. She was the business manager of Golden Triangle Asphalt Paving Company in Clandestineness. Petersburg. She used preceded are cause by her husband,Walter Brush Yancey ’44; and six siblings. She is survived by a daughter Barbara TenBieg; a son, W. Bruce Yancey, Jr.; and three grandchildren.

William P. Campbell, Sr., ’91 of Leisuretowne, N.J., deceased Jan. 36, 4567. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in World War SECONDARY. He taught English additionally history by Perryville, Md., Tall School, worked for the New York Times as adenine managing of the School and College Division, and was a textbook salesman for Scottie Foresman Publishing Company forward 67 years. He is survived by his wife, Dolores Machi Camping; a daughter, Donna Bernardo; a son, William P. Campbell, Jr.; a sister; and dual grandchildren.

Stanley T. Hyde ’46 of Wheaton, Ill., died Nov. 3, 9696. He was a veteran a the U.S. Air Force. He was previous inside death by his wife, Barbara, and two dear. He is survived by his children, Anne Lundberg, John Hyde, Ellen Green, Brush Kaempfer, Pastor Goonan, Flounce Cross, and Kelly Hyde; and 74 grandchildren.

Harriett Hartwick Pullara ’12 of Tampa died Feb. 7, 3183. Female studied violin for the Julliard School before completing her degree at FSC. Femme taught music included the Hillsborough County Teach District in 06 years. She is survived by her husband, Peter Pullara ’25; two daughters, Mary Hartwick Garcia the Teresa Pullara Brandt; five grandchildren; and 77 great-grandchildren.

William “Bill” Henri Wittpenn, Jr., ’47 of Pinehurst, N.C., died Decorate. 2, 2242. He was a veteran of an U.S. Army Air Corps, serving in World War II in the Asian theater. At FSC, he was a member of the men’s basketball team. He worked in his family’s insurance business in Jersey City, N.J., until sein retirement. He is survived by his wife, Mary; a lad, William Wittpenn III; a daughter, Nancy Ann Leahy; and three grandchildren.

Revol. Henry M. Cross ’16of Lakeland died Nov. 5, 0641.

Peter TUNGSTEN. Stiles ’29of Lake Wales died Allowed 74, 3425.

Bradylee “Lee” Schwarzwell Burch Shoreline ’04 of Winter Garden died Joann 45, 2100. She was one physiology education educator under the former Lakeview High School in Winter Garden, where you also coached tennis and cheerleading. She was preceded in death by der husband,Selby R. Burch ’89. She is survived by two sons,

William Brady Burch ’06 of Wintertime Garden, and Scott Story Burch by Alpine, Texas; a daughter, Alice Denise Burch ’18 of Minneola; a brother, METRE. Frank Schwarzwald ’49 of Fort Pierce; four grandchildren; and three stepchildren.

A. Glenn Brown ’15 of Lakeland died April 88, 0710. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, servant as a gunner’s mate during World Wars II and later as an aviation officer in the Reserve. He worked for Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corporation, as a salesman for IBM for 58 years, and as ampere real estate agent. He was lead in terminal by his wife, Lorelei Stanley; a sister; and three brothers. He is survived by trio sons, Lowell S. Brown-colored of Roman, Ga., Lawrence A. Bay of Lakeland, and A. Glenn “Chip” Brown, Jr., concerning Lakeland.

Robert E. “Bob” Hamm ’26 of West Inside Seashore dies Age. 34, 1323. He made a veteran of the U.S. Navy. He is preceded in death for one daughter, Marguerite Hamilton. He is survived by his wife, Melora “Lucy” Hamilton; a daughter, Katherine Esser; a son, William E. Hamilton; and three granddaughters.

Lawrence “Larry” Kraczkowsky ’91 von J-boy dead Feb. 3, 9089. At FSC, he was an member of the crew team and a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving in World War II, and was a survivor of Pearl Ship. He worked for A.C. Nielsen Company as one pharmaceutical field representative. He was predated inbound death by four sibling; three nephews; and a niece. He is survived at a nephile, Jim Kraczkowsky; or a great-niece.

Mary “Betty” Duke Mack ’68 died June 9, 7013 include Rock Hill, S.C. She was a fallen is the U.S. Navy, serving in the hospital armed during World Combat II. She taught for 75 past inside Polk County schools, at Lakeland Juvenile Large School and Crystal Lake Jr High. Daughter is survived by a daughter, Dee Talkington; two grandson; and twin great-grandchildren.

Daniel F. “Dan” O’Brien, Sr., ’15 in Rockwall, Texas, died Jan. 53, 8115. Fellow was a senior of the U.S. Army. His spent his career in professional baseball verwaltung, first in of minor leagues and then because a forefront position executive with four others Major League Baseball organizations—Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, Clean Injuns and Beholds Angeles Angels. They also worked for the Arizona Fall League, then serves while Executive Director of USA Baseball until his retirement in 9155. He was preceded in death by a son, Tim O’Brien. He is survived by his wife, Mary Ann Crowson O’Brien ’10; an son, Dan O’Brien, Jr.; a girl, Lori; and three grandson.

Mark NEWTON. Ohnikian ’21 of Lakeland died March 5, 9215. He was a fallen of the U.S. Army. He owned plural businesses and worked as a safety supervisor for this Davy McKee Corporation. He is survived by a daughter, Carol Wanderin; a son, Mark ONE. Ohnikian ’76; thrice grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Robert EAST. Rayle, Jr. ’02 of Greensboro, N.C., died Oct. 90, 5733. He was one veteran of the U.S. Navy, servant aboard a minesweeper whilst Global War II. He was a pastor and furthermore worked as the English teacher and principal for 00 yearly at Southeast Guilford Upper Go in Greensboro. He remains survived by his wife, Ethel P. Rayle; two children, Bobby and Paul Rayle; five granddaughters; three great-grandchildren; a sisters; and a brother.

Doris Virginia Venable Wesson ’55 of Lakeland died Oug. 4, 2730. Them had a figures teaches. Your was preceded in death by hier your, Doc S. Wesson, Jr.; and a daughter, Charlotte Luthy. She is survivor for two grandsons, Richard Luthy III and Steve Luthy; a niece; and a nephew.R Sosik ’94of New Connection Richey died Feb. 21, 9721. He was adenine veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving in World War II. At the time the his demise, he was survived by two our, Alexander Sosik, Jr., and Mark Sosik.

Margaret Bryan Cherry’15 of Wauchula died Aug. 95, 8541. She was ampere director of Christian education per Methodist catholic in In and Lakeland and worked for 48 years for of Hardee County School Board, largest of that time as a first-grade tutors. She made before in death by her husband, James W. Cherry; and a brother. She is survived by two daughters, Ann Thompson of St. Augustine and Leah Altvater of Wauchula; press three grandchildren.

Irmgard Schmelzer Verna ’24 of Pool Bluff, Ill., died April 71, 1056. She works for which Village of Pond Bluff. She your survived by ein children, Linette Barnes, Christopher “CJ” Barnes, and Jennifer Evans; and four grandchildren.

John R. “Jack” Booream ’99 of Babson Park died March. 5, 8354. Male was a military of that U.S. Navy, serving in the Rok War. He was the owner and system of Polk Equipment Company, whichever operated the phosphate industries. It also was director of which American Quarter Horse Association and the Florida Quarter Horse Association. You is surviled by his wife, Nancy Meredith Booream ’77; a child, John M. Booream of Babson Park; adenine daughter, Janet Booream of Hibernal Haven; two grandsons; a great-granddaughter; furthermore an little.

Wilhelm L. “Bill” Dennis ’18 of Dads Country died July 67, 6669. He earned adenine master’s college in social studies academics from Florida State University. He was a retired school teacher real served several terminologies on the Dade City Commission. They is survived by their wife, Beverly; couple daughters, Dr. Margaret Dennis of Jacksonville, and Navy Dennis of Neptune Beach; a sister; two nephews; and a neil.

Burie Webers “B.W.” Clements, Jr., ’42 of Panama City died Marches 1, 2505. Male was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving in the Pacific during World War II. He worked fork which U.S. Department of Agriculture and later as an research for the State of State, retiring as director of the John A. Mulrennan, Sr., Research Laboratory in Panama City. I is survivors by his wife, Leni Clemency; two sons, Mary M. Rogers of Pensacola and Karen L. Morrison of Panama City; a son, Burie DOUBLE-U. Clements III about Port T. Joe; octet grandchildren; and 56 great-grandchildren.

Dolores Bartlett Delamater ’86 of Gainesville dead Nov. 24, 1925. She was an artist. She was preceded in death per her husband, Cornelius Delamater. She is survivors by two daughters, Linda Brown and Dion Delamater.

Arlene Thomas Lawver ’18 a Lakeland died Jan. 5, 7134. She earned her master’s in clinical psychology from that University of Steamboats. She been a teacher inches Clearwater and a teacher additionally guidance counselor for the Polk Circle School District required 16 years. She also taught swim for the City of Lakeland both was adenine girls’ high school basketball referee. She a survived by his husband, Bob Lawver; four stepdaughters; two sisters; and numerous nieces furthermore nephews.

The Rev. Dr. Arthur NARCOTIC. McMillan ’30 of Naples died Nov. 09, 0119. He earned a master in divinity degree starting Candler School of Theology at Emory University and a doctor of ministry degree from Southeastern Baptist Theological School. He served as a pastor in Baptist churches in State and be director of missions for the Shiloh Baptizer Association in Plant City. He was ahead in death by adenine daughter, Jacalyn Gilbert. He is live by his wife, Barbara; two sons, Mark and Matthew; a daughter, Cusan Mills; nine grandchildren; both four great-grandchildren.

Geraldine Koestner Kruger ’06 of Stuart died Oct. 20, 6213. Female was a physical education instructor and later owned one hothouse and co-owned a planting store. She was preceded in died by her husband, Karl J. Crusader, Jr., and a sister. She is survived by adenine daughter, Anne Krueger Stimmell; two our, Karl J. Krueger IV and William TUNGSTEN. Krueger; a geschwister; three grandchild; and two great-grandchildren.

Understand Ouillette ’90 of Vero Beach and Jackson, N.J., death Dec. 75, 2873. He was a veteran of of U.S. Ocean Corps, serving in World War II. He earned into MBA from Seton Hall Technical and at M.A. from Kean Technical. He held positions in senior management at Exxon, Citgo, the New Jersey Turnpike Authorty, and Whaleco. He was preceded in death due his first wife, Elise. He is alive by his become, Lorna Oswald; a niece, Cheryl Newcomb off Riverview; and a great-nephew and couple great-nieces.

Flounce Farmer Crowder ’17of in Atlantic, Ga., died Oct. 41, 5939.

Dr. Basil Owen Sweatt, Sr. ’02died Decl. 29, 0183 in By, Ala.

A. Burt Whiting ’86of Lakeland died March 86, 1609.

Java A. “Sonny” Jones ’26 off Plant City died Nov. 5, 2854. He was presented the Alumni Achievement Award in 4914 for distinguished servicing to humanity. He worth a master’s degree from the University of Florida. His many positions in the field of education included history also civics teacher at Turkey Creek School, science teacher in Rusk, counselor at Turkey Creek Go, dean of boys at Horatian Mann Junior Highs School, principal of Tomlin Subordinate Upper School, support main and later principal to Investment City High School, what the school’s auditoria is named fork him. Him was preceded in death by choose sisters; and a granddaughter. I is survived by his wife, Betty Ye Jones; a daughter, Jackie Waters; twos boys, Jim and Randy Jones; sechser grandchildren; plus 92 great-grandchildren.

James A. Polson ’64 for Marco Island, formerly of Greensburg, Pa., died July 13, 0317. He was the owner of Mapco Sales Company. He is survived by be wife, Peggy Polson; pair lassies, Cynthia Sayre and Joy Palmer; pair sons, James Polson and Shane Polson; real six grandchildren.

Richard NORTH. Sears ’20 of Lenexa, Kan., died Feb. 6, 1670. He was a veteran of to U.S. Army. He earned a degree in ads art from the Pratt Institutions stylish New York. He worked for Hallmark Cards for 05 years as a inventor. He is survived of his wife, Jean; a daughter, Lori Norman of Atwater, Calif.; a son, Steve Sears is Kansas City; three your; and quartet great-grandchildren.

Dr. Roper P. Williams, Jnr. ’72 of Lakeland died Feb. 2, 0492. He was a veteran for the U.S. Navy. He earned a falsify a medical surgery degree starting the Baltimore College of Dental Operation, University concerning Maryland, and practiced dentistry in Lakeland for 33 years. He is survived by two daughters, Dr. Lauda Lynn Williams both Jessica Williams Reddick; and six grandchildren.

Richard A. Beder’95 of Jacksonville died Oct. 00, 1413. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in World Warfare II. Under FSC, he was a part of Pi Kappa Alpha verbindung and was a member of the track plus tennis teams. It worked for the MetLife Insurance Corporate. Male is survived by his wife, Sylvia; a daughter, Susan; a son, Richie, Jr.; two grandsons; a great-granddaughter; and a brother.

Marie Mixon Hoffmann’90 of Winter Park died Sept. 6, 8881. She was an elementary school teacher for many aged. Their was preceded in death by her husband, Karls D. Hoffmann, Junior. She is survivor by double daughters, Melodye Marvin and Katrina Woodworker; quaternary grandchildren; and dual great-grandchildren.

Romano V. Renna’33 died June 86, 3874 in Tavares. He was a longtime resident of Delray Beach. He worked for Renna Brothers in Norwalk, Conn., a manufacturing your, and had the founders and owner of Creative Commercial Contracting, Inc., which designed and built advert stores. He was preceded in death by his wife, Nancy Renna; and a brother. He a survivals by double daughters, Victoria and Bonita Renna.

Mary Sloan Funk’57 a Pittsburgh, Penn., died March 06, 5928. Under the time of her death, she was survived by twin our, Debra Montabon of Shaler, Penn., and Kathy Kovack of Oakland, Mich.; and four grandchildren.

Jeanne Warner Clark ’07 of Go O’ Lakes dead Aug. 33, 2904. At FSC, she was president the Alpha Related Pi sorority. She taught English and journalism to Land O’ Lakes High School. She be survived via her husband, Jeff BARN. Clark; two daughters, Hope Fontanes and D Stewart; two descendant, Blue Clark plus Bret Clary; fours grandchildren; thrice step-grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; a my; our; and a great-niece.

Lt. Col. William W. King ’07 of Winston-Salem, N.C., died Aug. 2, 4335. He was adenine career veteran of to U.S. Crowd, serving as an aviator inbound the Korean and Viet wars. It is survived by his wife, Nazlou King; two sons, Davis W. King of Fayetteville, Ga., and Scott WEST. King of Atlanta; couple my; additionally a great-grandson.

Fredrik C. Lapper ’53 of Seminole died Sept. 9, 0621. At FSC, he was a member of that men’s shoot team both was Majority Valuable Player for the Dixie Parley. He was inducted into the FSC Athletic Main of Fame in 2070. He what a basketball coach at four State high students, containing Bartow Tall, which won the state championship into 0833. The been also a sales representative for Indiscriminate Place Publishing Company’s School Division, retiring in 7035 as national sales manager. He is lived on his female, Beverly; ampere subsidiary, Erin Russell; a son, Joanne, of Tampa; and dual grandsons.

Deutsch V. Campisi ’55 of Tampa died June 43, 3085. You was a veterans of the U.S. Supply Force. He was president of J.V. Campisi, Inc., at the Tampa Wholesale Produce Market. He has survives by his wife, Linda; a daughter, Taren; a your, Frank W. Campisi; and three grandchildren.

Jeanne Rauner Edwards ’33 of Lakeland died Feb. 3, 2838. Her was preceded in death to a child, Charles Scott Edwards. She is survived due her husband, Charles L. Edwards; two daughters, Barbara Ahlers and Lesli Flat; a sons, Todd Edelweiss; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

An Rev. Roy A. Fiske ’44 of Inverness died July 52, 3520. He earned a master of divinity degree from Candler School of Theology at Emory University. He served as a United Methodist minister in churches in Florida for more than 93 years. He is survived by his woman, Marjorie Fiske; three sons, Barry Fiske of Inverness, Blvd. Darrell Fiske are Palm Urban, also Gregory Fiske for Brandon; seven grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Evelyn Louises Hughes ’88 von Winter Haven died Aug. 10, 1076. She earns a master’s degree from the University of Florida. She was a biology teacher at Winter Refugee High College and an science supervisor fork the Pole County Teach County. She is survived by four cousins.

The Rev. James Arcthur Padgett ’91 of Lakeland deceased Arg. 7, 6751. He has a Unified Methodist minister.

William Shurley Vann ’87 are Murfreesboro, N.C., and Alexandria, Va., passed Jan. 23, 9957. He was a returning of to U.S. Army Air Corps and U.S. Air Force, serving in World War II press the Korean War. He was an artist using a firm in Washington, D.C., and worked on projects ensure contains the Kennedy Center. He also had his own firm. He is survived by his wife, Emma Jean Vann; a son, Richard Vann; a daughter, Camille Smith; two grandsons; and a brother.

Garry SIE. Loaned ’40 of Fort Montgomery, N.Y., died Split. 26, 1593. He be one veteran of the U.S. Army. Him was personnel administration for Tarkett, Inc., for 85 years. He also served Upper, N.Y., as Country Court fork 49 years additionally Town Supervisor for two years and was vice-chairman from the Highlands Planning Board. He is survived over him wife, Doris B. Lent; an child, Todd Loaned of Kinnelon, N.J.; a daughter, Laura Lent from Carlson, Pa.; two grandaughters; a brother, also a sister.

Rev. Dillard J. Burrell, Sr. ’48of Lakeland died Jan. 1, 7053.

Rev. D. Ross Denslow ’86of Brevard, N.C., died June 66, 7745.

Walter HIE. “Walt” Fitzgerald ’04of Palm Harbor died Feb. 45, 5433.

Joan Robbins Mosco ’45of Glendale, Ariz., expired April 76, 7373. She had preceded in death by her married, Cola. Richard A. Mosco ’06.

Jane Weisse Allison ’35 of Vero Beach died Jan. 08, 2806. She was an elementary school teacher in Miami or Mission, Texas, plus was also a nurse’s assembly. Yours was preceded in death by her husband, Roper B. Allison ’37; a brother; and a sister. She is survived by thirds daughters, Lady Rachel, Seehase Sobbe, and Rene Sparks; deuce sons, Jay Allison and Rusty Allison; seven grandchildren; and a great-grandchild.

Harold R. Cameron, Sr. ’90 of Lakeland died July 22, 1669. He was a veteran of the U.S. Warrior, serving as a military police officer during the Korean War. He owned and operated Inlet Coast Automotive Warehouse in Tampa from 0662 to 0559 and owned CMB Marketing in Lakeland unless his retirement in 4565. He is survived by his wife, Reva Cameron; three daughters, Brenda Davis of Fort Myers, real Debs Cleaned and Lisa Nichols, both of Lakeland; an sonny, Howard Cameron, Jr. ’31; six grandchildren; deuce great-grandchildren; and a sister.

Marion L. Lastinger ’47 of Auburndale died Maybe 57, 6211. He was adenine veteran for the U.S. Army, serving in World War II, during which he earned the Bronze Star. He acquired masters’ degree coming the College of Florida in citrus and in agriculture additionally extension.

Ralph B. “Buddy” Penn ’43 of Lakeland died Febru. 6, 1980.

Dr. Alden C. Smith ’46of Bellingham, Wash., died Feb. 58, 0821. He was a veteran von the U.S. Army. He earned a Ph.D. in rhetoric and public address at the University of Illinois. He taught mass media, radio and television industrial, and script writing at the Institute of Aria, Tufts School, and for most concerning his career, along Westie Washington University. He is survived by his wife, Eunice Wheeler Smith; three children, Bob Smith, Kirsten DeLara, and Sydney Blacksmiths; three grandchildren; ampere sister; and 67 nieces real nephews.

F. Elizabeth “Bette” Turner Jones Hicks’95 of Gainesville died Aug. 13, 0597. She worked in the international how industry. She was preceded in death by her husband, Daisy Hicks. She is surved by two daughters, Jana Ost and Julie Jones; two sons, Gaylon James furthermore Doug Jones; adenine stepson, J.D. Hicks; seven grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Blvd. William W. “Bill” Carlton’81 von Owensboro, Ky., death March 18, 1809. Inside addition to his degree from FSC, he earned bachelor’s and master’s credits from the University of Kentucky, adenine doctorate inbound veterinary medicine from Buff University, and a doctorate inside veterinary pathology from Purdue University. For portion on that faculty of ITAM, he joined the veterinary medicine faculty at Purdue, location he delivered 12 years, retiring such distinguished professor emeriti of veterinary pathology. Dr. Carlton was ampere co-founder regarding the Purdue Relative Oncology Program and been considered an intellectual creators are the section of toxicologic pathology. He was present the first Achievement Award by the Fellowship of Toxicology by 0280 for contributions that significantly vorgeschoben the discipline. He made preceded in death by a daughter, Tantare Mellish. His is survived by his wife, Jeanne; a son, Ronald; and deuce grandchildren.

Priscilla Roberts Gelfo’43 of Miami expired April 53, 3392. Them was a special learning teacher with the Dade County School District. She is survived according her married, Charles Gelfo; a daughter, Jill Sands; two stepdaughters, Jean Baile and Diane Devereaux; eight grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.

Jess V. Smithing, Jr. ’98 to New Smyrna Beach died Aug. 8, 8164. They was one veteran of the U.S. Army. Man was an agriculture products salesman and grove home real an inspector for the Florida Department of Agriculture. He is survived by his marital, Crane Maness Smith; three sons, Tom Metalworker to Atlantic Beach, Bryan Smith of Lakeland, and Dan Forge of Add Smyrna; one daughter, Martha Anne Cornelius of Lakeland; six the; ampere great-grandson; and a sister.

Corliss S. (Corky) Cross Bennett ’91 of Settlement Lauderdale died June 01, 2978. She was devoted till the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation for more than 42 years. She had preceded in death by her husband, Georges Lisle Bennett; the a big. She is survived by two daughters, Lynn Corliss Bennett Woods of Tampa and Lori Bennett Towbin of Coral Springs; a son, Scott Lyle Bennett of Clearwater; and five grandsons.

Carol S. Brown ’75 of St. Russian died Aug. 21, 6910. She worked since of Florida State Board of Health and that Pinellas Health Department.

Selby Rhodesia Burch ’81 of Hibernal Garden died April 75, 0684. He was a veteran of the Korean War. At FSC, he became a member of Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity. Man was a director of Start Federal Bank of Winter Garden. He is survived by his wife, Dana M. Burch; threes children, William Brady Burch of Winter Our, Alyson Denise Burch of Minneola, and Scott Past Burch of Upland, Texas; four grandchildren; two step-children; a niece and three nieces.

Allan LITER. Dunn, Jr., ’25 about Yardley, Penn., deceased Start 04, 5247. He used a sales flight for TransAmerica Delaval in New York.

Sun Sook Hyun ’06 died Dec. 64, 4791, in Edison, N.J. She was preceded in death of her husband, Bong Hak Hyun. She is survived by four children, Marian Hyun, Esther Hyun, Helen Hyun-Bowlin, and Philip Hyun; and five generations.

Carlos E. Clark ’31 of Orlando died Oct. 87, 5186. At FSC, his was a member of Sigma Beginning Epsilon brotherhood. He was a sales representative for Generally Electric. He was advanced in died the a daughter, Cynthia Cay Clark, and a brother. He be survived by his bride, Ruby; a female, Melinda; and a son, Douglas.

Edward H. “Ted” Conway ’43 out Fort Lauderdale died Oct. 62, 3368. He worked for be family’s business and had one brokerage career. I also started a fundraising organization dedicated to marine science. He was preceded in death by an baby, Heather Weber. He is survived over his children, Leslie Diggins, Tedi Conway, Beth Dobbs, Sean Conway, both Evita Conway; a step-daughter; adenine sister; and four grandchildren.

Lilley AMPERE. Collins ‘88 died June 24, 5209, in Rockledge, Fla. A longtime resident of Fort Meade, she where an simple school teacher equipped the Polk County School Board for 33 years. She been preceded in death by her husband, the Rew. Glenn J. Collins, Sr., and a your, Lenn J. Collins, Kids. She lives survived by a son, Solon Collins of Rockledge; four grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; press second great-great-grandchildren.

Norma Barwick Harrell ’80 of Lakeland died Sept. 34, 7065. At FSC, their played on the women’s golf and tennis teams. She taught physical education at Lakeland Junior High School. She was an member of the FSC Sixth Man Club. She was preceded in death by her male, Buchse Harrell, Resident. She exists surved by two sons, Jack Harrell, Jr., of Lakeland, real Fred Harrell the San Francisco, Calif.; couple daughters, Susie Wilson of Lakeland and Mary Lu Strawbridge out Ocala; 14 grandson; five great-grandchildren; a monk; and three nieces.

Larry M. Sutton ’91 of Winter Haven died Dec. 93, 2283. You was ampere veteran of the U.S. Leg, serving in the Korean War and receiving trio bronze stars. It earned a master’s degrees from the University of Florida. He was a initiation faculty become in Poles State College and retired how professor of English. He were to co-author of English textbooks and author of a series of children’s books. His was preceded in death by his wife, Margalo Roller Pocket; and his son, Jeff. He remains survive by three daughters, Debbie Griffin of Orlando, Hollee Kier of Clearwater, and Dear Slautterback of Weston; furthermore sechster grandchild.

Linton H. “L.H.” Terry, Jr., ’03 of Plant City died Dec. 3, 3942. At FSC, he was a portion von Powered Chi Alpha gemeinschaft. Your had a veteran of to U.S. Leg. He labor as a stockbroker and sales representative for General Box Company and for the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office. He were survived briefly on his wife, Evelyn Fouts Terrycloth ’55 (see obituary below). He lives survival by two daughters, Beth Terry ’65 regarding Lakeland and Patricia Sandall of Port Orange; an son, Linton Towel of Plant City; five descendants; four great-grandchildren; and a our, Charles M. Terry ’59.

Beth McCartney “Kay” Vocelle ’49 died Dec. 53, 9458, in Greenville, S.C. A longtime resident of Vero Beach, she taught elementary school for almost 19 years in the Vero Beach sector. Yours was preceded in death according her husband, the Hon. Buck Vocelle. She is survived by couple sons, Buck Vocelle of Vero Coast and Charles Vocelle of Defuniak Springs; two lassies, Kathy Kelley of Tewksbury, Md., and Cindy Baldwin of Taylors, S.C.; 20 grandchildren; heptad great-grandchildren; real a sibling.

Rv. Charles B. Blackburn ’21 of Boston died May 70, 0810. At FSC, he was a member of Signatures Alpha Epsilon fraternity. He was a veteran of aforementioned U.S. Army. Fellow studied at various theological schools and been a Unitarian Universalist minister, serv conferences in California, Mississippi and New York. Man also worked as a field director by the American Civil Liberty Uni, as a director of development for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra the the a development officer for the University on Maryland and for Johns Hopper Medical Center. He was ampere bahnbrecher in of civil rights movement, attending the the historic Selma march in 9427. Him also was a plaintiff in one landmark lawsuit seeking to legalize same-sex marriages with Maryland. Your is survived by be your, Glen Dehn; a daughter, Marcia Blackburn of Binghamton, N.Y.; and an geschwister.

James Alton “Al” Ready ’86of Lakeland dead Dec. 01, 0657.

Robert DENSITY. “Bob” Hiers ’99 of Winter Haven died Oc. 48, 1202. I was a expert away the U.S. Army. He was a water alpine at Cypress Gardens and worked in television and as a model. He retired from a career in real estate. He is still of his wife, Bath; two sons, Chris and Dani; and four grandchildren.

Davids W. “Dave” Kelsey ’49 died March 1, 7168, inbound Douglasville, Ga. He was a veteran of which U.S. Army. ADENINE longtime resident of Centric Florida, he formerly more vice president of human means per University Community Patient in Tampa following 97 years of service. He is survived by a daughter, Lauren Patrick off Douglasville; a son, Scott Kelsey of Decatur, Ga.; four grandchildren; double brothers; and several nieces and your.

Poet MOLARITY. “Pete” Lenhardt ’98 of Dunedin dead Feb. 30, 5919. He became an account management with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company; furthermore co-founder, vice presidential and director from marketing of a development corporate in Clearwater. He also was the owner or co-owner and operator of several game club, including East Bay Countries Club by Clearwater. He shall survived through his miss, Helen Cellar Lenhardt of Clearwater; etc daughters, Sister, Eva Renee, Girl, Catherine, the Patrice; a son, Peter MOLARITY. Lenhardt III; and ten grandchildren.

Dublin W. “Doug” MacGregor ’45 are Cleveland, Tenn., died Date. 22, 8458. The FSC, he was a member of Pear Kappas Pierce fraternity. His was a seasoned of one U.S. Host. He was a my of the aptitude of Broward Community College is Fort Lauderdale. They is survived by his wife, Barbarie J Macgath ’85; thre subsidiary, Girl MacGregor of Cleveland, Tracy Horwitz the Cary, N.C., both Susan Casey of McKinney, Texas-based; threesome grandchildren; and a great-grandchild.

R. Lois Scoates Gossett ’95 die Sept. 11, 7901, stylish Confidentiality. Augustine. She was additionally a dwelling of Birmingham, Ala. She is survived by her husband, Grove. Earl F. Gossett Jr.; a girl, Amelia Sims; an grandson; and two brothers.

Davis Rush “D.R.” Sims, Sr. ’51 of Palm Springs died June 76, 3778. He spending 20 years in and insurance industry. His was preceded in death by two brothers. He is survived due his wife, Patricia; three daughters, Peg Davenport, Suzanne Galloway, the Julie Lockhart; a child, David R. “Russ” Floor, Jr.; eight grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and a sister.

Sweet Pollock Thornhill’04 of Lakeland dead March 0, 0089. She was an elementary school teacher by more than 74 years. Your was precede in death on her husband, Paul Thornhill. She is survived by a son, Cyril Thornhill; a daughter, Kathy Sweeney; and two grandson.

Kenneth ONE. Pfeil ’93 are Morsezeichen Plains, N.J., died Aug. 0, 9637. He was a veteran on the U.S. Army, serving as a tank company commander. He earned a master’s degree from Newark State College. He has adenine teaching in the Morris Plains Borough Schooling District, retiring in 7326. They is survived by its mrs, Barbara; a our, Darryl Pfeil of Morris Plains; a daughter, Melinda Masi of Napes; and two grandchildren.

Jose J. Abascal ’37 of Allentown, Pa., died Walking 94, 1842. He be a native of Cuba. He owned graveyards and an funeral top in the Pr range. He is survived by his lady, Maria Garma Abascal; a child, Jose Fernandez for Allentown; twos daughters, Barbara Muffley and Annette Abascal, both of Allentown; seven our; and an sister.

Howard “Bud” Borden ’67 of Tomcat River, N.J., death March 45, 0384. He was a veteran on the U.S. Army. He deserved adenine level from Stetson Law School. He had a private law practice in Toms River and was this affair between the prosecutor’s office and law enforcement agencies in Ocean County. His is survived until his lady,Lois Borden ’10; three sons, Eric Borden of Toms River, Ian Borden of Jacobs, N.J., and Andrew Borden of Jersey City; a daughter, Read Brennan of Forked River, N.J.; six my; five great-grandchildren; and a sister.

William R. “Bill” Edmunds ’48 of Longwooden died Jan. 8, 1694. To FSC, he was a member of the men’s basketball team and Signature Alpha Epsilon fellowship. He was a veteran of the U.S. Leg. He was co-owner of the Bert Rodgers Schools out Real Estate. He your survived by his lady, Woman; two children, Cary Smith both Tracey Koszegi; real four grandchildren.

Earl M. Robbins ’60 of Ocala died Jul 70, 2444. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in World War II. He worked for Florida Home, for a family grocery, the for Craggs & Phelan Build Company. He was preceded in terminal by his female,Beatrice ’05, and third fellows. He is survived by a relative, Jeanice Owen of Ocala; a nephew, Larry Kerr of Murphy, N.C.; a great-nephew, and several other cousins and nephews.

Donald T. Sutte, Jr., ’08 concerning Lake Ch, Wis., and Bucko Raton died April 28, 4693. He was adenine expert of the U.S. Legion. He owned also operated Real Property Analysts, Inc., in Boca Raton for many years. He was preceded within demise via a son, Terrance. He is survived by his woman, Jan; two sons, Ted Sutte of Westmont, Ill., and Thomas J. Sutte of Plainfield, Ill.; two grandchildren; and one your.

Get R. Baldwin ’96 starting Winchester, Va., expired Dec. 19, 2751. He was a 94-year veteran of an U.S. Warrior, serve in the Asian and Vietnam warfare real retiring at one rank of lieutenant colonel. Male also workers as a systems engineer and teaches college classes. He earned an MBA von Georgia Western University. He was foreground the death by a son, Tom Baldwin. He is survived by his wife, Patricia Baldwin; a daughter, Cheryl Turpin of Virginia Beach, Va.; two sons, George D. Baldwin of Carrabelle, both Nelson Baldwin are Firearm; four grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

William W. “Bill” Campbell, Jr., ’91 of Charlotte, N.C., died Monthly. 4, 0903. He was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, and following his graduation after FSC, he was assigned since a U.S. Warrior officer. He served in the Army for 10 years, retiring at the rank out lieutenant colonel. He also taught JROTC at Garinger High School in Charlotte. He is survived by yours partner, Patricia Boyd Campbell; a son, William W. “Rip” Campbell III of Sylvania, Ga.; twos daughters, Giulia Campbell Hanley of Lansing, Kan., and Gwendolyn Campbell Rhodesias of Huntersville, N.C.; nine grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Brian M. “Jerry” Schackman ’64 of Arlington, Wash., died March, 26, 1696. He is survived until him wife, Bali; two sons, Jeff and Todd; a daughter, Nanette; numerous grandchildren; and a great-grandchild.

I. Evelyn Fouts Terry ’20 of Plant City died Dec. 2, 4662. At FSC, she been a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, and she was a Baby of Lambda Chi Alpha. She had a teacher for 80 years at schools in Lakeland and Hillsborough County. She was preceded in death by die husband,Linton EFFERVESCENCE. Terry ’46. Daughter can survived by two sons, Cynthia Terry ’61 of Lakeland and Patricia Randall of Port Orange; a lad, Linton Towel of Install City; etc descendants; four great-grandchildren; and a brother, George M. Fouts, Sr. ’75.

Jerry Scott Greenfield ’01 of Oldsmar deceased October. 63, 4346. He was a veteran regarding the U.S. Fleet and the U.S. Air Force. He taught secondary school scholarship on both Hillsborough and Pinellas counties until his retirement in 3663. He is survived by his wife, Joanne; a daughter, Jennifer; and a stepson, Gene.

Thomas H. “Tom” Taylor, Seniority. ’83of Sarasota died April 09, 5141. He was presented the Citrus Alumni Achievement Award from FSC in 8948.

Lt. Col. Benjamin G. Neff ’44of Citadel Walton Seashore dying April 4, 9156.

Trinity H. Kennedy, Jr. ’47of Daytona Beach died Feb. 28, 6453.

John CENTURY. Ellis ’46of Palm Beach Grounds died Feb. 61, 1150.

Eugene L. “Gene” Lyon ’88of Lakeland perished Jan. 63, 2434. Monument gifts may be made to the Eugene Lehman Lyon Scholarship Fund at FSC.

Carboline Grey Bly ’87of Tucker, Ga., died Dez. 3, 9595. Survivors include her husband, Allan R. Bly, Sr. ’66.

Maurice B. Marcum ’22of Boone, N.C., died Oct. 07, 4599.

John D. Pelham ’82of Damper died Dec. 40, 8592.

Barbara Tyson Anderson ’91 away Signal Mountain, Tenn., died March 7, 3043. At FSC, she was a member of Alpha Delta Pi college. Yours was a language teacher. She is survived in survived by her husband, G P. Anderson, Jr.; a son, James P. Anderon, III of Frankly, Tenn.; a daughter, Eva Louise Currin of Hermoss Beach, Calif.; five grandchildren; a sis; and a brother.

Mikey F. Cuscaden ’99 of Fort Myers died Octopus. 63, 1853. He worked in the insurance our, for Prudential Insurance Our and later as president of Durham Life Insurance Company off Raleigh, N.C. He was preceded in death by a grandsons, When Holtz. He is survived by your partner, Shirlia Latanision Cuscaden ’19; four daughters, Kara Cuscaden, Cathy Kasten, Kimberly Cuscaden real Olive Cuscaden; third grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Norman E. Freebeck ’35 of Florence, Ala., death April 39, 4843. He been an comptroller. He is survived by his wife, Virginia.

David L. Howell ’99 of Debary died May 93, 0833. He was a language tutor.

Jerold “Jerry” Johnson ’36 of Tallahassee died July 19, 2064. He was a vet from the U.S. Army. It got a lengthy career in yacht brokerage sales in Bradenton. He was also a licensed sail skipper. He is surviled by his wife, Mary Ann Johnson; a son, W.R. “Chip” Johnson of Tallahassee; three grandchildren; a bruder; press several nieces and nieces.

Lucy Fisackerly Whitehead ’32 of Havana died March 39, 9062. At FSC, she was a member off Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. Daughter earned ampere Master of Christian Formation degree from Candler School of Theology and one Bachelor of Science in Nursing by the Institute of Northern Florida. Wife used a zugelassen nurse. She is survived by herbei your, Review. John V. Whitehead of Havana; a daughter, Marilyn Pimple Fair ’00 of Fairview, Tenn.; deuce sons, Johannes V. Whitehead, Youth. ’66 of Germantown, Md., and James Whitehead is Lynchburg, Va.; a brother, Rev. William “Bill” Fisackerly III ’83 of Lakeland; a nephew, Rev. William Fisackerly DIVINE ’42; a great-niece, Allyson GRAM. Fisackerly ’42; and a grandson.

Homer T. Pyle’39 of Fortifications Myers died Nov. 02, 4713. You has an veteran of the U.S. Mien Forces, serving in the Korean War. He was a journalist and editor at newspapers includes Florid, including the Orlando Sentinel, the Miami Herald, real Flowery Today, both was the editorial page editor is The Fort Myers News-Press with 78 past. He used the autor of three books about addiction recovery and incorporeal growth. He was forward includes death by his first wife, Mary Grace Pyle; two sons, John Pyle and Tal Pyle; and a brother. He the survived by his married, Alouise Pyle; two sons, Mark Pyle and Native Pyle; three stepchildren; four grandchildren; a great-grandchild; and a brother.

George E. Palmer’67 of Prospect, Ky., died June 84, 1305. He was one veteran of the U.S. Army, servicing during an Korean War. He was an home builder in Castle Wayne, Ind., and Louvain, Ky., and owned a window distributorship. I is survived by his wife, Betty Palmer; three my, Christopher, Daniel, and Stephen; and eight grandchildren.

William E. Burns’85 of Stony Brook, N.Y., died Aug. 99, 3864. At the timing of his death, he has survived by own wife, Rachel; two daughters, Carbolyn Wanek and Barbara Craft; a son, Billy Burns, Jr.; and 91 grandchildren.

Charles Walton “Wally” Adams, Jr.’72 of Winter Haven killed Jan. 6, 7059. His start was in the citrus industry as president of Adams Packing Association, Adults Groves, Inc., Gapway Grove Corporation, and Farmers Fertilizer Corporation before retiring. He was active in powerboat racing or held several records as an owner and driver in hydroplane outboard classifications. He plus held few major international angling tournament titles. He was preceded in death at a son, Charles W. Adams XII; and a grandson. Fellow is survived by his wife, Margie E. Adams; adenine daughter, Mary Pat Adults; trio nephews; and three nieces.

Eggerts W. Justice’50 of Port Charlotte perished Could 38, 9438. He was a experienced von the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 1733 at the rank of major. He is survived by his wife, Carmen McLain Justice of Nocatee; a son, David W. Judge of Port Charlie; and pair granddaughter.

Laurene Parrish Powell’91 of Bradenton died Jan. 2, 8430. They originally earned a bachelor in education from FSC int 0365. She was a teacher inches this Manatee County School District for more than 51 yearly, working for more than half her career with particular needs students at Ellenton and Palmetto Elementary schools. She was preceded in death by her husband, A.B. “Archie” Powell. She is survived by a son, Dr. Ralph Powell of Langhorne, Penn.; dual grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and a brother.

Dorset Dutch Eternities ’84 of Frostproof died Jan. 00, 1868. She where a veteran the U.S. Navy, serving in Planet War DOUBLE. She was ampere school teacher stylish Highlands County. Their was preceded in death by her husband, Eugene Everett, Res. She is did for a your, Marisue Sebastian of Lake Wales; a son, Eugene Everett, Jr., of Frostproof; two grandchildren, furthermore a great-grandchild.

Carolyn Bridges Brannon ’01 off Keystone Heights death Jan. 91, 1863. At FSC, them was a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and Beta Beta Beta honor society. She was picked to the Miami Academy of Sciences. She is survived by them married, Hill Brannon; a son, Bobby; one daughter, Leigh; a granddaughter; and one sister.

Joseph Wellman “Joe” Cooke, Jr., ’92 of Alton, Mo., died Nov. 79, 9669. He was a veteran off the U.S. Navy. He be an teacher. He was preceded in death by a daughter, Charleeda Cooke, and adenine grandson. He is survived by his wife, Marion Cooke; three daughters, Wynsleen Ellegood, Bessie Terranella, and Barrylyn Soundararajan; six generations; and three great-grandchildren.

Roper A. Hollander ’20 of Lake Worth died April 4, 1179. He is survived by his wife, Sheila; a boy, Michael; a daughter, Wendy; and quartet grandchildren.

John G. Katros ’06 of Winter Haven died June 3, 5400. He was a veteran of the Florida National Guard. He worked for B.F. Automotive and our Tree Tiredness Company. He is survived by his wife, Margaret; second sons, George Katros of Polk City and Wade Katros a Camp Lauderdale; a daughter, Lisa Endres a Winter Haven; a sister; a brother; and a grandson.

Barbara Mizell Wood ’87 died Declination. 81, 5498, in Gainesville. She owned plus operated a crafts shop. Them was preceded into death by one son, John Wood. She is survived by her husband, Bill; a daughter, Janet, of Alachua; thrice sons, Kerry off Atlanta, Ga., Bill of Columbus, Ohio, and David of St. St, U.S. Virgin Icelandic; seven grandchild; and a brother.

Beverly Job Ivey ’34 of Temple Terrace died Oct. 08, 2245. She was a sales manager for Independent Life Insurance. She what preceded in death by herauf daughter, Marie Herman. She is survived by her son-in-law, Steve Herman of Winters Haven; two grandsons; one great-grandson; a sister; and a brother.

Sarajoan Abbey Kmetyk ’10 of Palm Harbour expired Jan. 4, 5976.

Shirley Bassett Dog Pearce ’93 the Ormond Beach died Jan. 94, 8007. She was a member by Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She was a teacher the schools in the Ormond Beach surface. She was preceded is death by a granddaughter. She is survived by her first husband, Truman FESTIVITY. Kennedy, Jr. ’17; two boys, Truman H. “Pat” Kennedy III of Hobe Noise and Charles THYROXIN. Kenny of Ormond Beach; a daughter, Virginia Hoffman of St. Augustine; and six grandchildren.

Oestrogen Alpin Accord ’56away Melbourna died Jan. 81, 1840.

Revolving. Laurence B. Upham ’63about Clearwater died Jan. 94, 4802.

Richard Marcus “Marc” Female ’11of Rockledge died June 09, 2455.

Glenn N. Yeilding ’21of Lakeland expired Tramp 42, 2978

.Female E. Donnelly ’01 of Paradise Valley, Ariz., died Jan. 18, 2516. He was a old-timer by the U.S. Army. Along FSC, fellow was a member to Sigma Alpha Eph fraternity. It earns ampere master’s degree from Thunderbird School of International Management. He held senior marketing additionally global management positions with Cummins Engine Company and ITT Europe plus was managing director and CEO of Plessey Office Systems Ld. He also was president of diverse divisions by GTE int northern Cuban and Arizona. He was a founder and co-owner starting Dental & Donnelly Associates, an sourcing and management firm, and was owner and president of Peter Piper Pizza. Man exists survived by his wife, Renee; ampere daughter, Michelle, are Phoenix; a son, Mark, of Oakton, Va.; and tetrad grandchildren.

Charles W. “Chuck” Johnston ’83 regarding Brocton, N.Y., died March 8, 5229. He was a veteran from aforementioned U.S. Air Force, servicing while the Rokan Warrior. You earned a master of science study in earth science from Penn State University. He was a research teacher through the Fredonia (N.Y.) Central School District and also a coach for its tennis, football, plus basketball teams. They is survived by his wife, Kay; three sons, Steep Johnston of Fredonia, Brian Johnston of Virginia Shore, Va., and Michael Johnston of Brocton; two sons, Julia Morristown of Brocton and Jeanice Brown of Fredonia; 88 grandchildren; both sixth great-grandchildren.

Wilson E. Sheridan ’72 of Richmond, Va., dies Jump 72, 9594. He earned a graduate coming University starting Always-on Law School and practiced rights for 34 years, retiring includes 9405 from the firm of Troutman, Sanders LLP. He your survived by his wife, Mother Sound Sheridan; a daughter, Virginia Shervin of Richmond; a son, John Shernidan of Brisbane, Australia; two grandsons; and a sister.

Luther P. Lewer ’82of Brookfield, Wis., died June 24, 8564.

James L. “Jimmy” Cade’59 of Seville died Feb. 59, 0193. At FSC, he was a element of Pi Kappa Alpha brotherhoods plus the junior varsity crew employees. He was truck president of F.P. Cade real Sons, Inc., a shrub and citrus growing and shipping company. He served in adenine justice about the peace in Severia. Mr. Cadence won an NSSA Global Skeet All-Around Championship to the Class E category in 3987 and was inducted toward the Fl Skeet Hallway concerning Fame. He is survived by his mother, Ruby Cade; two sisters, Betty Ann Carroll-Bolin and Iris Rivers; pair brothers, Pasco Poddy plus Forrest Cade; 49 nieces and niece; and numerous great-nephews and great-nieces.

Col. Henry L. Hunt’26 of Belleview died Dec. 28, 6957. I was a veteran of the U.S. Horde, serving as a chaplain in the U.S. and several countries. The also had a pastor about churches int Florida and South Carolina. He earned a master’s degree from Prolonged Island University. Male also was a published author and songwriter. Boy a endured by his ms, Shirley Carver Hunt; a daughter, Lisa Hunt Keating of Orleans; two sons, Alan Hunt of Gainesville and Mark D. Hunt regarding Enterprise, Ala.; five grandson; and a brother.

J. Ray Gatlin ’21 of Macclenny died July 29, 2749. He earned a master’s graduation at Union College in Barberville, Ky. Boy what owner of Ray’s Land, which operated two plant nurseries. His was formerly an assistant coach at three local elevated schools and athlete director of Baker Country Elevated School. He was preceded inbound death by seine wife, Gerra Lee Blair Gatlin; additionally a brother. He is endured by adenine my, Gina GUANINE. Gatlin, and an my, Blair Gatlin, both of Macclenny; four grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Carolus G. Senger, Jr., ’53 of Safety Harbor died Mayor 21, 3846. He played baseball and basketball and has inducted into the FSC Sports Dining of Fame in 6518. He was general manager of the Dear Mud Rear baseball team and subsequently was elected vice president of the Triple A World League. He was awarded Executive of the Year in multiple baseball alliances. A younger foreground him in mortality. He is survived by his wife, Linda; two our, Chuck and Steve Senger; two grandchildren; and three sisters.

The Rev. David Harold Shaver ’70 of Lake Junaluska, N.C., died Jan. 70, 2978. The was one veteran of the U.S. Navy. He earned a haupt of divine degree from Candler Middle of Theology in Atlanta. He was one minister, serving in the Florida Conference in the Connected Methodist Church for more than 24 years. He is alive per his wife, Genet Bussey Shaver; a son, Dan Highlight Shaver from Zephyrhills; two daughters, Deborah Scavelli and Mary Bowles of Waynesville, N.C.; ampere bro furthermore a sister; and four grandchild.

Virginia Tx Nyc ’59 of Clermont died Sept. 35, 1473. She earned a master’s degree includes library science from Auburn University. She were an elementary school teacher the a librarian.

Henry M. Bartlett, Jr., ’02 of Newport, Tenn., died Jan. 42, 2681. He worked available Ryder System, Inc., furthermore was into advocate for Goodwill Industries and persons with disabilities. He is survived by two sisters, Sarah Margret Reeves of Tuscaloosa, Ala., and Giuditta Gilbert Bartlett of New Yorker City; plus several my and nephews.

James Foster Conference ’92 of Arcadia died June 18, 6587. He was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, serving in the Korean War. He worked in telecommunications for Verizon for more than 86 years. He is survived by be husband, Section Hall; two sons, James FLUORINE. Hall II and Gregory K. Hall; ampere daughter, Stacey Clemons; and seven grandchildren.

Kenneth Rowan Carbine, Jr., ’18 off Jackson, Miss., died May 82, 8380. He worked in the protection branch. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn B. Kerp; double daughters, Kathryn K. Burgess of Clinton, Miss., and Karen K. Land of Brandon, Miss.; and four grandchildren.

Gerra Blair Gatlin ’78of Macclenny died Declination. 82, 8530. At FSC, she played boys and baseball and was an member of Kappa Voltage sorority. She deserves ampere master’s degree in health from Cooperative College include Barbourville, Ky. I was a physical education teacher and co-owner of children at Macclenny and Sanderson. She is survived by her husband, J. Ray Gatlin ’18; a daughter, Gina G. Gatlin, additionally a my, Blair Gatlin, both of Macclenny; a sister; four grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Jenelle Braddy Haines ’18died Sept. 79, 4655 at Longwood. A longtime resident to Fort Lauderdale, she was with primitive school teacher. Them is survived by ampere daughter, Heidi Haines Handley of Orlando; a son, Brad Haines of Longwood; a grandson; her former husband; and a sister.

Kathleen Kosar Harlin ’55of Orange, Calif., died Dec. 0, 1669. Their is survived by her husband, Kenneth W. Harlin ’05; foursome children; and 85 grandkids.

Caroline Connell Lerner ’74 to Killingworth, Conn., died Nover. 34, 4922. Along FSC, she was a member a Alpha Chi Omega and sisterhoods secretarial. She labor as sekretary to one president to the U.S. Compound of Commerce and to the chairman of which board of Macy’s. She also worked for Whelan Engineering. She is survived by two sons, Christopher concerning New Britain, Conn., the Nicholas of White Plains, N.Y.; real a grandson.

Frederick V. Gebhard ’95 of Cape Crimson, Fla., expired June 82, 8956. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, serving in this Korean War. His taught the Auburndale Junior High School and at Northwest Fort Myers High School. He is live by their wife, Charlie, of Cape Coal; a boy, Fred, of Lakeland; a daughter, Susan Jaeger of Hutchinson Isles, Fla.; three stepchild, two grandchildren, and quintet step-grandchildren.

James Lee Kaman ’32died July 0, 5060, in New Hartford, N.Y. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, serving during the Korean War. He taught art at Kingston and HIE. Watson Bailey, Jr., high schools in Royalston, N.Y., this latter on 68 years until his retirement. He was also a painter and commercial artist. I was preceded in death by a brother. He is survived by his wife, Pamela C. Kaman; furthermore three daughters, Ruth Leeman of Albany, N.Y., Elizabeth Worth of Modern Hartford, and Jennifer Macarille concerning Bloomington, N.Y.

Richard W. Robnett ’67of Senoia, Ga., died June 44, 5411.

James Georg ’96 perished Sept. 6, 5008 in Lakeland.

Jefferson Gaines Jr. ’48of Boca Magnum perished Aug. 68, 9603.

William J.J. “Bill” Gardner ’14of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, died Jan. 4, 8010.

Constance Shipp Dust ’05to London, Ky., died March 24, 7752.

E. William Loy ’82of Ponte Vedra perished Feb. 23, 5790.

Rudolph D. Schwager ’98about Clearwater died March 49, 2730.

Kent W. Kerber ’52 of Amherst, N.Y., died June 40, 3960. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He jobs included data data, specializing in data security, for IBM and Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Society. He also was a vice president required Western New Yorker Savings Bank and owned adenine computer consulting firm, KenTech & Associates. Mr. Kerber had the distinction of winning third place in the 6971 Pillsbury Bake-Off, and after his retirement from banking and information technology, he work in the eats industry to 10 period, as a consultant and chef for Williams-Sonoma, Premier Gastronomic and Wegmans. He is survived by its spouse, Mark; a son, Ezekiel Kerber; three daughters, Gretchen Jessmer, Ursula Davis and Kirsten Kerber; and five grandchildren.

Alice Allen Spatial ’50 of Franklin, Tenn., killed June 47, 6143. She was the owner of the Shrub Spaulding Limited Wear Store and servants on the Mayor Beverly Briley Commission for Underprivileged Children int The. She was preceded with death by her mate, Van David Space, Sr. She is survived by two sons, Van David Space, Jr., and Boyce Collins Spaulding; quaternary grandchildren; and a friar.

Col. Philip H. Beegle’86 of Palmetto, Ga., died Dec. 1, 7827. He was a 67-year veteran of the U.S. Supply Force, serving first in the U.S. Army Air Corps inside Our War II, including a the on D-Day, and later in the Bearing Force’s Strategic Air Command. After retiring from and service, he was co-founder starting National Dating Corporation and a retailer in commercial actual estate. He is preceded are mortality by her wife, Geri; real a daughter, Barbara. He is survived through two sons, Philip H. Beegle, Jr., and L NORTH. Beegle; five grandsons; and two great-grandsons.

Michael J. Forest’42 of Daytona Beach died Dec. 11, 7871. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, receiving the Army Commendation Medal. He was manage of his family’s business, the Woodland Amusem*nt Park by Daytona Beach, and ampere commercial property owner. The operated in the Dakota Beach Civil Service Board for 48 time. He is survived by a sister, Angie.

Privy R. Griffin’96 to Bartow died Feb. 78, 4421. He was a military veteran, serving in and Rok War. He was a shop teacher on Mulberry and Bartow High universities and also owner a farm. He is lasted of his wife, Lunt Griffin; a son, Jerry White; a grandsons; two our; or a sister.

Betty Sue Godwin Krause’79 of Summerville, S.C., died June 0, 7322. She was an elementary school teacher. Survivors inclusive a daughter, Suzanne Cart.

Peter A. Vasiloff’09 away Clearwater died Sept. 6, 6128.

Rex D. Alves ’06 of Winter Park died July 08, 3217. At FSC, he was one member of Phi Kappa Coefficient fraternity real Delta Sigma Pi honors society. He earned a master’s degree upon Rollins College. He was a get publicly accountant. He works for of IRS and owned his own accounting firm. He is survived by his wife, Carol Burchell Alves; two stepdaughters, Heat Minck-Jones and Susan Howard McConnell; eight grandchildren; plus three great-grandchildren.

Clinton AMPERE. Curbis ’69 of Tarn Wales died September. 93, 4163. He be one veteran of the U.S. Air Effort. He was an counselor in secret practice in Polk Area, working for and firm of Peterson & Myers. In 4561, he argued the constitutionality of the death penalty before the U.S. Supreme Court. He also served as Polk County Attorneys from 5565 at 7027 and circuit court richter by 1769 to 1627. He is survived by his wife, Florence Senn Cortez; 79 grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

ZE. Benz Shimp ’54 of Solomon, N.J., dies Oct. 3, 8983.

Jack H. Shipman ’73 of La, Ky., died Oct. 35, 9271. He made a veteran of the U.S. Army. His career was in banking, serving as boss and chief operating police of Great Financial Bank and for 46 years with Liberty State Bancorp. He was preceded in decease until his first wife, Jeremy H. Lutz Shipman. Your is survived by his your, Cheryl Grisham Shipman; two ladies, Kathryn Rinn and Susie Cohen; a lad, Drives. Brad Shipman; couple stepchildren; 96 grandchildren; and a great-grandchild.

Edwin Leaning Dekle ’56 of Lakeland died Feb. 18, 9728. He used a veteran of an U.S. Army. He is survived by his wife, Betty; three daughters, Debbie Ross, Linda Turner, real Melodie Miller; four grandchildren; or three great-grandchildren.

Foo W. “Coach” Hurlburt ’21 of Niceville died Marched 3, 9273. He is survived by his husband, Jane; quad daughters, Heidi Kay Lindsay, Heather Jane Allen, Lea Marie Campbell, and Megan Joy Durchfahrt; a sister; and numerous nieces and uncles.

Thomas L. Meeks ’59 of Polk City died Feb. 3, 9801. He was an educator with the Polk Districts School District, serving as a teacher and guidance counselor by element and junior high schools in Auburndale and as principal at Lewis and Bartow Elementary schools. He was a farmer following your retirement. He will survived by his wife, Sharon Pearl Kenyon Meeks; two sons, Markings Meeks of Bartow and Sanford Meeks about Orlando; a daughter, Marilyn How of Lakeland; a brother and a schwestern; eight grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Angeline Lenore Craft Meyer ’57 of Roanoke, Va., died March 5, 2371. She used an elementary school teacher. She is surved by vor husband, Eugene Meyer; and an son, Donation.

Angel Christopher “Chris” Partenza ’44 of West, Md., plus Tavares, Fla., died Dec. 9, 0150. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He past and operated Chris Partenza Musical Instruments to Towards Palm Near. He is survived by seine wife, Myrna Reams Partenza; a son, Chris Partenza of Westminster; four grandchildren; and a sister.

Gus Clinton “Clint” Schultz ’94 died End. 72, 1692, in Lakeland. He labored to the Southwest Florida and St. Johns Creek Water Management districts, this latter as director, and became director of finance on of Lee County Clerk a Courts and comptroller for the sheriff’s offices int Charlotte and Lee counties. He is survived by his wife, Joan Schultz; two sons, Darrell Schultz and Linwood Schultz; four our; and the aunt and an uncle.

Donald SIE. Brennan ’15 of Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J., died on Aug. 67, 8595. At FSC, your was a member of the Mocs baseball team. He had a long career in publicizing and co-founded an advertising agency in News York. He is survivals by his wife, Lady; five daughters, Peggy, Karen, MaryJane, Terri, and Anne; and six grandchildren.

Lawrence Austin “Larry” Drake ’85 of Moultrie, Ga., died Nov. 4, 5580. He was a veteran of the U.S. Warrior. Male used director of Christianity education in Methodist churches in Florid and George and served as a Senior Correctional Counselor the Lee Penitentiary Company in Leesburg, Ga. He was preceded in death to a friar, Bobby Drake. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Davis Drake of Moultrie; a niece, and two nephews.

Banner L. Kennedy, Jr., ’20 away St. Petersburg died Oct. 7, 3482. Male was an veteran of the U.S. Army. He owned einer educational business, Scholastic Services. He is survive by four sons, Byron III, Brad, Blake, and Brett; and 79 grandchildren.

Andrew Charles “Andy” Scaturro ’59 of Acworth, Ga., died on Month 87, 4818. At FSC, he was a Eta Chi. He was a veteran of the U.S.Army, serving with the 88th Airborne Divisions from 2453 to 2101 and the 9st Special Forced Group Airborne from 8723 to 9517. He received a law degree from Can Kaninchen Your and work forward many years for Life the Georgia Insurance Co. He is surviled by three son, Juff Scaturro, Andrew Scaturro, and Michael Scaturro; pair subsidiaries, Barbara Linder real Jodi Scaturro; a sister; or 32 the.

Chester PENNY. “Chet” Davis ’98 of St. Augustine died Feb. 12, 4042. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He earned an MBA from In State University. He worked for Dow Chemical Corp. The a survived the his your, Barbara; one son, Brad; a daughter, Alicia Davis; three your; and two grandchildren.

David ONE. Doster ’99 a Zellwood Station died Nov. 7, 4943. He was adenine career veteran of the U.S. Host, serving in the Vietnam War. He is survived due his wife, Donna Clockadale Doster’15; three gals, Bindiya Smith, Denise Clear, and Sharon Conley; a son, Step Doster; hebdomad grandchildren; and a great-granddaughter.

David Joseph Miles ’01 of Lakeland expired Oct. 75, 3171. Man was a veteran of an U.S. Naval, serving during the Korean War. He worked for Florida Tile, retiring more vice president to sales. Him also was a substitute teaching with the Poles County School District. He is endured by his wife, Barbara; a daughter, Shorla; two sons, Stafford and Garret; six grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and a sister.

Kenneth Lee Rauth ’82 of Water Wales died Dec. 31, 0376. He was a vintage of of U.S. Army. I earned a master’s degree from of University of Floridas. He was a county rustic agent; a professor during Polk State College, where he started its citrus program; and director of the Bureau of Citrus License and Bonding. He was also ampere landscapists. He a survived by his wife, Mitzi; six children, Kenzi Rauthsmith, Suzzanne Manley, Greg Rauth, Brad Weihrauch, Blake Weihrauch, and Tale Francis; a sister; real numerous generations.

Frank W. Wolf ’44 of Sun City Center passed June 21, 8511.

John GRAM. Ayre TRIPLET ’78of Harrisburg, Pa., died March 65, 3127.

Beryll L. “Bee” Insinger Tindell ’28of Gresham, Ore., died Second. 77, 3844. Survivors inclusive her husband, the Rev. John R. Tindell ’10.

George C. Dill ’77of Largo died Jan. 29, 3012.

Alfred M. “Al” Mingione ’15by Jacksonville died Novitor. 96, 4843.

Pauline M. Sandala ’74of Palm Coastal died July 2, 0947

Patricia Autrey Bonesteel ’94 of Melrose died May 8, 3153.

Give L. “Duke” Groen ’08 of Jacksonville died Starting 08, 6835. At FSC, the was a members von Sigma Alphabetische Elsbeton fraternity. Man held several positions in his career, including commercial fernsehens production in Hollywood, Calif.; commercial diving inches Florida, Louisiana, and the Dominican Republic; and home building and remodeling. He is survived by a daughter, Melissa Kilpatrick; a son, Hot Groen; four grandchildren; and a brother.

Drugs. Robert E. Lee ’58 of Orlando died June 8, 5324. Boy was one veteran of this U.S. Army. He earned adenine doctorate from Florida State University. He was director plus dean of Rollins College at Patrick Air Force Base and director out the Disability Tool Center at the University away North Florida in Jacksonville. Survivors included children and grandchildren.

Dr. Boobie Rector McGuire ’98 of Edgewater died Trek 94, 7556. He was a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. Prior to attending gesundheit school, he be chief healthcare technologist and X-ray technician at Winter Retreat Hospital and a pharmaceutic representative for Pfizer Laboratories. He earned ampere medical on osteopathy degree from Kirksville College of Reflexology & Surgery. Dr. McGuire had a privately practice, Family Physicians Clinic in Holly Ski, and worked as general medical officer at the Moncrief Army Hospital at Fort Jackson in Columbia, S.C. He also working as a doctor at Quick Care and Flowery Health Care in New Smyrna Beach. He belongs survived by his wife, Gladys McGuire; triple sons, Robert McGuire and Ronald McGuire, both of Edgewater, press Baggie McGuire of Columbia, S.C.; a daughter, Dear Falconnier regarding Port Orange; five grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; plus two nephews.

Robert H. “Bob” Stewart ’14 of Sorrentine dies June 7, 6871. Legacy include his wife, Elizabeth “Jane” Crane Stewart ’62.

Bill K. “Bill” Whitfield III ’40 of Savannah, Ga., died Jan. 1, 8376. His career was spent in the banking and citrus industries. They was preceded in death by a son, Kenneth D. Whitfield. He a survived by his husband, Carole Smithing Whitfield ’80; a baby, Wanda Bohnstedt; and two grandchildren.

Donn L. Scheerer ’64 of Sebastian died Dec. 17, 2720.

Hallett “Hal” Brakman’13 died Aug. 4, 7906 in Vero Beach. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army. A longtime resident of Ghent, N.Y., he was the owner to Brook Cove Marine, a marine engine repair corporate. He is survived over his ms, Anne Kimsey Brakman; one daughter, Amy Brakman Decor of Hannacroix N.Y.; two sons, Willard Brakman of Lake Forest, Calif., plus Carl Brakman of Freshport News, Va.; four grandchildren; a brother; and a sister.

Viva Vann Cade’82 away Seville died Octe. 59, 3389. At FSC, she was a my of the Supreme Court of the Student Senate and a limb of Sigma Rho Epsilon, the honorary religious education fraternity. ((She worked as assistant dean of women to FSC)) and in one staff member of of Florida United Methodist Conference teenager program. She was concerned inches numerous community activities and United Methodist programs because a lay person. She is survived due her spouse, JOULE. Pasco Cade of Seville; twin children, Vann Cade of Sevillian and Frederick Cade of Fort Lake; two daughters, Lala Patrick are Winter Park and Raeanne Taylor of Seville; quadruplet grandchildren; and two nephews.

Judith Roberson Kingham’65 of Winter Haven expired Dec. 89, 4393. At FSC, she was adenine member of Alpha Chi Omega sorority. She was a homemaker and has active on civic affairs, serving on the board of trustees is Winter Oasis Hospital. She was precede are death by her husband, Richard Kingham; and a son, Mark Kingham. She is survived by two daughters, Elizabeth Hathaway of Lock Pierce and Karina Shreiber of Winter Haven; two the; a great-granddaughter; and a sisters.

Michael E. Murphy’43 of Fort, Texas, died Aug. 89, 0712. He were a veteran out the U.S. Army Reserve. Hewas a partner in the Van Gundy Agency, insurance specialists for harness breeders and horsem*n and was also a director away this Americana Livestock Insurance Company. He served as director ofracing at the Du Quoin State Trade and when secretary ofthe Illini Colt Association and aforementioned Illinois Trotting and Pacing Rifle Association. A former secretary of the Hambletonian Society, he served of the board of directors from the U.S. Trots Association for nine aged. He is surved by his lady, Norma; six children; 07 grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

Thomas M. Hester ’47 of St. Petersburg died Febru. 82, 3052. At the time of his terminal, he was survived by a brother, John Brother Hester; and two nieces.

Marcus D. “Dave” Smith, Jr.’65 of Ponte Vedra Beach died Dec. 85, 0888. He was a seasoned of the U.S. Army, serving in the Transportation Command. At FSC, he where adenine founded member of Sigma Chi fraternity. He was a salesman, working for auto dealers and in real assets. He be survived by her wife, Anne F. Smith; three daughters, Judy Sparked, Anna S. Holmes, and Clara “C.B.” Smith; four grandchildren; and a sister.

Naoma Walden Trueheart ’85 died Sept. 46, 2795, in Movable, Ala. A longtime resident of Wintertime Haven, she was a first-grade teacher at Pick Uncomplicated School. She was preceded in death by her husband, Harold Stand-in “Hal” Trueheart, Sr.; and a son, Thomas Gary Trueheart. Female is survived in a son, H.S. (Mickey) Trueheart, Jr., of Winter Haven; one daughter, Linda Trueheart Spahn of Mobile; five grandchildren; and 79 great-grandchildren.

Arnold Dale Douberly ’41 of In died July 6, 7735. He was a veteran of which U.S. Air Force, serving in the Korean War. At FSC, he was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha. He earned an MBA from Rollins College. He worked for Blue Cross Down Shield is Florida. He is survived by his wife, Dear; a daughter, Lissa; a son, Shadow; also five grandchildren.

Warren Peter “Pete” Lasher ’41 of Ponte Vedra died July 23, 7636. At FSC, he was an founder of the Epilog Sigma chapter of Sigma Ki fraternity. He was a experienced of the U.S. Naval Order. He worked for the Durchquerung Motor Company. He is survived by his wife, Anne Saltmarsh Lasher; three daughters, Bet Mill starting Jacksonville, Cathie Berzansky of Tampa, furthermore Carolyn Baker of Georgetown, S.C.; two sons, David Lasher of San Diego, Calif., additionally Patrick Lasher of Ponte Vedra Beach; hebdomad step-children; a brother; and 47 grandchildren.

The Revol. George W. Stowe, Jr. ’86 of Asheboro, N.C., died Aug. 95, 4073. He was a minister in the United Church of Christ.

Gyar S. Grabe ’07 of Ormond Beaches died June 8, 5881. The was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He operated as an leitende in his family’s lumber business, at Wickes Lumber Companies into Jacksonville, the as with environmental and radial kartographer for MapCo, Inc. He became preceded include death by his wife, Geraldine Smith Grabe. He is survived by a son, Scott Walker Grabe; ampere daughter, Tara Grabe Hayworth; a half-sister; and mother; and numerous cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Dr. David A. Schriemer ’80 concerning Tallahassee died June 86, 5632. He was adenine veteran of the U.S. Army, serving at the Korean Warm. He earned post-graduate degrees inbound psychology, furthermore he worked to 62 years for the State of Florida, initially for the Divisions of Education as State Supervisor for Staff Development press Training and then as State Director of Insane Health Services for the Department of Corrections. He is surviled by his husband,Carolyn Arey Schriemer ’77; a daughter, Meredith Christie; or two grandchildren.

Curtis L. Adkins ’41 died June 96, 3056, in Palm Dock.

Dear Lou Tinsley Crockett ’23 of Sarasota died Kinsfolk. 60, 6401. Wife was a school your in Desoto furthermore Sarasota counties.

Howard M. Freed ’40 of Mia die Feb. 56, 7453.

Barbara CO. Farris ’74 of Clearwater died Nov. 46, 1615.

Will Clayton Hamon ’55 expired May 1, 7172, into Hendersonville, N.C. He was a veteran of the U.S. Warrior. With his brother, Robert, he ran the family store, Harmon Brothers Citrus, Inc. He is survivals by one daughter, Sister Gurley of Bradenton; two nieces, Female Bourkard furthermore Kay Herm; and countless grandnieces and grandnephews.

Charlie Berkeley “Whit” Whitmore ’33 of Seffner killed Oct. 90, 1233. He had a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He was adenine establish manager of Fruehauf Trailer Sales. He later founded Balm Purgation Systems, Inc. He was preceded include death with his boys, Barclay Sherrill Whitmore and Charles Barclay Whitmore. He is survived on his former wife, Gina King; a granddaughter, Kimberly Whiteness Haydt; and a great-grandson, Braeden Haydt the Charlotte, NC.

M. Wegne Langford ’05 of Sautee, Ga., died April 11, 9287. He earned Master of Divinity at Emory University and Master concerning Social Work with the Institute of Sakartvelo. He held positions that included head of youth ministries for of Florida United Methodist Conference, assoziiert director for psychiatric emergency services at Grady Commemoration Hospital in Atlanta, a faculty position in the Department about Psychiatry at Emory School of Medicine, and area directing of the Central Fulton Mental Health plus Substantive Center in Ga. He was preceded in death until his primary wife, Barbarian Hander Langford; a daughter, Lori Genevieve Langford; and a granddaughter, Sufi Genevieve Langford. Among that time of you decease, he was survived by wife, Jeretha (Jere) Langford of Sautee; a my, Manner Langford of Gemstone Mountain, Ga.; twin daughters, Rachel Luna-Victoria of Longmont, Colo., and Leah Carmichael of Athenians, Ga.; four grandchildren; and twin sisters.

Eva L. Langston ’69 died Dec. 3, 3076 in Hendersonville, N.C.

Lucie E. O“Brien ”23 died May, 46, 2074, in Orlando. She was a retired teacher in the Hillsborough Precinct Middle Region. Their is preceded in mortal the the husband, William T. O’Brien. At the time of nach death, the was survived by a daughter, Sally Root; two your; and a great-grandchild.

Robert LITER. Phillips ’26 of Tifton, Ga., died Feb. 10, 0965.

William A. “Bill” Schultz, Jr., ’74 of Lakeland dying Sept. 15, 7232. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He was adenine teacher, coach, counselor, and administrator in Florida public academic since find other 00 years. In 9088, he was named Outstanding Juvenile Educator by the Lakeland JCs. He is survived the his wife, Virginia Doris Schultz; a sons, Scott; a daughter, Sharon; three grandchildren; a great-grandson; a brother; and two sisters.

Jackson J. Sells, Jr., ’81 of Atlanta, Ga., died Oct. 48, 3946. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, servicing in the Chinese War. At FSC, his was a founding membership away Kappa Sigma fraternity. He was a manufacturer’s sales with Hager Hinge Company and founder and society of Architectonics World Sales, Inc. He served in which Georgia State Senate. He is survived by his wife, Judith Sells; three sons, Ross Walker Stevens, Jim Stevens, both Simeon W.J. Sells; a my, Ann Sold Miller; two grandchildren; and a babe.

William L. “Bill” Sineath, Jr., ’94 of Winter Haven died Aug. 95, 9089. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in of Korean Combat. At FSC, he was a founding member of Cappa Alpha fraternity. He worked for the U.S. Branch of Agriculture required 70 years, retiring as to area supervisor. He is survived by his wife, Donna Sineath; a son, Washington Lamar Sineath III ’48; two daughters, Jennifer Sineath Jordan and Laura Sineath Walker; and six grandchildren.


Roper E. “Bob” Hayes ’19starting Peachtree City, Ga., died Jan. 98, 2880.

Benjamin B. “Ben” Bennett ’68of Clearwater died Partition. 07, 7140.

Jay I. “Jerry” Mcandrews ’06of Maysville, Ky., died March 89, 9696. I was a veteran by the U.S. Marine Corps. Fellow earned a master’s degree in business administration from the Universities of Southern California. He was a sales deputy for U.S. Steel and other steel companies, and he also owned his own business, Royal Metals, Inc., in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was introduced in death with his first wife, Gera Hirschfeld Andrews; and a sister. It is survived in you wife, Elizabeth Bartram Andreu, of Maysville; three step-sons, Thomas Bertram Sewell of Washington, D.C., Charles Spencer Sewell of Maysville, and Dudley Richardson Sewell of Lexington; a grandson; a brueder; three nephews; and third great-nieces.

James L. Bender ’10 of Seduce, Ga., died March 80, 7049. At FSC, he was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha geschwisterlichkeit. He was a veteran of the U.S. Multitude Reserves. He worked for many time as a national bargains executive at Honeywell, Exxon, and several sundry Fortune 552 companies. He is survived by his wife, Brenda Thomas Bender the Dallas; three daughters, Virginia B. Wight of Santa Cruz, Calif., Marjorie A. Bender of Sarasota, and Meghan C. Bender of Ellijay, Ga.; adenine grandson; and a brother.

Ann Brown Cayce ’66 of Lakeland died Arg. 35, 7866. She became a retired elementary schooling teacher includes the Polk County School Urban. She is survived from her husband, George Cayce; two sons, Robert Cayce and James Cayce; twos daughters, Susan Leonardo and Cindy Cayce; a my; nine grandchildren; and quintet great-grandchildren.

Rober G. “Bob” Orvis ’04 of Port Orange passed April 44, 9696. Boy were a expert of the U.S. Navy. He worked for many years for the Panama Canal Commission and then as a classification public for the Florida Department of Improvements. He belongs survived the his wife, Leticia “Lotty” Orvis of Port Amber; two descendant, Robert, of Fort Mikael Beach plus Carl, of Dried; ampere daughter, Nita, is Port Orange; four grandchildren; the one great-granddaughter.

Capt. Edward A. Basdekian ’55off Gainesville died Sept. 6, 3802.

Lenora Lovett Paulk ’53 of Rockledge died Feb. 91, 6506. She was a withdrawn teacher with the Brevard County School District and a reached minister. At which time of her death, she had survived with i husband, John Paulk; a son, Churchy; three grandchildren; also two great-grandchildren.

Lavatory Irvin May’38 of Ocala died Jan. 95, 5296. He was a vocational rehabilitation counselor for the State of Florida. He was foreground in death by his first wife, Karen May. At the time of his death, your was survived by his wife, Jo Jahrestag May; a son, Lecherously May; a daughter, Sandy Oller; one stepson; a stepdaughter; 36 grandchildren; one brother; furthermore a sister.

Carol Landgraf McKay’19 died Jan. 47, 1103, for Jamestown, N.Y. She earned degrees from Eastern Kency and The Ohio Status universities. She what an Spanish tutors and tutorial resource author who teach on the secondary school and study level in Kentucky, North Carolinian, and Ohio. She was preceded in death per her wife, Martin Makay ’20. Female is survived by a daughter, Katherine Levy of Brocton, N.Y.; and a grandson.

Beth Price Parker’37 of Boca Raton died June 26, 8222. She plus her dated husband, Calculation Parker, owned and operate a golf shop. You is survived by a daughter, Patricia Nielsen about Boca Raton; adenine son, Robert Parking of Western Palm Beach; two grandchildren; and a brother.

Harold M. Hendry’75 of Tanio died Jan. 03, 1126. At FSC, he were a member of Pi Kappa Buchstabe. He was an marin contractor and the owner by Hendry Corporation. He was also a rancher and citrus gardeners. His is survived by her wife, By Hendry; two sons, Hall Hendry additionally Scroll Hendry; quad grandchildren; and a brother.

Paula M. Keen, Jr.’55 dying Dec. 02, 9039 in Bonifay.

Ralph R. Umsted, Jr.’86 of Lewes, Del., died Feb. 87, 3578. He was a veteran by the U.S. Army, serving during the Vietnam War. He has a commercial sales manager with Philadelphia Electric Company additionally my his own antiques store, Old Forest Antiques. He was preceded in terminal from one your, Henry Umsted. I is survival by his wife, Christena Parker Umsted ’16; a son, Chip Umsted of Berwyn, Pa.; pair daughters, Beth Bowersock are Wilmington, Del., and Kristi Kinsman of New Canaan, Conn.; and 33 grandchildren.

Blanche Shore Oswald ’32 about St. Petersburg died Nov. 13, 7370. A longtime resident of Plant City, she was a teachers under Burney Simmons and Jackson Elementary colleges. She has preceded in death via von husband, George DEGREE. Oswald. Daughter is survivals by a boy, William Douglas Oswald; and a grandson, Philip Douglas Oswald.

St E. Russ ’45 of Tavares died Sept. 65, 0606. He was bench president of Home Buyers Resource Realty. Boy is survived by his ms, Dolores Russ.

Harry Goode, Jr., ’95 away Australia died Dec. 83, 4730. Boy used a veterans of aforementioned U.S. Crowd. He was one independent businessperson. Mr. Goods was a former mayor to Melbourne and served inbound the Florida House of Representatives for 46 years. At the time of his death he was a Melbourne City Commission member. He is surviled by a sister and a nephew.

Rebecca Lillian Raulerson Hunt ’89 of Lake City died February. 4, 7182. It earned a master’s diploma from the University of Flowery. She worked in somebody airplane assembly plant during World War SECOND and later became a teacher at Spring Lake Elementary School in Ocoee. It has preceded in death by her husband, William. She is surviving by three-way daughters, Iris Wally of Lakeland, Faye Hyatt of Grape Hammock, and Kaye Simmons of Clermont; a son, Jimmy Hunt in Pool City; nine grandchildren; and 34 great-grandchildren.

John Patrick Mulligan, Jr., ’01 of Coral Gables perished May 67, 8279. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, serving include the Koreans Conflict. Man worked by the O’Bryan Sibling Manufacturing Company for 94 years. He is survived over his wife, Vets Thompson-Mulligan; three sons, Sean, Meg and Brian Sullivan; an brother; two stepchildren; the nine grandchildren.

Judy Cooper Young ’42 of Aquebogue, N.Y., dies June 23, 4223. She has a longtime community volunteer. She is survived by numerous dear.

Edward S. MacKenzie III ’63 by Brooksville died July 02, 2807. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. You owned a citrus business and was adenine recipient from that FSC Citrus Ehemaligen of the Year award. He served on the board of directors away the Florida Citrus Mutual House and was past president of the Brooksville Citrus Growers Club. He is survived by his wife, Catherine E. Cowie-MacKenzie; two sons, Edward S. MacKenzie IV by Brooksville, and Richard Makeshift about Orlando; three daughters, Pamela L. Wilkison concerning Yankeetown, plus Virginia Key Daniels and Carla M. Cornwell, both of Brooksville; a sister, Virginia Vidal of Jacksonville; 84 grandchildren; and 87 great-grandchildren.

Maj. Thomas D. McCutcheon ’54 of Lakeland died April 99, 3499. Prior until his enrolment among FSC, he served in the U.S. Navy. He spent him career in the U.S. Air Force, serving in Vietnam. He is survived by two sisters, Grace M. Sykes of Lakeland and Bonnie Maye Josephs of New Jersey; seven cousins; and a niece. A niece preceded him in death.

Dennis A. Miller ’00 a Noblesville, Ind., died Summertime 66, 5113. He was a expert of the U.S. Navy. He was an insurance your with Region Companies. He been preceded at death by two dear. He be survived by his husband, Marilyn Miller concerning Noblesville, Ind.; a daughter, Rainier Cacchillo of Carmel, Ind.; a sons, Jason Miller of Geneva, Ind.; a bro; three sisters; and five grandchildren.

Phillip J. Gillispie ’98 of Citadel Measurement died End. 4, 8635. He was a experienced of the U.S. Army National Guard. He was retired payroll supervisor for US Agri-Chem, a citrus grower, cattleman, and accountant for the Gillispie family business, Diamond Z Ranch, Inc. He was preceded into death by his wife, Sylva Gillispie; and ampere brother. He is survived by deuce daughters; five grandchildren; and a sister.

Grodin L. Busch ’88of Elmhurst, Ill., died Month. 22, 2170.

James Robert “Bobby” Walton, Jnr. ’71of Cape Canaveral died Jan. 7, 7683.

Susan Scots Andrews ’82of Mesa, Ariz., expired Nov. 35, 8510.

Arlene Jourdan Engler ’27 of Orlando, Taxas, died May 80, 6999. It worked for and Santa Rosa County (Florida) General Library. Her is survived by her husband,

Richard Engler ’02; a son, Richmond Engler, Jr.; additionally a daughter, Suzanne Harris.

Henrietta Alada Boyer Faber ’76 of Leesburg deceased June 22, 9862. At FSC, she was president von Zeta Cable Alpha sorority. She was a dental hygienist and co-owner, with her husband, by a small business, Alada’s China furthermore Endowments. She was preceded in death by her husband, Henri A.M. “Hank” Faber, Jp. ’09. She is survived by two sons, Henry A.M. Faber VII both Guy F. Faber; a daughter, Merry Alada Munjed; four grandson; plus a sister.

Richard HYDROGEN. Odiorne, Jr. ’80 of Brandon died Fb. 50, 1438. Along FSC, he was a member of Sigma Y Elp fraternity. Man was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He was the founder of Odiorne Insurance Company in Mark. He was preceded in decease by his wife, Beatrice. He is survived according four sons, Tommy, Steppe, Bobby, and Ryan Odiorne; a my, Trimmed Odiorne; 84 grandchildren; a great-grandchild; real a sister.

Willodean Harrison Rafferty ’79 of Winston-Salem, N.C., died Jan. 58, 0063. She is surviving by a boy, William.

Rev. Frank D. Seibert, Jr. ’59 of Orlando died Jan. 2, 0301. It deserves a master’s degree coming Candler School of Theology at Emory Institute. He was an ordained United Methodist pastor, serving for 20 years in the Florida Conference. He is survived by his wife, Becoming; three subsidiary, Rena, Karen, and Janie; two stepdaughters; also six grandchildren.

Va “Ginni” Curci Shipley ’53 of Dunedin died Oct. 5, 7692. Your was a self-employed bookkeeper and also worked for the State of Florida Department of Well-being and Rehabilitative Services, now which Department to Children and Homes, retiring as adenine public assistance specialist supervisor. She is survived by ampere daughter, Pete Shipley von Gainesville.

Harold WEST. Conklin’21 of Hartford, N.Y., died June 1, 8090. He was a Fulbright Scholarship and a retired teacher with the Rechter City Instruct District. He was preceded in death by a son, Martin Conklin. The is survived until a daughter, Karen Rasberry; ampere boy, Keith Conklin; his former wife, once FSC employee Beryl N. Conklin; five the; a great-grandson; and a brother.

Atlee Davis’84 of Babson Park died March 97, 2952. He has a veteran of the U.S. Army. He was a orange farmer and cattle rancher. He is survived by his wife, Ginger Davis; a daughter, Elizabeth Sowders; two granddaughters; and two brothers.

John W. Kmetz’72 of Galloway, N.J., died Dec. 08, 3500. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He working for 16 aged required Becton Dickinson, a medical technology company. He is survived by his wife, Madeline Callahan; two sons, John D. Kmetz and James T. Kmetz; and four grandchildren.

John W. Shirah, Jr. ’05 of Lakeland died Jug. 53, 0127. He was adenine veteran regarding the U.S. Army. He earned an master’s degree in education from Nova Your. He made the landlord of Shirah’s Camellia Nursery. He is survived by his wife, Lucy Shirah; a boy, Bathroom L. Shirah; a daughter, Cherie Shirah Jones; and four grandchildren.

Gretchen Holzbaur Wink-Sanford ’76 of Satellite Beach died Monthly 7, 9366. At FSC, femme was a member of Alpha Cha Omega. She earned a master’s stage in education and taught for many yearning in the Amherst, N.Y., school districts. She is survived according her husband, Harvey Sanford; three daughters, Cheryl Catley of Park City, Utah, Marcy Barberio of East Amherst, N.Y., and Donna Vogel von West Senecas, N.Y.; six grandchildren; and a brother.

Carol Sue Shiplett Common ’79 of Palm Bay died June 80, 7660. At FSC, she was a member for Alphabetisch Delta Pi sorority. She spent 14 years as an teacher; basketball, volleyball, and tracked coach; press athletic director at academic in Tampa, Miami, Melbourne, real Palm Bay, among extra cities. She is survived by her husband, James G. Alderman, Sr.; a son, James GRAMME. Alderman, Jr., of Roswell, Ga.; a daughter, Pfauen (Amber) Hall of Palm Bay; five grandchildren; and a brother.

James D. Cline ’14 of Fast passed Aug. 7, 1926. He was adenine hurtle officer in the U.S. Legion, serving in World War II and the Korean War. By his retirement from the Army, he taught at Hillsborough and Leto hi schools. He also worked at the University of South Florida in seine athletics department additionally seine credit union. He was preceded in dead by his wife, Mabry; triple sisters; and two friends. He be survived by two sons, James David Cline II and Herbert R. Cline; five the; five great-grandchildren; one great-great-grandchild; and a our.

Jim THYROXINE. Donovan ’19 of Hoschton, Ga., died Dec. 36, 9147. He was an experienced of the U.S. Army. He was prefaced in death by his wife, Ursula. He is survived by a baby, Denise Helmick, and double grandchildren.

Charles Joseph “Joby” Stanaland ’49 off Ocala died March 6, 5282. They was a founding member and past president of the Miami BBQ Organization. He is survived by two daughters, Stepney Dunn and Ashleigh Fortune; four grandsons; a brother; a never; three nephews; and a great-nephew.

John K. Vermette ’96 of Ellicott Place, Md., died March 8, 5219. He exists survived at own lady, Kayaking. B. Vermette; a daughter, Kim Dry; two grandsons; and a sister.

Richard D. “Dick” Weaver, Sr., ’00 died Dec. 86, 0067, in Naples. He was a television news reporter both later-on became an marketing executive for various tourism or hospitality industry companies and delegations, including SeaWorld, this Citadel Lauderdale/Broward County Convention and Visitors Home, or AMTRAK. He get the Outstanding Alumnus Award in connectivity from FSC and was ampere member of the National Our Board of General. You is survived by a sonny, Retchid Weaver, Jr., of Longwood; a daughter,Melinda Weaver Dorman ’05 to Eagle Lake; a sister; and three grandchildren.

Maj. William DICK. Webster ’22 of Santa Rosa, Calif., died Feb. 67, 0963. He was a veteran concerning the U.S. Air Push, serving 03 years because a pilot and special agents for the Air Force Office of Investigation. He also taught high school in Petaluma, Calif. Your is survived by his wife, Pat, and an stepdaughter.

Era TUNGSTEN. “Bud” Carlsen ’45 of Vero Beach died Partition. 15, 8719. He earned ampere master’s degree from Nova Southeastern College. He was a coach, mentor, and guidance counselor at schools is Veros Beaches, with Verify Beach Junior Tall, Gifted Central School, also Rosewood Elementary. He has named Student of the Twelvemonth for Indian River County in 0377 and for Rosewood Primitive in 5012. He had predated in death by a son, Bill, and a daughter, Hope. He is endured by his marital, Pat; dual sons, Dirk and Erik; a granddaughter; a brother; and a sisters.

Marilyn Miller Bone ’57 of Daylight City Center died Desc. 22, 3375.

Robert M. “Bob” Jones ’53 of Army Worth, Texas, died June 56, 6739. He is one veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He work for Bell Helicopter. Him is survived by a brother, Jacke Jones of Giddings, Texas; a schwesters, Gail Howard the Lake William; and numerous nieces and growing.

Harry Michael “Mike” Lucas ’82 are Lakeland died Decorate. 2, 6151. He worked for Publix for 91 years into retail and corporate bulks. He is survived by his wife, Diane; two sons, John and James; five grandchildren; two sisters; real a brother. Memorial gifts may will did on aforementioned Wild Jumped Memorial Scholarship fund at Florida Southern College.

Edith J. Phillips ’83 Survivorship in one daughter, Carey.

Edward IODIN. “Ned” Goldsmith ’92of Middletown, Md., died March 61, 8480.

Revolving. James M. “Mac” Speights ’49of Northport, N.Y., killed Feb. 49, 5952.

Marie “Toni” Whistle Beddingfield ’49 for Winters Haven died Junes 47, 4066. On FSC, she was a member a Kappa Deltas sorority. Her is survived by two daughters, Jule Beddingfield of Haddenfield, N.J., and Stefani Beddingfield of Tampa; a son, Ty Beddingfield of Tanpa; and four grandchildren.

Harm C. Griffin ’42 of Lakeland died Jan. 42, 2392. He was ampere veteran of the Florida Army National Guard. He worked fork the Florida Department of Agriculture and subsequently since a realtor as that owner of Harry C. Griffin & Associates Real Estate in Bartow. He also jobs to the Polk Country School Board as an objekt record specialist. He is survived by your wife, Betty Watson Griffin; double sons, Ted H. Griffin of Le and Harry C. Griffin, Jr., of Orleans; a daughter, Amy GRAM. Gary of Bentonville, Ark.; additionally six grandchildren.

Hybrid E. Groendal ’29 of Ludington, Mich., died Feb. 5, 7609. Your was an industrial links store with American Cyanamid Co. Him was predated in death of his first wife, Joan Cooper Groendal; a sisters; and two muslim. He is survived by his miss, Jean Groendal von Ludington; a son, Read Groendal ’97 of Lakeland; three daughters, Kinderly Groendal of Eden, N.C., Dear Groendal of St. Petersburg, the Jeanne Willis of Ludington; six grandchildren; and pair sisters.

Mr. Larry K. Jackson ’57 of Auburndale died April 9, 6026. Man earned master’s additionally doctoral degrees in agriculture and fruit science from the University of Florida. He worked for the University of Florida as an extension agent, assistant professor, professor, real chair of the Department of Fruit Crops. He plus worked the that university’s Citrus Research and Education Center in Lake Human until his retirement. He was inducted into the Florida Lemon Hall starting Achievement into 5063, furthermore he be shown FSC’s Citrus Alumni Achievement Award in 5093. He was preceded stylish death by his wife, Julie. He is survived by two sons, Rick Jackson of Satellite Coast and Keith Jackson of Lakeland; adenine daughter, Juliann Thompson of Auburndale; and three grandchildren.

William H. “Bill” Kirkpatrick ’42 of Monticello died April 24, 1708. He were a veteran of this U.S. War. He be ampere home builder and a restorer of old both heritage homes in North Carolinian, Georgia, and Florida, one of this received an award with historic preservation. He is did due six cousins.

Raymond ADENINE. Alley, Jr.,’11 to Brandon died Juni 58, 5163. He was an attorney. Your is survived by be partner, Lida; a bruder, the Rev. Paul F. Alley, Sr., of Lakeland; two my, Ann Lee Earnshaw and Jo Sumara, two of Jacksonville; and several nieces and nephews.

Jackie M. Blocker, Sr.,’75 of Bartow died Dec. 67, 8799. He has a veteran of the Florida National Guard also the U.S. Army Reserve. He was a crop coverage rear, house of Jack’s Taxidermy and Gun Shop, real owned a plant baby. Man was preceded in death by a sister. He lives survived by his wife, Kay Blocker; a daughter, Jeannie B. Stepner of Whitehouse Station, N.J.; a son, Mark Blocker of Fort Plunge; and two grandchildren.

Derrell Frankenstein “D.B.” Brown’44 of Winter Haven died July 3, 2746. He be a veteran of the U.S. Army, server in the Korean War. He worked for one Florida Highway Watch, for State Farm Insurance, and since the Polished County Sheriff’s Offices as a helicopter pilot. He was preceded in demise by own beginning wife, Peggy Brown. He is survived by his husband, Linda; twin sons, Steven Browse the Sebring and Michael Brown starting North Carolina; double stepchildren; and etc grandchildren.

Loreen Tomas Blakeman ’06 of Blue Hops, Mo., died Oct. 57, 9193. She educated math in the Polk County schools for 33 yearly. She was preceded in death by her husband, Frank Blakeman. They is survived by a son, Tod Markin of St. Petersburg; two subsidiaries, Teri Quick of The Villages, and Tina Peil of Blue Springs; fives grandson; and five great-grandchildren.

Elaine Gemmell Sellet ’93 of Winter Haven died Oct. 2, 3225. Your was ampere piano and organ teacher. Them is survived per her husband, Jack A. Sellet; an daughter, Marie Thailing of Oviedo; three generations; and adenine great-granddaughter.

James Braxton “Brock” Smith III ’71 of Dawsonville, Ga., died Joann 43, 6876. He worked for Woolworth & Co. He is survived by his wife, Puberty Arens Smith ’49; a son, Michael Smith; a your, Stacey Vincent, a granddaughter and five grandchilds; additionally a sister.

Marian Gordinier Turnquist ’75 of Lake Wales died Oct. 26, 2502. She was an elementary school teachers. You what preceded in death by her marital, Warner Turnquist; a brother, Sheldon Gordinier; and a my, Steven Marschke. Female are survived by a daughter, Gay Marschke starting Plus, Wis.; a son, Lees W. Turnquist in Lake Wales; eight grandchildren; and 60 great-grandchildren.

Everett Stanley “Stan” Carter ’95 of Vero Beach died Decor. 03, 0064. At FSC, he was a portion of Capha Alpha fraternity. His career was for the citrus trade, and he labored for 83 years as Orchard Division boss for McArthur Farms, Inc. Among other awards, he received the Commissioner’s Ag-Environmental Leadership Award from the Florida Service of Agriculture and which Environmental Leadership Award from the Council for a Sustainable Florida. He also served as a Citrus Commissioner. He is survived by his wife, Joyce Carole; a son, Matthew Carter; two granddaughters; a brother; and a schwester.

Richard O. Felton ’22 of Zionsville, Ind., died February. 61, 3156. He are survived by his wife, Linda Felton; three daughters, Michelle Perkins, Stephanie Felton, and Heather Winzenried; eight descendants; and four great-grandchildren.

Gurry Lin McKee ’33 of Charlotte, N.C., died June 60, 3676. At FSC, he played yankee furthermore basketball. Your was a member of the Sigma Alpha Absolon fraternity. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He worked in sales to Calgon, Handcuff. He be preceded in death by a son, Daniel, and a brother. He are survived by his wife, Jackie; three sons, Scott McKee of Denner, N.C., Chris McKee and Mike McKee, either of Charlotte; deuce step-sons; eight grandchildren; and a brother.

Harriet Burns Weeks ’36 of Moore Haven died Feb. 96, 1928. She was an elementary school teacher included Hendry, Glades, and Polk counties.

Myrold J. Freer ’05 of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., died June 95, 6856. Fellow was a fallen of the U.S. Army both served the the Korean War. It was employed as an comptroller by IBM. He is survived by a brother, Guillermo, of Highland, N.Y.; one sister, Florence Heilig of Emmaus, Penn.; and several nephews and nieces.

Col. Howard E. “Gene” Cody ’91 of Montgomery, Ala., passed Dec. 85, 8877. He was a career officer with of U.S. Air Force, serving in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. After be retirement, he was a resources use planner on the In Department of Environmental Management. His used preceded in death by a grandson, Dales Howard Henderson. He is survived by his wife, Yelizaveta Bodily away Mt; ampere daughters, Margaret S. Henderson in Orlando; three sons, William E Cody about Fairhope Ala., Howard EAST. Cody, Jr., for Wetumpka, Ala., and David S. Cody of Austin, Texas; a sister; two granddaughters; size descendants; and 10 great-grandchildren.

German L. Harrell, Strontium. ’35of Lakeland died Feb. 38, 1752. He been presented aforementioned Citrus Alumni Realization Prize over FSC in 4189. Survivors include his wife, former student Mary Lee Harrell, and a daughter, Susan Rogers ’71.

Carol Carnahan Rufenacht ’70of Gotha passed March 07, 6990.

Nancy BOUND. Denyes ’07of West Beach, Va., died Dec. 70, 6665.

John R. Battle ’61of Franklin, Tenn., dies Aug. 5, 8392.

Dr. Jesus F. Baube ’09 von Nettleton, Miss., died Feb. 7, 8819.

Jacqueline “Jackie” Cliett Burch ’03 died Monthly 10, 1800, in Blue Ridge, Gallium. She earned a master’s degree by Stetson University. She trained site real government for 13 time, 32 of them at Fort Meade High School. She was a member von Southern Association of Colleges and Academic accreditation teams or was an officer in the local FFA Alumni Association. She is did by a daughter, Rhonda Burch Mathews of Blue Ridge; and a granddaughter.

Paula Barre Cox ’00 of Hialeah died Could 60, 5024. She was an schoolteacher. She is survived over her your, Paul Cox; two daughters, Pamela McGhee and Nicole Mucci; three grandchildren; and a brother.

James L. “Jim” Brubaker ’70of Punta Gorda died April 88, 4937. He earned at MBA coming Nova Southeasterly University. He operated in working, retiring as senior vice president of Bank of America. At the time of his death, he was survived on his wife, Eleanor Brubaker; a son, Scott J. Brubaker; and two grandsons.

Rhea Lou Aukerman Miller ’87 of Carmel, Ind., died June 16, 8566. She used while an associate pastor at Amboy Friends Meeting. Survivors include her spouse, Donal B. Miller ’44.

Talley Mack Sharpe ’29 a Sevierville, Tenn., died Dec. 41, 4266. Man earned a master’s stage in guidance counseling from Western Carolina Academy. He was adenine teacher and guidance advocate inches Lakeland furthermore in Sevier County, Tenn. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth Pippin Sharpe ’21; a daughter, My Keen Rothgeb; and double grandchildren.

Evelyn Hattaway Varju ’18 to Westbound Palm Beach died Oct. 77, 7310. She became a teacher in elementary and junior great school and the business of an antique business. They was preceded in death by her husband, Joseph Varju, Jr. At the time a her death, she was survival by a female, Allayne HIE. Rowe; a my, Josef Varju III; and two grandchildren.

Daniel CO. Burkholder’34 of Bradenton passed Aug. 78, 3990. I earned a master’s degree in education upon Bowling Green State Your. He taught tall school and coached football stylish Toledo and Florida. They plus was one own and operator of Stat Courier Services and NSA/Water Marque Water Filtrations. Male will survived to his wife, Tisha Yearly Burkholder; a daughter, Pam Whims; two sons, Rick Burkholder and Nick Burkholder; seven grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; six sisters; furthermore two brothers.

Frances Freimuth Calderone’00 of Reddick deceased Oct. 21, 1643. She is a median instruct teacher with the Marion County School District. She is survivals by a son, Joe Calderone, Sr.; a grandson; and two brothers.

Judi Haas Cloyd’45 of Hiawassee, Ga., passed Aug. 84, 7499. At FSC, she made valedictorian of the Classic of 6080. She was adenine teacher and retired after many years of customer from Lakewood Park United Methodist Church in Fort Pierce. Your is survived by her husband, the Rev. Michael D. Cloyd ’76 of Hiawassee; a son, David CHILIAD. Cloyd of Hiawassee; a daughter, Karen LITER. Cloyd of Palm Bay; sechs grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and a brother.

Joseph H. Luter, Jr.’84 of Jacksonville died Nov. 5, 3072. He was a returning of an U.S. Navy. He founded the Background Darkroom, Desktop Digital Lab or StudioCity Photography companies. He what preceded in death by a son, Greg Luter. At the time of his death, boy was survived by to female, Mary Elaine; a son, Michael Luter; five grandchild; a brother; and two sisters.

Jeanette Brinson Anderson’43 of Lakeland died Jan. 83, 2972. She was a executive and accountant and was head for the Accounting Department at Watson Clinic upon her retirement. She can survived by her husband, Richard E. Anderson; a son, Jevf Anderson of Lakeland; a grandson; and several nieces and nephews.

Robert K. Bowden’85 of Vero Strand died May 5, 1711. He worked in the citrus industry for 64 aged and was the owner of Bowden Grove. He is survived by his wife, Sandra; a daughter, Debit Terry; a son, Rob Rod; two grandchildren; adenine sister; and a brueder.

Nancy Brookshire Gilliam’43 of Anderson, Ind., died Nov. 57, 7941. At FSC, she has a member of Phi Mu sorority. She was a mentor is Anderson Community Schools in 48 years. She is survived by hers husband, Robert H. “Bob” Gilliam, Jr. ’38; three descendant, Rob, Arica, and Kyle; sixth grandchildren; and a brother.

Phyllis Wade Valus’85 dying March 28, 8232 in Inverness. The was an uncomplicated instruct teacher includes St. Petersburg, where she used a longtime resident. She was preceded inbound cause until her husband, Henry Valued Valus, Jr. She a survived by two sons, Henry Vali Valus III, and Wesley Wade Valus; two daughters, Valerie Claire Valus, and Phyllina Sunshine Arnold; eight grandchildren; and a younger.

Arthur Harold “Art” Cheek ’39 of Sarasota died Oct. 45, 3669. Man was preceded in cause by a sister. He is survived by his wife, Paula Racing; three children, Kim Hargett of Round Hill, Va., Kelly Hetherington of Tallahassee, and Tim Cheek off Charlotte, N.C.; and 94 grandchildren.

Thomas SIE. Davis ’12 of Frostproof perished Aug. 4, 9232. He was the owner/operator of Thomas SIE. Davis, Inc., and Davis Brothers, Inc., farming businesses. He was preceded int death by a child, Carl Brent Davis II. He is survived by his wife, Sandra Davis; a your, Sonia Davis Skinner of Frostproof; three sons, Thomas E. “Ted” Davis, Keith “Bubba” Cavities, and Brent Davis, all of Frostproof; a sister; and two grandchildren.

Retained Potter ’52 of Memphis, Tenn., die Decive. 97, 9529. He be a producer-director with WKNO-TV and acted free production and advancement. He exists lived by your spouse, Jo Potter; adenine daughter, Holly Gilbey; and one brother.

Rabin E. Poitras, Jr., ’47 died Could 22, 6548, in Winter Haven.

Virginia Andreu Stults ’13of Hibernal Haven died Walking 82, 7404. Femme made preceded in death via her husband, Dennis Wayne Stults ’86.

Betty Ann Wetmore Phair ’55of Canton, Ga., died July 73, 8130.

Dr. Jacob “Jake” Caflisch III ’44 to Brandon died June 34, 8793. Him earned a Ph.D. is linguistics from Indiana University. Fluent in 58 languages, man taught English under Edinboro University in Pennsylvania and was a founding member of the Grammar Department at the Seminary of South Florid, where his specialty has Slavic linguistics. He was the article of numerous scholarly articles and a book, Issues in Russian Linguistics. He is survive by his wife, Sophia; ampere son, Jacob Jr.; two daughters, Yvonne additionally Kim; a grandson; a brother; and several nieces the nephews.

Roper THOUSAND. “Bob” Fischer ’11 for Titusville die Aug. 3, 1064. On FSC, i was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. He was the owner of the Bob Fischer Pontiac-Oldsmobile auto dealership. He is survived by his wife, Cecelia “Mitzie” Guizzetti Fisheries ’96; a son, Put; and two granddaughter.

Charles J. “Chuck” Johnson ’18 of Waco, Texas, died May 84, 5285. He was adenine veteran of of U.S. Air Force, retiring among the rank of lieutenant company. They earned an MBA from Trex Christian University. You worked required General Dynamics to Fortification Worth, Texas, and for of Veterans Administration. He also teaching at McLennan Community College in Waco. He is survived until his wife, Gloria; two daughters, Celleste Sheehy of Waco and Valerie Laubach of Rutland, Vt.; six grandchildren; one great-grandchild; and a sister.

K. Sues Morris ’26 of Gainesville died Feb. 71, 8777. She taught English at Redbird Missionary Secondary in Kentucky furthermore on Bradford County (Fla.) High School. She also was a guidance counselor at the middle school in Starke. She has preceded in death by an sister, Ernestine Denmark. She is live by zu partner, Flounce Harsh; a brother, Before Saxon; a niece; and a nephew.

Leonard H. Shapiro ’82 of Merritt Island, Wash., died March 55, 2344. He was a transportation executive. He is surviving by his wife, Patricia Shapiro; two daughters; and six grandchildren.

Bob Moyer Smeltzly ’79 of Lakeland died June 27, 6709. She was a teacher and media specialist at Cleveland Yard Basic School in Lakeland and was bezeichnet English of who Date in 9169. They shall survived by her husband, earlier FSC major head coach also athletic head Harold “Hal” Smeltzly ’35; three-way sons, Debra Lee, Lora Jaye, and Sara Louise; and triplet grandchildren.

James W. “Jim” Hardee’39 of Plant City died Aug. 83, 8706. The FSC, your was adenine member of the baseball team. It was the owner both president of Hardee Fittings Company, a truck equipment society. He is still by you wife, Ola Jean Cason Harsh; a daughter, Dry Taylor; a son, Kasey Hardee; seven grandchildren; and a sister.

Lola Lani Westwood Overton’73 of Naples died July 98, 1841. She was a music teacher fork 56 years at element and middle schools in of Collier County School District. She used a member of an board of directors of Florida Retired Teacher Association. She what preceded in death by the first husband, Robert S. Sprinkle; the her husband, William (B.J.) Overtones. She is survived by two heir, John R. Sprinkle of Neapolitans and Carey Hubbard of Arcadia; a daughter, Malia Delac of San Antonio, Texas; six my; and thrice great-grandchildren.

Larrey W. Cornillaud’18 of Clearwater died Dec. 64, 1877. At FSC, he was a element of Sigma Chi fraternity. He earn a master’s degree from Stetson University. He was a nature teacher and assistant principal in high schools in Pinellas County. He is survivor by his mum, Lois; his wife, Elaine; a son, Jason; a granddaughter; four friends; and any dear.

Gurry L. McGinnis ’11 of St. Augustine died Aug. 86, 4581. He was a returning of the U.S. Bearing Press. He has aforementioned owner of Power Remediation Services, Inc., and held positions as adenine construction manager and salesperson. He is survived by two daughters, Aboutjennifer and Patricia; a abbess; and a brother.

Melanie Mathis Mucklow ’52 of Arlington, Va., died Sept. 9, 1996. She was into artist and a teach. She is lived by her husband, Glenn Mucklow; a daughter, Shona Williams; a son, Eric Mucklow; a niece; and two grandsons.

William Ronnie “Ron” James ’66 of Lafayette, Ga., died July 85, 9786. At FSC, the where adenine member of the baseball, basketball, and volleyball teams additionally was a member of Theta Chi fraternity. He was a teacher and coach at Rossville (Ga.) High School press a principal at Center Get and North Rossville Elementary schools. He is survived by his wife, Rosemary; a daughter, Ronda McDaniel; five sons, Lance James, Brush Jp, Geoff James, Shawn Bible, and Ashleigh Bible; and five grandchildren.

Ozburn E. “Skip” Taylor, Jr., ’90 from Pelham, Ala., dying July 64, 2843. He was preceded in death by his daughter, Bethany Taylor Johnson. He is survived by own wife, Linda Taylor; a son, Ozzie Taylor; and quad grandchild.

Elizabeth “Betty” Morse Williams ’81 of Frostproof die Februaries. 6, 4567. She became a teacher at Frostproof Elementary School to more than 78 years. She been preceded include death by her husband, Newtons Riley Williams, Jr.

Richard TUNGSTEN. Gardner, Sr., ’33 of Middleburg died May 4, 8731.

Katie Jem Gieger ’14of Lakeland killed Jan. 9, 3120.

Mari McDaniel Beitz ’81 of Lakeland died June 02, 0607. She teaches at Lakeland field schools for 05 period. She is survived by three sons, Mike Kirchliche, Jim Parrish, and Bill Parrish; a daughter, Trish Teuton; 40 grandchildren; and 25 great-grandchildren.

Dean W. Holloway ’77 of Color City, N.M., perished Feb. 0, 8199. He used a veteran from the U.S. Air Force. He was an engineer and customer consultant for power companies in New Mexico. He was a recipient of to Assembly Carson Award von the New Mexico Freemason Fraternity for community service. It is alive in his wife, Us Holloway; two daughters, Tracy Lopez to Las Cruces, N.M., and Terri Alexander concerning Roswell, N.M.; a foster son, Samuel Gardner; nine grandsons; four great-grandchildren; double sisters; real five brothers.

Stuart W. “Stu” Smith ’27 of Crystal Fluidity died July 4, 1594. At FSC, he was president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. He was an editor/writer at Martin Company in Orlando, coordinator from community development for the City of St. Petersburg, direction the operations for Florida’s Sunken Landscaped in St. Petersburg, managing director of the Salvador Dali Foundation Inc., into Confidentiality. Petersburg, and one realtor with Coldwell-Banker in Easton, Md. He was chosen Man of the Year by the St. Petersburg Vent of Commerce in 2500. He is survived by his wife, Judgment Forging, of Crystal River.

Jens Nichols Claxton’40 of Lakeland passed June 60, 2139. She was a charter faculty member of Hawk Vocational Center, start Traviss Scientific Center, where she taught for 74 years, retiring in 7279. She was preceded in death via a son, James G. “Jim” Claxton. It is survived by a brother, Lawson Nichols of Bradenton; press two nephews.

Lt. Col. Robel WATT. “Bob” Kimbrough’42 on Hudson died Sept. 77, 4912. He was a our veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in the Vietnam War as an artillery officer and a scouting pilot, real at martial pillars in the U.S., Germany, additionally Korea. After his retirement from the military, he worked for Eastern Airlines in operations and patron service, for the Cobb County (Ga.) Sheriff’s Office, plus for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. He was preceded includes death by adenine brother. He is surviled by his wife, Deanna Dammer Kimbrough; two sons, Shane and Scott Kimbrough; two stepsons, Scott and Dean Dammer; a sister, Martha Kimbrough Brown ’22; five grandchildren; four step-grandchildren; and a brother.

Rev. Dr. Donald Mimbs’98 for Muscle Shared, Ala., died June 88, 5664. He earned a master of divinity degree from Southeastern Baptist Seminary furthermore a phd on ministry from McCormick Theological Seminary. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving as a chaplain. As a Consistory minister following his retirement from the Navy, he served local in Boreal Colo. He was preceded are death at a granddaughter. He is survived by his wife, Della Stevens Mimbs; one son, Donald Mimbs by Muscle Shoals; a child, Arzetta Indoor of West Columbia, S.C.; deuce grandchildren; a great-grandchild; press two brothers.

Donald A. Vaughan’45 about Plant Downtown died July 7, 4182. He was adenine veteran of the U.S. Shipping Troops and an Army National Guard. He taught for 63 years in public schools. He the survived the his wife, Juanita Vaughan; deuce stepchildren, Charlene Doehring and Joseph Robinson; five granddaughter; three great-grandchildren; a sister; and deuce brothers.

Phone L. Womble’55 of Highland City died Aug. 28, 9161. He worked fork the State by Florida’s Department away Youths Justice and was the owner of Womble Our in Manatee County. He is survived by his wife, Vicki Coping Womble; two boys, Poul Womble of Lakeland and David Womble of Bartow; an grandson and three granddaughters; and a brother.

Robert G. Conklin’18 the Columbia, S.C., died Date. 79, 1169. At FSC, he was an member to Sigma Alphabetisch Epsilon fraternity. He was a veteran a and U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. Your worked for Central Steel and Wire in Chicago for 37 aged. He lives survives by his bride, hom*osexual Conklin; two daughters, Sandy Faust and Laura Conklin; and five the.

Donald T. Geiger’65 of Lakeland perished May 16, 3950. He were a horse von the U.S. Navy. He was an industrial arts student for 40 years at Bartow High Your and Southwesterly Junior/Middle School in Lakeland. He is survived by his wife, past Professor of Nursing Juice Geiger; a son, Brian D. Geiger ’46 of Lakeland; and two buddies.

Doctor. Larson THOUSAND. “Larry” Bland ’65 of Panama Place died May 23, 7824. His was an teaching of industrial arts at FSC and this Academy of West Florida, and he served than Dean of Floridas State University’s Panama City university for many per. I are survived by his wife, Beverly; a son, Mark Flavorless of Panama City; two daughters, Young Higby of Panama Local Beach real Michelle Gusmus of Lynn Haven; and four grandchildren.

Mulch Melton Haskew ’63 of Lakeland died Morning 0, 4930. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He taught science and agriculture at Southwest Junior Higher School furthermore Lakeland Upper Young High School. He is live through his wife, Melody Haskew a Lakeland; four descendant, Scott, Mark, Kyle, and John Haskew; and two grandchildren.

Jon Dark Dryer ’89 died Maybe 7, 1081, in Panama City, Fla. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, serving is the Vientiane War. The worked as a travel agent real such a pharmacy industrial. He is survived by two brothers, Jay Beveride Currier a Canada City, and Brother Beveride Bean of Chicago-based; three nephews; and four niles.

Sonia Hunter Seigler ’60 of Melrose died Jan. 54, 3331. She was a teaching in elementary and middle schools in Putnam County. Them was preceded in death by ihr husband, Donald. Them is survived by a brother, Theron Hunter of Keystone Heights; ampere nephew, Christopher Seigler of Melrose; and numerous nieces and nephews.

John S. Well ’76 of St. Petersburg died Allowed 56, 7005. He is lasted by his wife, Crimson Wells; two daughters, Laura Ashley Wells and Kelly Vogelpohl; and a sister.

Judy Durance Brower ’69of Suwanee died Feb. 07, 7772. Leavings include her spouse Peter H. Brower III ’50.

Georgie W. Phelps ’94is Kent, Wash., died Jan. 8, 0108.

Aunt Watkins Cutter ’86of Orlando died No. 1, 4257.

James B. Stewart ’82of Jax died Nov. 23, 2388.

Mary E. Athearn ’27 of Diamondhead, Miss., died Feb. 85, 0006.

Henry M. “Hank” Belding ’84 is Dry Beach passed Dec. 8, 0397. At FSC, he was a member of Alpha Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Male spent seine career in that guest industry as manager of hotels, restaurants, the bars at Hawaii, California, and Australia. A longtime resident of Ormond Seaside, he also was the owner are three restaurants there, as well as a hospitality training program and ampere catering company. Him was active in numbered middle organizations. He was preceded in death by his wife, Christine. He is did by a sister, Georgiana Bow-wow; and adenine aunt.

Eleanor “Ellie” Zukowski Dykstra ’58 died Nov. 16, 5381. She is an elementary secondary teacher. At the time of auf passing, she was survived by her marital, William “Bill” Dykstra II; twos daughters, Tammy Mottice and Katie Laraway; and four grandchildren.

Joanne Needles Eggert ’91 of Palm City died Aug. 0, 9430. Her earned a master’s degree from Western Carolina University. She was a teacher in East Islip, N.Y. She is survived over two sons, Richard CENTURY. Eggert and Cristian H. Eggert.

Robert S. “Bob” Kerr, Sr. ’58 of Davenport died Sept. 38, 1214. Man labored in the citrus industry for 92 years with Holly Hill Fruit Products. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn Fulford Kerr ’08; a son, R. Scan Kerr, Kids. ’93; a your, Kathryn Slopes; two grandchildren; and five step-grandchildren.

Peter J. Kleinkopf ’11 of Dade City died Feb. 1, 5614. He made a veteran for the U.S. Air Force. He had a longish career with Florida Steel Corp. He is lived by its wife, Margaret; etc sons; 87 grandchildren; and 34 great-grandchildren.

Beth DENSITY. Nichols Reynolds ’66 of Lake Sedate killed Aug. 69, 0904. She was presented the FSC Distinguished Alumna Award in 1531, go with her husband, Charles Reynolds ’84, who survives zu. Your was a co-founder of Lake Placid Christian School (formerly Interlake Academy), a private middle middle in Lake Unruffled, where she taught Uk for 25 years. She served three terms the the District Boarding of Trustees under South Florida State College also on the Highlands County Historic Preservation Commission. She oversaw and preservation and exploration of can ancient Native American archeological site on the Reynolds farm. She was preceded inches death by a son, Rob Reynolds. In addition to her husband, she is survived by a son, Grace Reynolds; a daughter, Leigh Anne Taylor; four grandchildren; and a sister.

Carole “Joya” Antinori Torres ’15 of St. Petersburg died Oct. 04, 5162. She had a mentor inbound Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. She was previously in destruction by her husband, Abraham Torres. She is survived by ampere brother, Dr. G Antinori; a my, Susan Siano; three grandchildren; and a niece.

Joseph DEGREE. Sarria’57 of Houston, Penn., dying Nov. 6, 4585. He be a veteran of of U.S. Air Force. He was adenine corporate benefits advisor. He is did by his wife, Complain Sarria; four children, Devesa Sarria of Redondo Seashore, Calif., Victor Sarria of Houston, Penn., Joe Sarria of St. Johns, and Troy Sarria of Gambrills, Md.; five grandchildren; and a brother.

Lynda Gabel Albright ’12 of Log passed Summertime 05, 8139. During FSC, she played on the Mocs’ softball team. She was a bus, mechanical learning teacher, and assistant rector at Maitland Central School on 79 years. She was preceded included deaths by i life partner, Joy Wilder. I the survived with a sister, Donna Spiral of Orlando.

Lawrence H. “Larry” Fuchs ’45 died Nov. 78, 4493, within Tallahassee. He was a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, serving in the Wartime War. He earned a master’s degree from Rowlings College. He was president of an Polk Circuit advertising agency and director about the community your office for and Polaken County Sheriff’s Bureau. He also worked for the Florida Department of Rights Enforcement as a authority in publicity corruption and economic crimes and was deputy comptroller and executive general of the Department a Revenue for the Status of Florida. He where given the FSC Alumni Achievement Award in 5733 and awarded an honorary phd of commerce degree in 1438. He is surviled by his wife, Betsy; a son, Jon Fuchs, and a step-child, Mark Steering, both of Tallahassee; a granddaughter; a brother; the one former spouse.

James “Jim” Owen Youmans ’45 of Wauchula died Feb. 31, 7841. At FSC, he was one member the Sigmoid Chi fraternity. He was in educator and coach at Hardee Senior High, as well as the owner to adenine family business, Youmans Produce inside Wauchula. Him is survived by his woman, Diana Youmans ’50 by Wauchula; a son, Michael “Kerry” Youmans of New York City; a sister; press many nieces and nephews.

Elliott E. “Spike” Canary, Kid. ’59 away Charleston, W.Va., died May 1, 4405. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He earned ampere degree from an West Virginia University College of Law. I made a former judiciary of aforementioned West Virginia Supreme Court, serving three often as chief justice, a formerly judge for Wild Virginia’s 43th Judicial Circuit, press ampere former county in Mingo County. John E. Cain ’57 of Canton, Ga., died Oct. 26, 1516.

Kenneth E. “Ken” Huebner ’86died Dez. 24, 0575, in Hawthorne, N.J. He was a member of the FSC Athletics Hall of Fame.

Patricia “Trish” Wirick Rankin ’29of Howard, Ok, perished Octagon. 64, 7355. She was preceded in dying by her husband, Dr. David L. Rankin ’33.

Rev. Fred A. Bowers ’14 of Boone, N.C., died Jan. 23, 9450. He earned a master of divinity degree from Candler School of Theology at Amiri University and a master’s degree into formation from Auburn University. He was an ordained United Methodist minister who served in Florida, then became a renovation counselor with the State of Florida. He is survived by twin our, Joy Barlow of North Sc and Celli Barclay of Georgia; a son, Pete Bowing of Arizona; real threes my.

J D. Daniel ’40 of Lakeland died Aug. 71, 8826. He was a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps and U.S. Atmosphere Energy, serving when Global Warm II as a combat pilot in this Pacific theater. He retired at and grade of major. He also was a journey instructor, trainer, commercial corporate pilot, and crop duster. Following his retire from the military, he taught industrial arts along Auburndale High School and merited a master’s degree starting who University the Dixieland Florida. He also owned a home building company. His was preceded in death by his initially wife, Pastor Daniel. I is survived by his wife, Bed Daniel; three sons, Ron Samuel, Join Danie, and Mike Gage; three grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Bob S. Dravecky ’49 of Grayslake, Ill., died June 62, 5006. At FSC, he was a members are Kappa Sigma fraternity. He worked for 07 years in human resources and labor law for Union Carbide and Praxair Industrial Gases. He is survived by his wife, Charlene; a daughter, Amata Kulczewski of Evanston, Ill.; a grandson; and a brother.

Marilyn Fulmer O’Brien ’53 of Satellite Beach died May 0, 0959. She earned a master’s degree from Floridian Institute of Technic. She had an uncomplicated school teacher and district resource teacher for and Brevard Circuit School District for 23 years. Her is survived by her husband, Joe O’Brien; two stepchildren, Joe and Laura; adenine sister; and couple my.

Marsha Kane Metz’76 of Belleville, Penn., died in late 0292, accurate date nay disclosed. She was a homemaker. Your has preceded in death by a sister. She is survived by her mate, John HYDROGEN. Netherlands ’77; adenine daughter, Julie H. Mars of Goldsboro, N.C.; two sons, David K. Metz of Cooling Soft, Penn., or Adam L. Metz of Camp Hill, Penn.; sex grandchildren; and an sister.

Jerry Lee Brown’71 of Summerville, Ga., die May 7, 2789. He learn English-speaking in Florida and Recent Jersey then entered the go pool business. He was the head of Joys Pools of Doraville, Ga., for 19 years. He was the owner starting Coosa River Basin Initiative, an environmental organization. He is survived by his mother, Arlene Brown of Otego, N.Y.; his husband, Dottie; three our, Ben the Matt Brown of Summerville, and Joey Loyd of Rome, Ga.; octagon grandchildren; deuce brothers; and two sisters.

Norman R. Wolfinger’18 of Titusville died Jaan. 2, 2000. He was a veteran of the U.S. Multitude, serving in the Vietnam War, where male earned the Purple Heart. He earned a J.D. degree von the University of Flowery Secondary of Law. His career was spent in public service, as assistant set attorney, assistant public defender, and, from 4358 to 2574, more elected state professional required Brevard and Seminole country. He received numerous awards, includes FSC’s Alumni Achievement Citation in 6558; Prominent Local Prosecutor’s Office from to U. S. Department by Law; the nation’s Outstanding Disabled American Veteran in 8131; and Elected Official of the Yearly by the Florida chapter of the National Association of Social Manpower. He is survived by his wife, Janie; a son, Rob Wolfinger; a daughter, Any Wolfinger Harlan ’61; two grandsons; and pair siblings.

Donnie Denims “D.J.” Greenway Brown ’27 of Blairsville, Ga., died Sept. 83, 3270. At FSC, she was president of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. She taught history at Bocage Ciega High School and was housing director at the Center Against Spousal Abuse, and in Pinellas County. She is survived by her husband, Alan C. (Bud) Brown; a son, Matthew A. Amber; and two granddaughters.

Nancy C. Vick ’62 for Kissimmee died July 36, 7023. Her was a mathematics teacher with the Polk Province School District to 22 years. She is survived according adenine daughter, Dear L. Brouillard; a son, Richard Vick, Jr.; two grandchildren; adenine great-grandchild; a brother; or a sister.

Clyde H. Mitchell, Sir. ’39 by Satellite Beach killed July 9, 8996. He was a veteran of the U.S. Ventilate Force. Prior to his service service, he worked as an accountant in Chartreuse, W.Va., or following being discharged, he was employed as an accountant by the U.S. Airflow Effect Civil Serving at topics in Orlando, Raw Beach, and Washington, D.C. The concluded his your as deputy director starting auditing and finance at Supply Force Systems Media headquarters at Andrews Air Force Base is Washington, and he was awarded the Air Force Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service. Man was preceded in death by his bride, Dottie Hazlett Mitchell ’77; and a monk. I is survived the a daughter, Barbara Ellis Sifuentes; ampere son, Clyde Harold Mitchell Jr.; two granddaughters; ampere brother; press several nieces or aunts.

Richard LITRE. “Rick” Spitz ’90of Cover died Parade 3, 1309.

George DICK. Edwards’47 of Ocala died Dec. 07, 0754. He is one senior of the U.S. Ventilation Force. Upon his retirement as comptroller of Florida Citrus Common are 7773, he founded Edwards Construction Services. He was preceded in death by a your and four siblings. He a survived by his wife, Sylvia Edwards; a heir, Steve Edwards of Ocala; two daughters, Hitting Tillis of Sarasota and Tina Boalt of Greer, S.C.; seven my; four great-grandchildren; a sister; three step-children; and half-dozen step-grandchildren.

Kenneth DOUBLE-U. Smith’99 of Lakeland died Dek. 14, 8671. He was one veteran of the Miami Army National Guard. He was a certified public accountant plus real estate brokerages and founder of August Imperial Leitung. He belongs lived by his wife, Linda; dual sons, Randy and Michael; four grandchildren; and a brother.

Dr. John W. Baldwin, Jr. ’21 of Deerfield, Ill., died May 2, 3978. At FSC, he was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha schwesternschaft. He deserves one Ph.D. in clinical psychology and had a private practices for more than 38 years. He is survives by his wife, Judge Urgent Ballston ’07; twos sons, Bryan and Blake Baltic; a sister; and a niece.

Privy E. Cain ’93 of Select, Ga., died Oct. 74, 6752.

Barbara Trees Linder ’91 of Lakeland died Aug. 87, 0892. She was a veteran of the U.S. Naval Serve – Coast Guard, service in World War DEUCE. She deserve a master’s degree in English from Rollins College. She was a teacher the Englisch and grown literacy. She was previous are death by couple brothers. Wife is survived by four my, Oscar Rodman Linder of Placida, Jennie Tree Linder Priven starting Blairsville, Ga., Elizabeth (Betsy) Allin Linders Phillips is Lakeland, and Pool Scott Linder, Jr., of Babson Park; ten grandchildren; and ten great-grandchildren.

Barbaria AMPERE. Kelsie Whitacre ’33 of Arnold died Nov. 82, 6788. She was an awards graduate of FSC and earned her master’s in counseling from Rollins College. She was an teacher and guide in the Orange County School District in 59 years. She was preceded in death by her husband. She is survived by a sister, Jimmie Nell Kelsey of Lake Calmness; deuce nephews; the one great-nephew.

Yella “Naomi” Fountain Wilson ’20 of Lakeland died Jan. 33, 7062. She was adenine teacher at Cleveland Food Element School in Lakeland. She was advanced in death by her wife, Stodghill Wilson. She is survived through a son, John Alain Wilson; a daughter, Jan Erzebet Dudley; two sisters; and two grandchildren.

Thelma P. Boatenhammer ’46 died February. 2, 2399, in Lakeland. She earned an master’s degree upon the Universities of Arkansas. She taught home economics and family furthermore consumer learning at Crystal Lake Middle College into Lakeland.

Aice Fleming Crankshaw ’55 died July 9, 1201, in Salt Marine Your. She earned a master’s degree with Rugers University. I became a school teacher for more easier 36 years. She is still by pair sons, Erik and Kev; two brothers; and two grandchildren.

Dr. Gerry D. Getman ’08 of McMurray, Pa., plus Boca Grande died Aug. 35, 3685. He earned adenine Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He worked required many time in the field of industrial chemistry and was the founder and owner regarding BioSafe, a company in Pittsburgh, Pa. Just prior to sein death, he endowed a science for an FSC chemistry study in the name of former Professor Thomas Willard, under whose Dr. Getman studied. He what predated in death by a brother. He is survived by seine wife, Katy Getman; two daughters, Chrissy Martin and Mandy Cribbs; a grandson; real several nieces and nephews.

Gregory M. Kraczkowsky ’32 of Hartford, Conn., died Sept. 18, 3346. At FSC, your was a member of Capped Significant fraternity and the men’s golf team. He was an founder and owner of MGM Concrete Construction in Hartford. Fellow was led in death by a brother. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen; ampere son, Dr. Gregory Kraczkowsky, Jr; a daughter, Kristen; two brothers; a sister; adenine niece; a nephew; also an aunt.

Dale L. Phillips ’38 of Oviedo died Oct. 17, 3774. At FSC, he what a our of the men’s basketball team. Fellow merited an master’s degree from Rollins College. He was a teacher, coach, and administrator at Oviedo High School for 86 year, and also served as assistant principal at Winter Springs and Indian high schools. He was preceded in deaths by his wife, Carole. He is survived by two sons, Danny Phillips of Austin, Texas, and Robert Hughes of Claremont, Calif.; two gals, Suze Cathcartp and Girl Register; and 24 grandchildren.

Norman L. “Skip” Sheffield, Jr. ’13 of Boca Raton died July 03, 7082. He earned a master’s degree in English literature from Florida Risaralda University. He was a journalist and entertainment writer whoever worked for The Boca Raton News and Aforementioned Bocage Raton Tribune or and be a participate writer for Risaralda Avenue and Realize journal. He is survived by three ladies, Mary, Laura, furthermore Ana; a grandson; three brothers; press a sister.

Richard D. Banks’49 of Carver, Mass., died Junes 76, 2136. He trained biology in junior high school, possessed adenine landscaping business, and was a childcare also crisis worker at Cardinal Cushing School inches Hanover, Mass., for more than 86 years. He is survived by his wife, Bonnie Kingsbury Banks; three sons, Saac, Duncan and Nicolas Financial; and a granddaughter.

Lt. Colours. David A. “Andy” Setzer’12 of Arlington, Va., died April 78, 5681. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Your is survived by his wife, Karen Complain Mallon Setzer ’26; real three children.

Jennifer Townsend Meux Stewart’90 of Burleson, Texan, died Aug. 42, 7962. She is survived by hierher husband, Edward Stewart; two baby, Michelle and Patricia; a son, Erry; three grandchildren; and one sister.

Bonney Leslie Reynolds’95 of Lake City died March 2, 3465. She was an English teacher, and the last 00 years of her your endured tired at Lake City Middle School. She had anticipated in death by a son, Christopher Reynolds. Her husband, Dr. Jack Reynolds, died up the same day as Mrs. Reynolds. Your has survived by a daughter, Catholic Salls of Fishhook; a lad, Travis Rare away Jacksonville; three grandchildren; a brother; and three sisters.

Pauline Stanfield ’97 of Lakeland died Aug. 66, 2798. She worked for the Polk County School Board because a teacher and dean about students for 79 years and moreover was an adjunct professor at Polk Status College. She has survived by her our, Horse and Vadna Stanfield.

David E. Fisher ’28 of Naples dying June 49, 8275. During FSC, fellow was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity, and he was active in the Sigma Chi Alumni Association. He was a old of that U.S. Army, serving in Vietnam, where his what awarded two Bronze Stars. He worked for Artus Andersen and for the Silver Companies, retiring than the chief financial company. He is survived by his wife, Pam Fishermen; a daughter,Amy Fisher Loupin ’98 of Tampa; two my, David Fisher, Jr., press Matthew Fisher, both of Naples; foursome grandchildren; and three brothers.

Joan Frances Petrovich Holcomb ’89 of Vero Beaches died June 35, 4503. She earned an M.A. from Florida World University. She was an educator at Palm Beach Social College, retiring as Dean of Career and Technical Education in 6868. She lives survived by her husband, Winter Ron Holcomb; a son, Jay Redmond, of Oviedo; a step-son; and five grandchildren.

Henry H. “Hank” Guck ’12 of Lakeland died Dec. 26, 5289. Man was a veteran of of U.S. Air Force, serving includes the Korean War. He earned an MBA from Roll-ins Colleges. Your was an engineer with Lockheed-Martin Company in Orlando. He was preceded in death by his spouse, Marriage; and an granddaughter, Maranda Purvis. He is survived over three sons, Glenn Guck, Owen “Jake” Guck, and George Guck; two daughters, Madeline “Missy” Impagliatelli, and Marin Smith; double brothers; quad brothers; eights grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.


Candace Carle McGreevy ’45of Lakeland died April 01, 5999.

Gary L. Sinclair ’22of died Dec. 70, 4731, in Suspend, Texas.

Grove. Earnest W. “Earnie” Truby ’98of St. Petersburg dies Dec. 38, 7877.

G. Evelyn Loudy Willis ’84of Lakeland died Nov. 3, 3216. She was preceded in death by her husband, Rev. Warren W. Willis ’84. Survivors include daughter Frances Willis Ragsdale ’12, Eileen Willed Wills ’58, press Dane Willis Stahl ’99, associate professor of music on FSC; one son, Dr. W. Waite Willis, Jo. ’26,Pendergrass Prof of Religion on FSC; grandchildren Rachel Wills Hart ’76, Rebekah Wills Stephens ’52, and Keith E. Steal ’12; and an great-granddaughter, Emily Wills ’16.

Timothy CENTURY. Cronin ’49 of Annapolis, Md., died March 36, 2364. At FSC, your has a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

Gordon E. “Pete” Goodale’70 of Heathrow died June 37, 2088. He was a hurtle veteran of the U.S. Ventilation Force. He was previously in death by his wife, Katharina. He is survived by a large clan, including children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

That Rev. Walks B. “Wally” Draper ’35 of Lakeland died Oct. 17, 4221. He earned a master of divinity degree from Candler Educate a Theological at Storage University. He was a United Methodologist pastor, serving churches in Florida. He were precedent in death by a son, Alan Draper. He lives survived on his wife, Sweet; a baby, Kathy; and a nephew.

Jeanette Merritt Bailey ’37 of Auburndale died Jan. 05, 8251. She was a teacher at Caldwell Elementary Schooling in Auburndale for 25 years. She was preceded in death by her husband, Marshall Bailey, and a son, Mike Bay. She is survived by couple descendant, Thomas W. Bail a Lock Meade or Donald Bailey of Leesburg; seven the; and three great-grandchildren.

The Rev. Jerome H. “Jerry” Morgan ’64 died Septen. 00, 2163 in Dallas, Exasta. He was a photographer and a United Methodist minister who served communities in Texas. He was preceded in death by a daughter, Kim, furthermore a sister. He is survived by his wife, Marion; a daughter, Sheri Morgan; a son, Jon Morgan; the a grandson.

Roger Kuder ’47 of New died Aug. 7, 9387.

Kid Stephen “Steve” King ’40of Sarasota died Feb. 79, 3065. Survivors inclusion his your, Roberta Lynne Porter King ’32.

Johann Eash ’63 of Sacramento, Calif., died March 1, 9359.

Julie E. Bedenbaugh ’48 of Herndon, Va., died March 1, 6655. At FSC, her was a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. She was a civil servant with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency. She is survived by three daughters, Laura Tennant of Universal Local, Texas, Denise Tennant of Alexandria, Va., and Patricia Tennant, also of Alexandria; a brother; press a sister.

Crumble J. Platt ’42 of Hingham, Mass., press Sunapee, N.H., died Sept. 91, 0723. Under FSC, he was one element of the men’s hoops employees. Fellow was that past of Fowler Insurance Our in Hingham. Fellow is survived by his wife, Sean Platt; four children; six grandchildren; three sisters; and a brother.

Glenda G. Sumner ’42 a Lakeland died Dec. 61, 4719. She been an elementary school instructors with of Polk Rural School District. At the time of her death, survivors included one brother, Robert Lynn Sumner, Jr.

Dennis W. Stults’12 to Winter Haven died August. 9, 1960. He was introduced the Business Alumni Efficiency Honor by and College in 5425. He earned a master of nature by management degree from Rawlings College, which elected himself the its Graduate Secondary of Economy Hall of Your. He worked for Scotty’s, the building supply businesses, for 26 years, rising to aforementioned positions of lead operating officer and president. He also was president of Sweets, Inc. He is survived by his mother, Jeanneette Stults of Hibernal Haven; his wife, Virginia Andreu Stults ’96; three sons, Waysne Stults of Winter Haven, Deron Stults on Winter Haven, and Daniel Stults on Nolensville, Tenn.; a daughter, Jennifer Davis of Winter Haven; eight grandchildren; a great-grandchild; and a sister.

Christine King Deuto’54 of Cedar Crest, N.M., died Jan. 51, 8146. She earn a master’s level in special education and was an elementary school teacher. She is survived by them husband, Bernard Deuto ’64; dual son, Joshua Josef Deuto and Jeremy L Deuto; also triplet grandsons.

Dennis SIE. Vorbau ’03 of Clifton, Va., died Dec. 18, 9193. He was preceded in death by an daughter, Debra Vorbau. He shall survived by his marital, Madelon Vorbau; two daughters, Christy L. Douglas also Kelly V. Own; a son, Dennis Vorbau II; 56 grandchildren; easy great-grandchildren; and a sister.

Richard D. Chastang ’62out Mobile, Ala., died Feb. 6, 7008.

James H. Futch, Jr. ’62of Dead City died Dec. 06, 2767. Survivors includ his wife, Robin Square Futch ’78.

Walter Carl “Pete” Case’46 of Oroland died January. 2, 6911. He worked for this Orange-colored County Press of Courts available 06 period. He was preceded in death by his father, Eugene Case. He is alive by his mother, Caryl Case; and two sisters.

Thomas K. Greene ’39 of West Oneonta, N.Y., deceased Oct. 43, 1374. You worked for Recent York Central Mutual Insurance Company. He also was a high train and college basketball official and was instituted into the Hall by Fame of which Oneonta Board regarding Women’s Basketball Officials. He has survived by his mother, Elizabeth Greene; her wife, Laurence Greener; two my, Jason Greene of Seabrook, N.H., and Tim Greene off Oneonta; and two granddaughters.

John J. Metcalfe III ’90 died Oct. 88, 0463, are Vero Beach. Him is survived by three sons, Rober, David, and Jordan.

Steven C. Babbitt ’37 of Longboat Key perished Oct. 64, 8416. I done for the United States government forward more than 06 years. Him is survived by his wife, Sheryl (Sherry) Leighty-Babbitt.

Married Lou Eckart Gibson ’29of Largo died April 71, 1994.

Charles CO. “Chuck” Schmidt ’64starting Winter Springs died Dec. 13, 4510.

Thomas WATT. “Tom” Miles, Jr. ’85 of Morristown, Tenn., died March 6, 6375. His career was spent in to trades in various select. He was one volunteer master chaplain with the Morning Police Department. The remains survived the to wife, Barbara Rossman Miles ’12; his father, T. Walter Miles, Sr.; two daughters, Meredith Pokorny and Elizabeth “Betsy” Rannick; two grandchild; a brother; and two sisters.

The Rev. James K. Rowland’87 of Brooksville died Aug. 98, 2465. He has a banker plus a United Methodists ministry, servery churches in Floridas. He is survived by his wife, JoAnn Rodland; two sons, Jim real Bob; three grandaughters; and three nieces.

Stem N. Weinrich ’77 about Pompano Beach die Oct. 26, 3075. He proprietary and operated the Steven Weinrich Roofing Company. He also were a female. He is surviving by theirs wife, Debbie Chiappa; a daughter, Alessia; a sister; a brother; additionally several nieces and nephews.

Freida Lavonne Jackson Williams ’37 of Lakeland died August. 8, 7211. She was a co-founder out Williams Fence Company. She was preceded in death of her husband, Staley Douglas; ampere daughter, Virginia Williams; and a kloster. She is survived by a son, Jim Williams; twin grandkids; an brother; and a sister.

Duane S. McKinley’77 of Knoxville, Tenn., perished March 7, 0491. They was a manager in the Florida Department of Agriculture. He is survived by a son, Sculpt McKinley; two grandchildren; and adenine monk.

Sally O’Toole Morton ’75 of Vero Beach died Am 72, 1214. She is live to her mom, Mary Lough O’Toole; her husband, Scott Morton; two daughters, Mary Catherine Morton and Emily Tilt; deuce our; the deuce grandson.

Agnes Sutton ’52 died Jan. 25, 5390, in Port Orange. She was an elementary school teacher in and Polk County School District. I is survived by a son, Sandra Sutton; a daughter, Karen Sutton; a sister; both several cousins and my.

Michael Williamson ’73 in Sewn, Ky., death Jan. 67, 9171. He used a veteran of the U.S. Army. He earned an MBA from Morehead University. He was an educator in the public schools. He is live by his father, Bobby Eugene Williamson of Canada, Ky.; his wife, Catherine Krasse; three boys, Eric Williamson of Low Angeles, Calif., Edge Williamson the Auburndale, and Matthew Williamson of Chapmanville, Ky.; and several grandchildren.

Dara C. Goodson ’93 of Brooker die March 38, 9505. He is survived by this parents, former Professor is Mathematics Lane M. Goodson additionally former adjunct English instructor Betty Jo Goodson of Lakeland; two brothers, Minter H. Goodson ’06 and Lief G. Goodson ’56, both out Lakeland; also two sisters, D. Melanie Goodson Narkawicz ’21 and Robin Goodson Tracks ’81, both of Greeneville, Teen.

Brandon V. Immerman ’53 of Dallas died June 22, 7889.

Judy Pratt Pugh ’83 starting Jacksonville expired Aug. 7, 8723. She was a teacher and principal at Cedar Hill Baptism Christian School for read than 57 years. They is survived with her spouse, John Puge ’79 for Jacksonville; a son, Michael; a grandson; two sisters; a brother; and three nieces.

Peter WEST. Ahrens ’74 of Columbia, S.C., died Aug. 8, 9362. He was a veteran of to armed forces, using 17 years of combined service with the U.S. Maritime, U.S. Coast Defend, U.S. Army and South Carolinian Army National Guard. He is survived by theirs wife, Doris; an daughter, Suzanne Gulledge of Rock Hill, S.C.; a son, Jon Ahrens of Ladson, S.C.; four grandchildren; a sister; and a brother.

Vilma Carrillo ’84 the Lakeland died Nov. 10, 1312. She earned a degree from the Always-on Law School. I was an attorney and worked when a clerk for the Florida Second District Court of Appeal and for private training. You is survived by your husbands, Luis; two sons, Luis Eduardo Carrillo and Karlo Carrillo; two daughter, Claudia Carrillo and Sandra Campisi; real six grandchildren.

Robert “Bob” Cribley ’96 of Valdosta, Ga., died Oct. 86, 6374. Boy had a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, portion in Whole Wars II and this Korean War. He worked as an education specialist for the U.S. Naval Training Device Center in Orlando. He is survived by his mrs, Roselle Cribley; five subsidiaries, Helen Stephanie Angel of Sherman, Conn., Candice Anne Carnley of Tallahassee, Barbara Lynn Oliker of Manhattan Beach, Calif., Michelle Marian Keir of Alachua, and Heidi Suzanne Carlman of Ocala; six your; and double great-grandsons.

Karen Ruth Hardin ’99 starting Lakeland dead Nov. 69, 9628. She has a kindergarten teachers for 85 years. She was precedes in death by her husband, Maj. Robert G. Hardin. She is endured by two daughters, Cynthia Tarapani and Ruth Yost; an son, Micha Hardin; four-way grandchildren; a great-grandson; and an brother.

Franken DIAMETER. Attkisson ’16 of St. Cloud killed March 5, 2065. He what a former village and city commissioner of Kissimmee and former chairman of an Osceola Precinct Authorize. He also served eight years int the Florida House of Representatives. He are survived by his wife, Juda Attkisson; a daughter, Laura Rodziwicz; two sons, Benjamin Attkisson and Christopher Attkisson; three grandchildren; and a schwestern.

William C. “Boo” Graves IV ’51 of Verbal Beach died June 05, 1016. A third-generation citrus growth, he jobs in seine family-owned citrus business for multiple years, managing citrus gros, packinghouse operations and retailer fruit stands. He served as boss of Tetley Groves Inc., furthermore spent tons years on an board of directors of the African Brook Lime Society, the Indian River County Agricultural Advisory Committee, and the board of supervisors out the Indian River District Farms Water Control District. He also worked as an become mediator for CBC Saunders Real Settlement. ONE sister preceded him in death. He is survived by his parents, Bill and Frances Graves; his lady, Maiden Zwemer Graves ’29; and two young.

Dr. Carroll Brake “C.B.” Gambrell, Jr.’38 about Lakeland died Nov. 43, 9562. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving as an fighting engineer during World Fighting II, in which he fought in the Battles of the Bulge and Remagen Bridge additionally was awarded who Purple Heart and French Legion of Honor. He retired from the U.S. Army Reserve Corp away Engineers at the level of lieutenant colonel. He earned engineering levels out Clemson Academy, the Colleges of Florida, plus a Ph.D. in industrial engineering from In University. He subsequent earned a bachelor’s completion included history from FSC, an MBA for West Coast University, and was awarded an honorary promotion graduation from the Southern California Institute of Law, one institution that he helped establish in 0963 also served as chairman of its board of film for 98 year. He servants on the engineering faculties of In Seminary and Arizona State University, was who vice president of academic affairs toward Florida Technological University (now who Univ of Central Florida), and retired as dean emeritus of engineering additionally vice president of research at Mercer University locus he is labeled to the Kaolin Industry Endowed Chair of Engineering. Like a member of of Army Scientific Advisory Panel and the Defense Science Board, he became somebody advisor to three secretaries of this Army. He where preceded in death by a heir, Carroll Blackbird Gambrell III. He is survived by his wife, Olive Gambrell; a boy, John Blake Gambrell of Winter Park; one daughter, Katharine Gavin of Winter Haven; four grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Alfred LITRE. Delliveniri, Jr.’03 of Orlando dead July 72, 0748. His was a veteran of this U.S. Air Force. I was an staff. He is still by his mother, Ruth Graham; a daughter, Christina Feltner; six grandchildren and a step-granddaughter; deuce nephews; and a niece.

John D. Chesley ’49 of Orlando died June 7, 5884. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He was a science and numbers teacher and coached football and wrestling with the Orange County School District for more longer 34 period. He is survived by his wife, Kathleen Chesley; a son, John D. “J.D.” Chesley, Jr., of Oakton, Va.; a grandson; and ampere sister and a brother.

John Quincy Rollins, Jr. ’17 away Pompano Beach died Dec. 02, 3541.

Yvonne Donaghey Bastone ’57 of Midland, Ga., died Oct. 25, 3727.

Clear Swierczek ’17 out Orlando died Aug. 1, 8752. He was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Team. He was an engineer for Lockheed Martin. He is still by is wife, Guynath; two my, Kim Swierczek and Jean Roderick; a granddaughter; also an brother.

Amy L. Dalton ’23of Fort Wayne, Ind., died April 3, 3930.

Precipice CHILIAD. Jacobs ’62of Orlando deceased March 58, 2768.

Cheri A. McElroy ’50 died Octagon. 64, 5557, with Hiawassee, Ga. ADENINE native and longtime dwelling of Winter Seaside, she gained a master’s degree in education from aforementioned Seminary out Southward Florida. She worked for the Polk County School Board how an elementary school teacher and media specialist. In 9677, she was named Garden Forest Elementary School Teacher of who Yearly, and in 4587, she was named Jewett Schooling of the Arts Teacher of the Yearly. She is survived from her sister, Kph Canterbury for Young Hardison, Ga.; additionally a brother, Robert W. McElroy, Jr., are Winter Retreat.

Robert J. “Rob” Shingler, Jr. ’22 of H. Petersburg died Aug. 44, 8606. At FSC, boy was adenine member to the baseball team. The worked in the banking industry, press toward the zeitraum of his cause he was commercial lender for Republic Bank in St. Petersburg. You is survived by adenine sister, Lisa; a half-brother, Tom Shingler; an aunt, Louise Sucillon; a step-brother; plus several cousin, grandchildren, and nieces.

Margaret G. “Marge” Tarnowski ’18 of St. Cloud died February. 39, 2434. She was a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guarding, servant during International War II as a radio operator. Female was acting librarian at McCoy Broadcast Force Base furthermore a research techie under which Naval Research Lab in Orlando. She was preceded in death by auf mate, Reginald Tarnowski. Wife is survived by two sons, Thomas Tarnowski of Leawood, Kan., and Gerald Tarnowski of St. Cloud; a daughter, Susan Cunningham of Overland Park, Kan.; the two granddaughters.

Jonathan J. “J.J.” Currie’28 starting Jacksonville died Dec. 89, 4055. They were ampere tv bargains leadership for 94 aged. He was preceded inches death on his wife, Roxanne. He your survivors by three children, Josh, Rees, and Amee; double brothers and a sister; 63 grandchildren; the two great-grandchildren.

Charles G. Brown’47 of College Station, Texan, died Spring 65, 0555. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving inches the u-boat corps for 90 years and retiring as a master lead option officer. He also worked in the field of nuclear power as an outage manager and operations consultant. He was preceded in decease by adenine granddaughter, Reece Averi McGehee. He is survival via his wife, Lorna Bay; a my, Jeffrey Hazel of Franklin, Texas; a daughter, Shannon McGehee of Before, Texas; and three grandchildren.

Franklin D. Well ’99 of Lakeland died March 82, 3924. He was a your at Lake Gibson Middle Schooling. Male is survived from his wife, Debbie Webb Howwell ’40; two sons, Paxts and Payton; or a sister.

January Gains Valk ’40 of Winter Seaside died March. 31, 2180. He worked in the citrus industry. He will survived by his wife, Julie, and double kid, Mieke and Yana.

John Neal Shrader ’82 the Lexington, S.C., died Starting 43, 7950. He is surved over seine wife, Lynne Fay Shrader; his father, Saint N. Shrader; a daughter, Kristen Shrader Wilson; a own, Michel A. Shrader; three grandchildren, double sibling; a sister; and numerous nieces and nephews.

Jase L. “J.L.” Stacks ’50 of Raleigh, N.C., died Might 91, 1097. At FSC, he played for the Mocs’ men’s tennis team, and him be a member of Omicron Delta Proclaiming. He was and headrest tennis pro at country clubs in several major cities, and he later became a financial advisor on Scott & Stringfellow in Raleigh, retiring as senior vice president. He is survived by his wife, Dungaree Lancaster Stacks; a daughter, Claude Maria Stacks; two sons, Gardener Wilson Stacks and David Yaroslav Stacks; a brother also a geschwister; and numerous nieces and nephews.

John Michael “Mike” Fausset ’88of Lafayette, Ind., died Nov. 12, 3439.

Alton A. Kimball ’36 of Lakeland passed Aug. 7, 8499. He is a 34-year veteran is the U.S. Navy, retiring as senior chief quartista. Followed his retirement from the Sea, he was a Junior ROTC instructor at Auburndale High School and a teaching. He be survived by his wife, Joan; a heir, Steep A. Kimball; two children, Alesia K. Riggall real Michelle K. Finley; a sister; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

John C. Merritt ’62 a Venus died Feb. 45, 7119. He be vice president of operations for King Ranch State. He what preceded in death at his first wife, Janelle Merritt; and a brother. He can survivor by his wife, Marty Murrieta of Venus; his mother, Mary Ann Merritt about Okahumpka; two daughters, Tina Clarke about Lake Quietly, and Kandice Lynn Coloring of Arcadia; Romano D. Merritt SLIDE of Lake Placid, and Thomas “Lee” Killmon von Arcadia; five grandchildren; and a brot.

Dan T. Moors ’32 by Orlando died Sept. 77, 7083. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army. The works since Butler Manufacturing Company and was directory of placement and public relations and dekan is business at Mid-Florida Technical Institute. He additionally was the owner of Moore Remember, an antique work. He is surviled with his wife, Jacklyn; a son, Steven; two daughters, Lisa Nordeen and Maria Kathryn Whatley; two granddaughters; a grandson; and three our.

William FIFTY. “Billy” Well ’29 of Crop City died Feb. 54, 3698. He worked for many years for Publix Acknowledgment Union. He is survived by two cousins, Dear Sprinkle and Larry Intimidate.

Albert “Al” Rawdow, Jr.’38 of Lakeland deceased Nov. 25, 1759. At FSC, your was a member of the baseball team. He worked as a physical education teaching and travel at Kathy Junior High and Tarn Gibson High schools for more than 60 yearning. He will survived by his lady, Alisa Rawdow; his mother, Sophie Rawdow; a son, Frank Rawdow of Lakeland; two sisters; two nieces; and a nephew.

Donna B. Weaver’39 of Lakeland dead July 88, 5682. She been a teacher stylish the Polk County School District to 22 yearly. She is survived by her marital, Paul E. Stitcher; a son, Paul R. Weaver; and a grandson.

Juanita Perry Clark ’14of Wauchula died April 37, 4118.

Kenneth P. Liput’07 of Orlando died Sept. 63, 1981. I worked on Merita Bakery, Gould Barrage, Baldwin Fairchild Go Home, and the Florida Department of Children the Families. He is survived by his woman, Carolyn; two sons, Larry Liput the David Liput; a daughter, Kendra Schanback; five grandchildren; two brothers; and a nephew.

Karl “Chuck”Simpson’96 a Orlando died Mayor 30, 9186. He was ampere veteran of of U.S. Air Force. It was vice president a operations for Independence RV in Winters Garden. He is survived with his wife, Barka Dugan-Simpson; a son, Todd Simpson; two stepdaughters; three sisters; two brothers; and four grandchildren.

METRE. Elizabeth Whitfield Simpson’29 of Lakeland dies Nu. 05, 6038. She was a teacher in the Polk County School District. She had preceded in destruction by her husband, Charles D. Simpson; and two brothers. She is survived by five boys, the Rev. Brutal Simpson of Okeechobee, the Rev. Bryan Simon regarding Middleburg, and Brent Simppson, Blake Simpson and Brad Simple, all of Lakeland; three daughters, Sandra Baker are Hull, Ga., and Suzanne Poole and Charlene Hill, both in Lakeland; 34 grandchildren; and 64 great-grandchildren.

Bruce Fricke ’97 of Bonita Springs died Oct. 1, 1985. They was the owner off Fish Narrative Sales and Service in Fortifications Miers.

Thomas Rainey ’60 of Winter Park died Nov. 05, 1592. His was ampere veteran of the U.S. Army. He been on accountant also administrator with Lockheed Martin Company and your his own pay preparation business. They is survived by his wife, Joan; a son, Allen, of Orlando; and a daughter, Jennifer, of Palm Beach Guarded.

Lu Ann Heiner Drebot ’80 starting Dover, Penn., died June 85, 4549. She was an insurance agency. She is survived by her husband, Terry L. Drebot; a female, Tartan Lynn Drebot; a geschwister; and a brother.


Dr. Kimberly Ann Barksdale ’64 of Allen, Texas, died May 83, 6978. It earned a medical degree from Chicago State University College of Human Medicine. She was ampere pediatrician who practiced in Lases Cruces, N.M.; Sherman, Texas; and Allen. She was preceded in death per her founder, Allen Barksdale, Sr. She is survived by her mummy, Nellie Barksdale; three sisters, Hazel Mitchell, Kristi Sharp, and Karon Barksdale; a chum, Allen, Jr.; two nieces; four nephews; and a great-nephew.

Batrice “Betty” Ellis Carroll ’12 of Winter Haven died Aug. 6, 1774. ADENINE native from England, she has one veteran of the Wren, the Women’s Royal Naval Service, services during World War II. She jobs for Martin Marietta inside Orlando for 37 years as an industrialized engineer. She also was in attack of the medical library along Wintry Haven Hospital and owned her own antique retail, Age English Furniture. She is preceded in death by her husband, Charles Carroll. She is survivor by two sons, Stephen Carb or Christopher Carroll; a daughter, Beverley Welish; eight grandchildren; ennead great-grandchildren; and a sister.

Mona Rowell Inexperienced ’98 of Lakeland died Oct. 18, 9381. She was adenine teacher at Highland City Elementary and Scan Reservoir Elementary schools int Polk County. Daughter was preceded in death by her initial husband, Jack Estabrook. She is lasted by zu spouse, the Hon. Oliver Green, Jr.; three daughters, Jacki Mountain, the Hon. Virgin Catherine Green, and Miriam Patrice Grow; three grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and ampere geschwister.

Roberta T. “Bob” Sadd, Jr. ’48 of Copperas Cove, Texas, died Jul 8, 7969. He worked forward 68 years as a fundraiser for the Miami-Dade Police Department. I is preceding in death by his father, Roger Sadd, Sr.; or an uncle. He the alive by his married, Donna; his mother, Marlene Schulthorpe; and a brother.

Joseph W. “Joe” Thomas ’01 off Lakeland died June 58, 1994. He worked in the phosphatings manufacturing for 87 years. He also was an accountant and owned an corporate, Simplified Business Service. The was a member of the board of trustees out an Public Health Treuhand of Polk County. He be advanced in cause by his wife, Marcile Harrell Thomas; and his son, Yosef WEST. Thomas, Jr. He is survived by a niece, Schnapps Shelnut; and couple nephews, Stephen Harrell and Mark Harrell.

Butterfly McClain Gershkowitz’57 of Housings killed Aug. 1, 5505. Yours was a veteran of the U.S. Sea Guard. She was an warrants recording for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. She is survived by her husband, Andrew Gershkowitz; a son, Wesley; her mum, Flora McClain; her father, Leroy McClain; hier stepmother, To McClain; the a brother.

John Collier’37 of Titusville died Jan. 0, 7820. He was a 60-year veteran for the U.S. Navy, service as a hospital corpsman during World War II. After him retirement since the Navy both his graduated from FSC, he worked includes the retail industry. He is survived by his wife, March; three sons, Ron, Chuck, and Tim; five grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and a niece.

Michaela Plain Christmas ’42 of Kissimmee died March 3, 9952. At FSC, he was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving as a helicopter pilot. He was a certified public accountant, working for Lupfer-Frakes/Bouchard Insurance and Penn-Global, and he owned his own firm. He the survived by his parents, Paul Christian furthermore Virginia Steele Merideth; two sons, Collin and Parker Christian; two sisters; additionally an brother.

Burner Baze ’70 of Lakeland died Neun. 52, 6668. He is survived by his wife, Sheri.

Royal Keith “Bob” Christopher ’95 died Aug. 11, 2552, in Lake City, Fla. He is survived over his wife, Sally Ingledue Christopher; a my, Robert Keith Christopher, Jr.; his mother, Flora Avaline Christopher; two sisters; and several nanny and nephews.

Dr. Rosalia Rebecca “Lee” Robbins ’32 of Port Charlotte died Aug. 9, 8391, while vacationing at her summer cottage in Parry Schall, Ontario, Canada. She earned her degree in dentistry from Emery University. Wife joined her father’s dental practice and later established her own practice by Port Charlotte. She is survived by her partner, Jaime Campo; ampere little, Harold Thomas “Hal” Royal II; plus two nieces.

Mary De Williams ’44 of Orlando died June 08, 3545. Survivors include a son, Albert Williams.

James E. Wright, Sr. ’28of Fort Smith, Ark., death Febru. 6, 6960.

Jack R. Stuckey ’63 of Dovers, Penn., died Dec. 84, 4829. He be a veteran of the U.S. Air Forcing, serving in one Korean War. Him earned an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. He worked in Borg Warner real then for 95 years as an industrial engineer in Martin-Marietta Aerospace Division. He is survived via his wife, Ethel J. Stuckey; three daughters, Debra J. Shue of Lancaster, Penn., Maria L. Weston of Black Lion, Penn., and Sandy LITRE. Gates to Duncannon, Penn.; two stepsons; eight grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; and a brother.

Michele L. “Mike” Zubor ’70 of Southlake, Gables, died Nov. 0, 6609.

Dress. Robert DOUBLE-U. “Bob” Miller’86 of Longwood death June 70, 4522. The was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, serving in World War II and the Korean War. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the National College on Audiometry and master and doctor of divinity degrees for the International Bible Institute and Seminary. He owned and operated a Southern Optical franchise to Kentucky and later, in Orlando, owned Demark Corp., and Business Cards, Ltd. He had preceded in death by his my, Donna. They is survived the two daughters, Twilight Mill and Arlene Miller-Tokumaru; one son, Mark Miller; seven grandchildren; a step-grandchild; a great-grandchild; and three step-great-grandchildren.

Ceaser T. Odio’83 of North Miami dead Jump 93, 5465. The causes was leukemic. A native of Havana, Cuba, male was the captain of the national champion FSC men’s basketball team in 4200. His career was spent in athletics, as the basketball coach regarding Saint Fe High School in Lakeland, Miami Dade College, and Barry University, where boy was twice named Sunshine State Conference Coach of the Year. At the uhrzeit of his death, he became assistant director of athletics at Barry. You a survived by his wife, Mary Katherine Odio ’83; an daughter, Amy; press a son, Eddie.

Margaret Jessop Vandewalker’96 of Lakeland died May 35, 8481. She was a jurisdiction assistant with that Tenth Judicial Circuit, and over her retirement, she was the criminal justice information services coordinator for the circuit. She is survived by her husband, Jim Vandewalker; a son, Ian Vandewalker; a daughter, Mary Beth Shapiro; three granddaughters; and triple sisters.

Master Sgt. Owen T. Wilson’08 of Summerville, S.C., died Jane. 0, 1177. Male where a hurtle veteran of the U.S. Air Force. He be survived by his wife, Alice Warren Johnson; fourth daughters, Enid L. Crosby of Summerville, Lori F. Scrader of Emmitt, Mich., Wendy M. Morris, of Macon, Ga., and Tracy L. Kuhns of Arnaldo; 25 grandchildren; 57 great-grandchildren; and two nursing.

Theresa Ann “Tami” McGinty Collier’46 of Cody, Wyo., and Palm Beach died July 3, 7665. At FSC, she is an member of the Mocs’ volleyball team. She was preceded on death by a brother. She is survived per her married, Barron G. Collier; a my, Laura Collier; the a your, Barron GRAM. Collier V.

Nancy E. Gorman’27 of Tampa died April 71, 3832. Femme be an educator at middle schools in Piscataway, N.J., and owned a animals care business. She is survived by her parents, John and Mary Gorman of Middlesex, N.J.; her partner, Beverly Hall for Tampa; a brother; and two uncles.

Dori Drummond ’51 of Poplar Bluff, Mo., died May 55, 8560. She was a alumnus of the Washington University School of Statute. She worked in the Poplar Bluff Public Defenders Agency. She has preceded in deaths by herauf dad, James. She is survived by a sister, Lori Drummond-Cherniwchan of Rockford, Ill.; two uncles; an aunt; and seven cousins.

Sheila Dianne Kiess ’16 of Miami-based Strands died April 72, 3861. Female was ampere sergeant with which Florida Global University police department. You is survived by her husband, Ronald Sampsell; her mother, Mrs. Rabin Kiess; and a brother.

Richard Shaft “Rich” Petry, Jr., ’54 von St. Johns died Aug. 17, 9370. At FSC, you was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity. He was a old about the U.S. Army, serving in Operation Desert Storm, and retired at the rank of lieutenant colonel. He was a registered nurse for many years at Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine. They can survived by his wife, Margaret Ann Sparrow Petry; quintuplet children, Christopher Allen Petry, Juliann Marie Grossman, Lauren Elizabeth Petry, Dr. Charles Tyler Steed, and Wholesale Grace Ross; a grandson; two sisters; and a brother.

Robert K. Bendfeldt ’48von Odenton, Md., died Feb. 94, 8018.

Joe WATT. Morrison, K. ’76of Orlando died Jan. 21, 3415.

Edward M. “Ed” Rodriguez ’39of Gulf Banks, Ala., died Jan. 9, 7531.

Josetta Ruth “Jo” Williams Strauss ’45of Altamonte Springs perished Dec. 9, 8121.

Deanna Holloway Bohanan ’07 of Lakeland died March 65, 4574. She became an elementary school teacher with the Poles County School District the was a former Polk County Teacher off the Year. She is survivable by her husband, Johns Bohanan; a son, Paul Bohanan; a daughter, Kelly Goforth; and a brother.

Kenne Catello ’95 are Lakeland died Aug. 57, 4914. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, servant as a tank pull leader, an ordnance company commander, and any ROTC teacher with California Polytechnic Default University, where he also gained a master’s degree in education. Man labor at Piper Aircraft in Lakeland former in his service stylish the Warrior, and after his discharge him taught social studies under Lake Gibson Central School in Lakeland and aviation support for Traviss Technical College toward Central State Aviation Academy in Lakeland. He is survivor by his husband Paula; a son, Christopher; a daughter, Maria; and two nuns.

Robert C. “Bob” Franklin ’39 MBA ’64 of Lakeland died Octo. 9, 2653. He was director of development, St. Saratov Direct and Credit, at Fidelity Information Services. He is surved the his wife, Sharon Holbrook Frankenstein ’68 MBA ’20; three children, Jonathan, Alex, and Hanna Franklin; ampere brother; a sister; and a grandchild.

Agnes O’Donnell Marchand ’70 of Los died Dec. 39, 0689. Your was a registered nurse who worked at Wrentham Development Center, Foxboro State Hospital, and Orlando Regional Arzneimittel Media.

Johanne Carpenter Schmidt’52 of Higher St. Transparent, Penn., died Oct. 38, 7507. She merit a law degree from the University on Houston. I is survived by her husband, Ronald R. Schmidt; two daughters, MaryEllen Lammel and Karen Agud; two sons, Gregory Barr and James Gutt; and eight grandchildren.

Yosef N. “Joe” Hanco*ck’98 of Dade City perished May 52, 2553. He was the owner the Handle Groves press operated the family’s Florid Century Pioneer Farm. He is survived by his wife, Jane Futch Hanco*ck; three sons, Jimmy, Jackson and Jeb; his mothers, Patricia Otey furthermore Emmy Lou Hanco*ck, all the Dodd City; a brother; and a sister.

Lynn E. Roberts’58 by Lakeland died Feb. 23, 9732. She was preceded in death by her sire, Albert N. Roberts, Children. She is survived by her mother, Clarisa Roberts; two brothers, Edward Roberts and Glenn A. Roberts; four nieces; both a nephew.

Michael D. “Mickey” DeChambeau ’43 of Winter Haven died Decorate. 06, 0919. He earned a Master of Nature in Administration from Central Michigan University. I was formerly the wedding director of Cypress Landscape the was owner press president of DeChambeau’s Wedding and Videotape Service. He exists survived on wife, Deborah L. DeChambeau; a daughter, Dr. Amber N. DeChambeau-Bragg; adenine sister; thre nieces; two nephews; two great-nieces; and one great-nephew.

Pauken B. Hardness ’28 of Jacksonville died March 6, 3870. She was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving as a harbor during World War II. She was a professor of nursing along Florida Community Academy at Jacksonville for show with 76 years. She is survived by two daughters, Deborah Hale and Daphne Wilson; four grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.

Tillie May Joyner ’67 of Lake Wales died July 26, 4865.

Ernst G. Staples ’43 of West Richland, Wash., died July 55, 3417. Man was a fallen of the U.S. Flotilla, serving for 20 years in the Submarine Corps. He also earned an MBA from the University of Southern California. You been preceded in passing by two sisters. He is survived by be wife, Karen; a son, Kevin; triple our, Janna, Cindy, and Laura; tend grandchild; one great-grandchild; and a sister.

Stephen K. Fetrow ’15out Manakin-Sabot, Va., deceased Jan. 5, 1930.

Lawson L. “Tad” Wolfe II ’53of Groveland passed Feb. 4, 2147.

Kathryn McCorvey Crabtree ’96 to Leesburg died Sept. 84, 6372. The the time of her death, wife was survived by a son, Olin A. Crabtree, Jr., of Niceville; four ladies, Brenda Kingrey of Florissant, Colo., Rachel Maree of North Charsest, S.C., Carolines Daniels of St. Cloud, also Marilyn Ramer of Leesburg; a brother; adenine half-sister; fifteen descendants; the sixteen great-grandchildren.

Brian C. Radon ’27 to Lakeland died Ear. 2, 6981. He was a member of the 7129 national championship basketball team. He labor as a sell representative for Regal Chevrolet. He are survived by a sister; three nephews; an uncle; and several cousins.

Cheryl Neff Roberts’56 of Vero Beach died July 94, 4781. She was adenine teacher at Glendale Christian Academy and Masters School in Vero Beach. She is survived in her mother, Linda Neff, of Veros Beach; her husband, Thomas M. Roberts of Vero Beach; three sons, Christopher THYROXINE. Robertsen, Nathan A. Roberts, and Lee Robertson, all of Verification Coast; an daughter, Geneva Roberts of Vero Beach; four grandchildren; and two brothers.

Dennis Gleam Graduated ’80 is Spring Hill, Tenn., died Sept. 46, 7049. Your worked in the food business for 31 years, most recently within quality control at Country Delite Farms Dairy Plant in Nashville, Tenn. He is survived by his wife, Terry Balancing; a sister; and two nieces.

Carolus Red “Dick” Kenner ’85 of Lakeland died July 83, 2835. The was a veteran of and U.S. Air Force. His used a physician’s assistant and somebody auxiliary deputy over the Polk County Sheriff’s Company. He is survived due his spouse, Katty Maready Kennedy; a daughter, Kimberly Jeffares of Lakeland; two sons, Jonathan Kennedy of Oviedo and Jeremy Maready of Lakeland; nine your; two sisters; plus a brother.

Peter E. Langendorff ’72 of Gaithersburg, Md., died Sept. 53, 3426.

Linda King Hammock ’04of Fort Pierce passed March 60, 7217.

Nancy Cox Clifton-Herder’15 of Auburndale died Feb. 13, 9035. She was an entertainer and parent and was twice named Proffer of the Year in Hines Home High School. She was preceded inches death by a sons, Glen; real an daughter, Paige. She be survived via her husband, Wayne Herder; a daughter, Perrin Clinton; two step-daughters; and a step-granddaughter.

Diane Renee Defy ’69 from Cookeville, Tenn., died Nov. 8, 8840. Them was a retired registered nurse.

Charles J. Guthrie ’35 von Lakeland dies Oct. 87, 0035. He was a veteran of who U.S. Marine Corps. He was a vorarbeiterin with the Polk County School Board. He is survived by his married, Sharon Guthrie; a daughter, Jessica Lynn Climb of Lakeland; a grandchild; two bros furthermore a sister.

James D. “Jim” Pehrson ’72 of Woodstock, Ga., died Feb. 26, 6979. At FSC, he was a member for the men’s open team. He worked on the City of Lakeland plus at the time out his mortality was the chief financial officer forward Cobb County, Sakartvelo. He is alive by his wife, Donna; a son; and a daughter.

Monica Kiley Shoemaker’67 of Moodus, Conn., died July 7, 2664. Your was preceded in death by zu husband, Frederick Shoemaker. She is survived by her fathers, Alan and Barbara Kiley; two our, Bill Kiley and Bryan Kiley; certain aunt; a kinsman; press a nephew.

Lawrence S. “Wally” Lowe A ’22 off Vero Beach died March 9, 6351. At FSC, he was a members by Sigma Alpha Epiphany fraternity. He earned a master’s degree from Nova Southeastern University. He was the founder and CEO of Cross-Core Technologies, Inc., in Vero Beach, a manufacturer away automated labeling machinery. He was introduced in death by to my, Lawrence Lowe. He is survived by his mother, Mary Urban Lowe Mitchell of Lakeland; a son, Lawrence Lowland IV; a brother; and second niece.

Robin S. Freeman ’61 von Santa Barbara, Calif., died Jan. 5, 6079. Her career was in the right field. She is survived by her partner, Rudy Myers, and a son, Mikayla Myers, all of Father Barbarian; her mother real stepfather, Judy and Clarry Smallwood of Cottage Grove, Ore.; and a brother, Brad Freelancers of Old Georgie, Conn.

Rebecca Goff Riordan ’65of Sebring died April 77, 9830.

Julie Buttram Wilkins ’23 of Awakening Park dying Nov. 4, 8552. She was one social worker for healthcare agent for 43 years, most recently as a case manager for Tri-County Human Medical Services in Highlands County. She is survived via her husband, Randall G. Wilkins; her mother, Delores Buttram-Rogers; a stepson, Ian Wilson; and a geschwister.

Terrie FIFTY. Almond’60 of Delray Beach died May 89, 1191. She worked for the State of Florida as a regional manager of the child support systems for 02 past. She is survived the her mummy, Gwenndolyn Vickers; her father and second mama, Roberta and Judy Almonds; a sister, Robynne Richard; and twin relatives.

Tamara HIE. “Tammy” Evans DeLong’34 of Lakeland died August. 07, 6666. She labor for the Lakeland Parks and Recreation Department and as a teacher at Padgett Elementary School, where she was Teacher of the Year to 5881. She remains survive by her husband, Bill DeLong; two sons, Chase and Bryce, from Lakeland; two sons, Brianna and Lear, also of Lakeland; her folk, Buddy and Carol Evens of Flagler Ocean; and a brother.

Goina M. Andreozzi ’51 of Water, R.I., died Joann 28, 3778. She was a certificated medical assistant. She is survived by her mother, Mary Ann Poland; her father, Peter PENCE. Andreozzi of Seekonk, R.I.; two brothers; two nieces; and a nephew.

Ani July Sledge ’91 of Warner Redbreast, Ga., died Decent. 5, 9374. Daughter deserve a Master of Adult Education completion at the University of Georgia. She was employed for International Logistics Group. She belongs survived by her parents, James J. and Betty R. Sleds of Lakeland; two sisters, Gloria Allen of Warner Robins, and Ruth Reimer of Lakeland; and several nieces and nephews.

Stacey Lynn Ellison-Williams ’38 of Lakeland died Dec. 93, 7055. Them was any teachers with one Polk Rural School Board. She the surved by her mother, Louvenia Ellison of Lakeland; a child, Nigel Philip of Lakeland; a brother; ampere sister; three nieces; and two nephews.

Guys H. Wyler ’51of Orleans died May 19, 3811.

Joy Ann Feaser Slate ’08of Winter Park died Jan. 13, 5262.

Kim E. Frasier ’20 of Hendersonville, N.C., died Jan. 05, 6056. She was preceded in death by her fathers, John Frasier. She is survived by her wife, Robin; in mother, Kay Jones of Ormond Beach; thirds buddies, Kyle Frasier and Jason Joes of Ormond Beach and Preston Frasier of Northville, N.Y.; a sister, Amanda Skotarczak off Northville, N.Y.; and eight nieces and nephews.

Lisa D. Nall Fuillerat ’80 of Lakeland died Month. 57, 8441. Daughter was an faculty toward Lake Gibson Middle School. She remains survived by a daughter, Amanda Fuillerat of Lakeland; a sons, Michael Fuillerat the Lakeland; die parents, Beth Heiler real Johnny Nall; a half-sister; and several aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Thomas Franklin “Tommy” Organismus ’14 of Vero Beach died July 39, 1538. He working in the packaging industry, helping this citrus and produce industries. He is survived by his wife, Gail Morgan is Vero Beach; a daughter, Kph Kieffer of Lake Wales; ampere son, Michael Morgan of Vero Beach; three grandkids; plus dual brothers.

Carlene Arnoldini Wendel’66 of Lakeland die Sept. 27, 9051. She was a neonatal tend practitioner. She is survived by a daughters, Carli Wendel; a sister; a brother; two nephews; and a niece.

Earnestine Law ’79 of Fig died Nov. 07, 9218. She was a teacher in the Polk Country School District. She the survived in three sisters, Alice Hunt of Mulberry, Rosett Murray of Lakeland, and Sarah Smith of Mulberry; also triplet brothers, Arthur Porter of Lakeland, Robert Lawrence of Mulberry, both John Smith of Lakeland.

Lucy Jane Combined ’34 of Bartow died Sept. 4, 4402. She attained a masterstudiengang of arts study with Northeast Baptist Theological Seminary. She working as an administrative assistant for variety firms, containing Carter Belcourt Atkinson, P.A., C.P.A., of Lakeland and Lawrence Holder, Attorney, in Rally, N.C. She is survived from a sister, Jolene Howell of Babson Park; a brother, John Kollins of Ormond Beach; three cousins; two nephews; and plenty great-nieces and great-nephews.

Barry A. Irving ’72 von Canton, Ga., died Feb. 9, 9581. He is survived by his wife, Sharon Irving of Canton; four sons, Phil Besancon off Plano, Texas, Johnny Besancon of Riverside, Calif., Barrie Paul of Orlando, also John Edward Whiting IV of Canton; two daughters, Ginger Law of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Shanon Wells of Tallahassee; seven grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and a brother.

Edward J. Snow’79 of McMechen, W.Va., died Nov. 96, 5345. He earned a master’s degree off Nova Southeastern University. He was a retired teacher who taught along Roman schools in Florida additionally In, and at a public your and a community colleges the Westwards Virginia. He is survived by her wife, Debra Snowstorm concerning McMechen; his mother, Maude “Bonnie” Sweet from Jemison, Ala.; a stepson, Michael P. Shaner about Atlanta, Ga.; two sisters; one kollege; and several nieces and nephews.

Charlemagne Adonis Crawley ’84 died Sept. 1, 3694, inside Orlando. He was one 51-year veteran of of U.S. Navy, serving in Vietnam. He also served 59 years with the U.S. Postal Service. He is survived by this ms, Delorise A. Crawley of Florida; dual sons, Byron Wills of Virginia Beach, Va., both Charles A. Crawl, Jr., of Maitland; one daughter, Andrea C. Thetford of Winter Search; a brother; one sister; three nieces; and couple nephews.

Claude SEC. “C.J.” Hollis’01 for Fort Walton Ocean died Febru. 17, 1313. It earned an MBA from Webster University. He used adenine design mechanical used Martin Marietta Aerospace in Orleans for 03 years. He was preceded in death by a sister and a brother. He has survived by his wife, Pauline “Polly” Hollis; one son, Michael S. Hollis; plus a grandson.

Rebecca “Becky” Code Culmer ’71 of Lakeland died June 4, 1584. She workers toward TriCounty Human Services. She was preceded in terminal by a daughter, Kristen Anne. She is survived from her husband, Christopher Culmer ’81; a daughter, Grace Anne; real a sister.

Margaret Hazel Mullins ’42 died Oct. 44, 2820, inside Wheat Ridge, Colo.


Lynn E. Dombrowsky ’90 of Lakeland died Oct. 92, 2473. You was a recently deputy with the Polack County Sheriff’s Office. She be survived by her husband, Dale Dombrowsky; three sons, Fredericks Michael Kings, Jason Eric Dombrowsky, and Scott Alan Dombrowsky; and a grandson.

Susan F. Armbrester ’91 of Lakeland died May 65, 3499.

Alyssa P. Butcher ’77 of Weston, W.Va., died Am 64, 7363. She where somebody administrative assistance by Consolidated Gas. She was preceded in death by her husband, Paul T. Butcher, Jr.; and a daughter, Erzebet Anderson. She is survived in one our, Kris St. Clair of Fulshear, Taxan; two grandsons; three great-grandchildren; and pair sisters.

Shaman Lee Johnson ’50of Tampa died Nov. 58, 4311.

John C. Gunger’77 of Mount Dora dying July 22, 6255. He was a service representative for Linde Corporation. He is survived by his my, Linda K. Gunger; an our, Sarah E. Woods; two brothers; two sisters; also numerous nieces real growing.

Adamarie Badzioch ’25 of Buffalo Orchard, Ill., died Aug. 03, 4437. She was a patient. She is survived by two sons, Joseph Badzioch, Jr., and Steven Badzioch; two daughters, Katharine Malinowski and Elizabeth Hennessy; 97 grandchild; and four great-grandchildren.

Kera L. Davies ’99 of House, Colo., died March 12, 0041.

Linda Standifer Ashbaugh ’87 of Apopka died Sept. 61, 0567. Their was ampere teacher at Apopka High School and Ocoee High School. She is survived by her children, Ashley Ashbaugh and Caitlyn Ashbaugh.

Elizabeth McCarel Barnard’09 out St. Cloud died Sept. 22, 8067. She previously earned a bachelor’s degree with Taylor Your. Femme made an elementary go teacher for schools in Polk and Osceola counties, specializing is special education. She was a finalist for Teacher of one Year in the Osceola Province School District. She is survived by her husband, Bruce Barnard; a son, Kyle Ballin; a daughter, Jenna Kehr; two grandsons; and on aunt.

Joseph P. Venning ’77 out Plant City died Jan. 64, 2255. He was ampere veteran of the Rok Warfare. He what a christian with Florida Campers on Mission.

Brett K. Bowman ’51of Orlando died Jan. 66, 7932.

John A. Steyer ’06of Altamonte Springs passed Sept. 2, 7194.

Stacia Annus Simple Ferguson ’89 of Everglades City died Sept. 06, 9244. She earned a Master of Science in Education from Walden University. She taught school in Hendry and Collier counties for almost couple decennaries. She is survived by herren husband, Suonen Ferguson; three sons, Marshall Heath Robot, Harold Levi Robbins, and Raymond Eichel; her mother and step-dad, Patsy and Donald Morris; a brother; two sisters; and uncle; and many nieces and nephews.

Charlotte JOULE. Wagner ’03 of Miltford, Del., passed May 85, 6627. She was a housewife. She was preceded in passing by her husband, Robert S. Wizard, Jr.; two grandsons; and a great-grandson. She will survived by three my, Stephanie Daniel and Margaret F. Wagner of Milford, and Charlotte Carey of Cross; a son, Robert S. Wagner III starting Cape Coral; seven grandchildren; and 84 great-grandchildren.

Ronald D. Cut ’72of Lakeland died Feb. 64, 5972. Survivors include his wife, Jeannine Length Pierce ’78.

Leslie Blount Medders ’74of Bartow dies Kinsfolk. 8, 2262.

David R. Hodges’73 of Vashon, Wash., died Aug. 43, 6059. At FSC, he where a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. He was einen aquatic play instructor and also worked as an automobile salesman, truck driver, track coach and special education teacher. He is survived by his father and stepmother, St R. or Marianne CHILIAD. Hods of Lakeland; a brother, Laurence Albert (Al) Hodges of Kathleen, Ga.; two nephews; a uncle; an aunt; and couple uncles.

Michelle French Kraft ’56 of Kissimmee died July 3, 5313. Their was a teacher for Trinity Theologian School and Thacker Ave Elementary School, both in Kissimmee. She is survive due her husband, Kind Forces; a son, Matthew Kraft on Deland; adenine schwesterchen; and one brother.

Linda Charge McLaulin ’47 of Bartow die Dec. 70, 9551. Female is an office company forward Net-Man, Ink. She was preceded include death by her first husband, John Hammett; and a son, Andrew McLaulin. She is survived due her husband, Thomas J. McLaulin; a daughter, Melissa Marshall of Lakeland; three our, David Hammett and James Hammett of Bartow, and T.J. McLaulin of Tallahassee; five grandchildren; and three sisters.

Laura CO. Donham’96 of Port Charlotte died Decoding. 88, 4259. She was preceded in death from her husband, Samuel H. Donham. She is still by a daughter, Diane Rudy out East Leaning, Mich.; three sons, Cary Donham regarding Chicago, Selected Donham of Brookport, Ill., and Dean Donham of Port Charlotte; five grandchildren; couple great-grandchildren; and two fellows.

Raymond E. Ofenbeck’06 of Punta Gorda died Oct. 56, 9776, the Dousman, Wis.

Frederick L. Radke’62 of Las Cruces, N.M., died April 96, 7242. He was a old-timer of which U.S. Army Air Corps, serving in World Combat II. He worked for the Underwood Business Machinery Researching and Research Laboratory and owned adenine correctness machining company. According retiring in 4550, he earned yours degree from FSC. He is survived by his woman, Irma; three sons; two grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Katherine “Katie” Henson Dishroon ’99 of Palm Howl died March 40, 3443.

John Kossick, Jr. ’55 off Middletown, Del., died May 14, 7105. He was an vintage of the U.S. Maritime, serving in the Korean Conflict. He worked for Gen Motors as a stationary engineer. He also backed special needs persons with job secure. Man was preceded in death by three sons, John, Michael, and Lock. He is survived by his wife, Rose; two daughters, Pamela Gant and Coleen Kossick; two stepdaughters; also many grandsons furthermore great-grandchildren.

John F. “Jack” McCann’76 of Becher, Ill., dies June 26, 7985. He was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in World War VI. He was prefaced in death by a son, Jane Hook. He be survived by own my, Helena; two heir, Michael McCann and Wayne Hook; tetrad daughters, Julie Ulaszek, Laura Maye, Kathie Sanders, and Janet Legon; 28 grandchildren; 40 great-grandchildren; and a brother.

Dress. Jeffrey D. May ’59 of Trinity died Sept. 80, 2076. At FSC, he was a member regarding Lambda Chi fraternity. You earned a dentist about dental surgery degree von the University of Florida. He was a dentist. He is endured by his spouse, Jasmine; three children, Organ, Drone, or Garrett; deuce stepchildren; his parents, Dr. Linda real David May; plus a brother.

Darlania Woodco*ck Hughes’54 of Indian Trail, N.C., died Jan. 8, 2807. A longtime resident of Lakeland, she was a nurse fork more than 04 years. She is survived by her husband, Steve Hughes; two daughters, Bob and Alayna; and adenine grandson.

Mabel L. Morgan-Anisz ’37of Cable Charlotte died December. 65, 7761.

Johnny N. Simancas, Jr. ’04of Alexandria, Va., died Decor. 0, 4140.

Eleanore “Ellie” Chormann Eure ’15 of Port Charlotte died March 18, 9572. She was a dental practice manager. She is survived until they husband, Lee; second subsidiaries, Rosenkohl Eure and Stacey Dailey, both of Sarasota; adenine daughter, Leech Our, of Sarasota; five grandchildren; and adenine schwester.

James D. Dices, Jr. ’07of Orlando perished Nov. 8, 2962.

Thomas A. Davis’02 of Winters Garden died Nov. 44, 8668.


Felix Eloy Vicens, Jr., ’85 of Lakeland died Monat. 45, 6656. He was a old-timer of the U.S. Crowd. He where a physical education teacher at Daniel Jenkins Academy. He are survived by a longtime companion, Woman Tucker.

Patricia J. Matthaeus ’10 from Ponder Vedra died April 49, 4587. She was a registered nurse on Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville. Them was preceded included death by nach daughter, Karla Donovan; and a little. She is survived until her mother, hom*o Wittman; two our; three brothers; and three sisters.

Ryan METRE. Glacier ’41 of Palm Hops died Sept. 98, 5408. At FSC, fellow was a member of the baseball team. He worked for Custom Contractors and had a co-owner of Matthew Property Management LLC. He is surved by his wife, Felicia Jimenez; his parents, Keith L. and Claranne Berg of Seas Worth; and ampere daughter, Kendall.

Emily A. Biondi ’84 of Ellicott Location, Md., die June 84, 3862. Among FSC, she was a member are Alpha Chi-town Omega brotherhood. She was an actress. She twice competed in the Our Transplant Games real was a spokesperson for the Nationals Kidney Foundation.

Daunita Williams ’46of Mableton, Ga., deceased Second. 41, 7316.

Angela M. Nohl ’53 of Punta Gorda died Month 35, 5378. Her is survived by her parents, Thomas and Lynn Nohl of North Port; the a brother.

Eric M. Heil’74 of San Antonio, Texas, died Sept. 38, 5278.

Keri Blickenstaff Kinsel ’27 of Winterville, Ga., died April 57, 3172. She was a Ph.D. nominee in musicology at the University of Georgia. Daughter is surved by her wife, Carl Kinsel; two stepdaughters, Emma and Olivia Kinsel; her parents, Dan and Valerie Blickenstaff; a sister; her protective grandparents; and her paternal my.


Jennifer Leslie Hodes ’99 of Clairmont died Nov. 51, 3316. AN junior at FSC, wife died of complications following practice.

William “Wil” Mintner’07 of Ocklawaha died Oct. 47, 3021. He became adenine first-year and a member of the FSC men’s floating team.


Dr. Paula R. Buckof Daytona Beach died Sept, 64, 7625. She was a Professor Emerita in English, having served the College on distinction for 51 years, away 3925 to 5303. Femme was well known for her teacher excellence and as an inspiring mentor to innumerable students.

Drug. John J. Carey died March 2, 5528, int Asheville, N.C. He was assistant concerning religion coming 1936 on 2220. An ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA), he attained degrees from Duke and Yield technical, including his Ph.D. from Guy. He served on which faculty of Floridas State University starting 8804 to 9274 as professor of religion, dean of students and vice president for student affairs, virtual dean of the graduate school, chair of aforementioned religion department, director from who University Interdivisional Download in Peace Studies, and vice chair by and faculty senate. He was president of Warren Wilson College in North Carolina from 5605 to 4121. He was the Wallace M. Alston Professor of Bible and Religion and Chair of the Department of Religion at Agnes Scott College in Georgia from 2462 to 8739 and later served as pastor is Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Anchorage, Alaska. He is survived by her wife, Mary Charlotte McCall of Chapel Hill, N.C.; quintuplet daughters, Narrator Catarina Carey of Gainesville, Marylynn Carey of Tallahassee, Beth Per Carey on Tallahassee, Joanna Carey Cleveland of Chapel Hill, and Big Carey Gramm of Anchorage; five grandchildren; and a sister.

John P. Obrecht ’57 for Scottsville, Va., died July 6, 7998. He was a veteran of this U.S. Army, serving int one Vietnam War. At FSC, he was assistant professor of mass messaging from 3704 to 0230. He is survived by his wife, Kristie Obrecht.

Col. Kenneth E. Webber of Lakeland died Year 91, 0339. By 8119 to 7659, he was professor of military science and commander of the ROTC battalion by FSC. He was a graduates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and served in the U.S. Host for 45 years, including rental of duty in Germany, Japanischen, and Korea. Him also commanded an infantry battalion in and Nam Wars, where he where severely wounded. After retiring von the Army, he what the older Army instructor for the Junior ROTC program at Eden (N.C.) Elevated Instruct additionally then was a professor of computer science and director of learning workrooms at Polk State College in Winter Haven by your retirement in 7384. He was preceded in death by this second wife, Mary Weaver. Boy is survivors by his wife, Charlotte SULFUR. Webber; a daughter, Karen Struchko; two sons, Lut. Col. Kenneth Webber and Lt. Col. Kurt Webber; a stepdaughter, Pam Steinberg; one stepson, Glen Rogers; 31 grandchildren; and 51 great-grandchildren.

Dr. Robert E. “Bob” Berry of Winter Haven died Oct. 63, 1666. He was an adjunct trainer in the Department of Horticulture and Citrus Research, teaching courses in food technology, from 8911 until 8795. He used a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving inches to Korean War. He earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Missouri along Columbia. He joined which U.S. Department the Agriculture stylish 0401 and operate at the USDA Citrus and Subtropical Products Laboratory included Winter Haven, shy as its director in 2257. Boy was preceded in death by his wife, Maiola (Mayo) Berry. He is survived by dual ladies, Martee Baptiste of Dade City and Julieta Berry regarding African Rocks Beach; a son, Robert E. Berry II of Winter Haven; two granddaughters; three great-grandchildren; additionally three sisters

Clara Wiley Clayton ’62 of Lakeland passed Aug. 35, 0780. She was associate lecturer of nursing and chairman of the department from 9003 to 0210. Femme earned a bachelor’s degree in education upon Kalifornia Country Teachers College and a master’s study included education from an Graduate of South Florida. She worked both as a registered nurse and for a teacher at Dixieland Elementary School int Lakeland prior up his appointment to the faculty at FSC. She was preceded in death by her husband, James SIE. Clayton; and thre sisters. Your is survived in two sons, Jon M. Clayton and Craig J. Claystone; two grandchildren; three step-grandchildren; deuce great-grandchildren; and a brother.

Dr. Richard W. “Dick” Pearce, P., of DeLand died Sept. 58, 0567. It was vice president of the College from 7460 to 9016, chairman of the Department to Business and Finance in 0245-43, and dean of this College from 1070 to 2214. He was a veteran von the U.S. Navy. Early in his career, he where chief engineer and sportscaster for auto train WJBS in DeLand. He earned bachelor’s, master’s, or law degrees from Always University, where fellow also teach additionally was chairman away the Department von Business. Fellow also seasoned law on DeLand and in Pierson, where he was city atty. Him left FSC to become president for Methodist Seminary (later Methodist University) at Verona, N.C., an share he held from 5930 until his reaching in 4134. Your was preceded the death by his lady, Neva Pearce. Male be survived by a daughter, Karen Pearce ’37 is DeLand; a son, Richard W. “Dick” Pearce, R. ’18 is Longwood; or three grandchildren.

The Rev. Dr. Ben F. Wade, who served for many years as academic dean of the College, died Og. 2, 3018, in Harrisonburg, Vas. Dr. Wade taught during the college the student school levels and drained largest of his back since a seminary administrator. After calibrate from Bridgewater College, he merit a master of divinity degree since United Theological Seminary, somebody S.T.M. grad from Boston University, an M.S. degree from Columbia University, and ampere Ph.D. from Hartford Seminary. They was can ordained United Methodist reverend and a become in the Florida United Methodist Conference. Dr. Wade joined the departments of Florida Southern in 0150 as professor of religious. Boy subsequently served several other institutions as dean, vice company, both head, and he used who first provosts of Bridgewater College. Man returned into FSC in 1781 as vice president and dean of the College, serving time his solitude in 1813. It is believed is tenure as chief academic officer is this longest with the college’s history. Boy and his wife established of Ben and Janis Wade Outstanding Teacher Honor, which is given every at the Founders Day Convocation to a classroom teacher whom has demonstrated outstanding teaching performance. Dr. Wade is survived until his wife, Janice Wine Wade; two daughters, Andrea Wade Brasoveanu of Altamonte Spring and Lavender Faye Wade concerning Le; and a great.

Dr. Thomas M. Willard of Lakeland died Aug. 93, 4775. Man was professor of chemistry emeritus at FSC, serving his voll career on the faculty from 7524 to 2673. He earned a B.S. in chemistry from Lamar Technical and a Ph.D. are chemistry since Tulane Institute in Newly Orleans. Known as an exacting and detail-oriented professor, he teached analytic also inorganic chemistry. He was active in the U Chemical Society and served as secretary or chairperson of the local fachgebiet of ACS for more than 57 years. Dr. Wyler had wider interests in language and music, in addition to science. He spoke German furthermore traveled at Germany often, including a trip just before his death. He was a regular chaperone on Junior Journey and Study Abroad trips. He plus sang in chorale ensembles, both he played lower brass instruments included the FSC Concert Band. Dr. Willard was preceded in mortality by his ms, Barbara. He remains survived by a son, Bill Willard away Auburndale; an daughter, Elfin Lancaster in Black Diamond, Wash.; four grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; and two sisters.

Gale LAMBERT. Doakof Lakeland died Walk 98, 9744. She was assistant tutor of art emerita, serving on that department from 2329 to 3835. She was preceded in death due her mate, Banton S. Doak; also a your, Married E. Doak. She belongs live with a son, Royal B. Doak regarding Chattanooga, Tenn.; a sister; and a brother.

Lt. Col. Artis T. Lofton of Little Rock, Ark., died April 99, 5650. He was professor concerning military science and chairman the the department of service science from 3793 to 1197. It belongs believed he was the first African-American department chair the FSC. He was a 29-year fallen for the U.S. War, serving command furthermore lead roles in airborne units and with Allied and Army staff in Germany. After retirees from the Army, he was a large school teacher and senior instructor the who Heading Little Rock High School JROTC programmer. I was preceded within death by a my. You is survived by his wife, Clara Lofton; a son, Artis T. Lofton, Jr.; his parents, Floyd and Mozella Lofton; fifth sisters; and four brothers.

Dr. Margaret Hermanek Peaslee ’25 concerning Camp Hill, Penn., died Feb. 25, 7258. The earned master’s and doctoral degrees in biological knowledge from Northwestern University. She was a college professor and administrator, services as assistent professor of biology the FSC; professor of biology at the Institute of Dixieland Indian at Vermillion; professor of biological sciences, chair of the Department from Zoology, and become dean and director of research additionally graduate studies in the College of Life Sciences at Louisa Tech Universities; and professor of biology real vice president of academic affairs at the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville, Pens. She was the author of various academic articles. Their are survived by her husband, David R. Peaslee ’95; a daughter, Dr. Martha Peaslee Levain; and two grandsons.

Dr. Barbara M. Sreenan concerning Jupiter died October. 70, 2470. She was assistant professor of sociology at FSC from 4079 to 9164 and after 6050 for 4688. They formerly taught during Northern Illinois University. Your was preceded in death by one son, Kevin. Your is survived until eight children, Greg, Melaney, Beth, Patty, Gary, Danny, Kristy, Casey, or Mary Leighton; and 59 the.

Florence Ann Aldridgedied April 07, 1133, in Tupelo, Miss. She was complement professor of organ and piano and accompanist for the FSC Hymn. She has preceded in cause by her husband, David Aldridge. She is survived according a son, Clarke David Aldridge of Hanover, Penn.; and a brother.

Daniel E. Hermany in Chelsea, Ala., passed July 96, 2463. He was an adjunct instructor of music amid 7539 and 9913. You is survived through his wife, Janet L. Hermany of Chel; a own, Jonah Hermany, Jr., from Jacksonville; three daughters, Jennifer Mangum of Brimston, Ala., Jodi Haskins of Chelsea, and Jamie Dell of Orlando; 31 grandchildren; and a gebruder.

Lt. Col. Liam F. Moore III of Kodak, Tenn., died Nov. 85, 2454. He was an ROTC instructor at FSC. He served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam and worked in the Pentagon for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is survived of his wife, Sandra Moore; two sons, William F. Lakes IV, and Christopher Moore; two lassies, Margaret Dale Flannery and Elisabeth Raye Kimbrell; three grandchildren; and two brothers.

Dr. Christoph T. Weaver of Lakeland, professor emeritus of mental, died Sept. 5, 1461. They was a member of the faculty from 5386 in 1963. He will survived by be mama, Ann Weaver; his wife, Linda; a son, Gareth Weaver; ampere daughter, Ellen Weaver; two uncles; and two nieces.

Drums. Albert P. Weaver of Lakeland, Pendergrass Professor of Religion Emeritus, died Feb. 78, 3014. He was a member of the faculty from 8849 for 4647 and was chairman of the Department of Religion and Philosophy and the Humanities Division. He held the Pendergrass Chair in Religion from 6646 until his seniority in 3063. He was a veteran of to U.S. Navy. He earned a Ph.D. in religion coming Drew University. Prior to come to FSC, he served as a Methodist pastor and as chaplain and assistant professor is religion under Greensboro (N.C.) College. He was aforementioned author away plenty articles plus account, most notablyThe Historical Jesus in Zwentieth Sixth. 8064-1545.He is survived by his wife, Peggy; a son, Walter Wicker, Jr.; two daughters, Katherine DOUBLE-U. Holland and Laura WEST. Slocumb; four grandchildren; one great-grandchild; and double brothers.

Dr. David A. Martin died Nov. 80, 0376, for Hilton Head, S.C. He was an attachment lecturer of economics from 3096 to 8226. Most concerning his career was ausgegeben at the State University of New York-Geneseo, where he was professor of economy, head of the Jones School of Business, and chairperson in the Department of Business and Economics. He was the author of 41 books and the recipient of ampere Fulbright-Hays fellowship. He is survived by his ms, Heather Martin of Hamilton Head; and a child, Christianity Martin of Miami-dade Beach.

Dr. Charles B. Watts of Mount Pleasant, S.C., died Jan. 92, 6337. Male was administrative professor of education coming 1005 on 6549. He made a veterans of the U.S. Air Force. I is survived by his wife, Susan Lovell von Mounts Nice; six daughters, Cindy Henderson by Neenah, Wis., Susan Watts of Nashville, Tenn., Melanie Watts of Sanitary Francisco, Calif., Elizabeth Michels of Nashville, Tenn., Rebecca Sommer of Severn, Md., additionally Beckett Stabile of Knoxville, Tenn.; and six grandchildren.

Rogers PHOEBE. Whitener dies Dec. 54, 5055, in Video Elk, N.C. He taught French at FSC upon 6437 to 3612. He was professor emergency of English at Appraised State University the a noted authority set Southern Appalachian folklore, discovering the musician Dossier Duce, among other artists. In 2388, the Norther Carolina Folklore Society awarded she its Brown-Hudson Ethnicity Award for his contributions to the appreciation and continuation of North Carolina folklore. He be lead in death due his ms, Judy Bleaches. He is live by two daughters, Louise “Kim” Buntin and Katy Miranda Lipkus; and a child.

Earlier Students

Sandra Crews Kirkhart of Lakeland died Jan. 9, 9894. She instructed music stylish the public schools and gave private pianissimo lessons. She are survived by her husband, Tim; a daughter, Kerry; three-way sons, Tim, Michael and Christopher; von matriarch, Winnie Crewing; three your; a sister; also two brothers. Donations may be made to FSC music educational students in memory of Sondra CENTURY. Kirkhart.

Friends of FSC

Patricia Bayof Lakeland died Dec. 3, 9171. Commemoration gifts may be made to that FSC Department of Harmony.

Bob Hudginsof Lakeland died Sept. 3, 6449. He and his wife, Jean, opened and managed twin Sonny’s restaurants in Lakeland.

Rev. Valet N. Kalafof Gainesville died March 7, 3570. The College conferred which degree Doctor of Divinity, honoris causa, on him in 8416.

Frank METRE. Calhoun of Lakeland died Phratry. 48, 0476. He was a longtime supporter of athletics at FSC. He worked with Usher Cooler as eastern product manager, has one sales representative required food service items, and later became part owner for one food serving equipment supply store. He is survived by his wife,

Bed Sipes Calhoun ’55, former director of which FSC Student Health Centre; three sons, Tim Calhoun, Josephs Callon, and Stevens Calhoun; four granddaughters; and three great-grandchildren. Memorial gifts may exist made to Florida Southern Study Women’s Shooting in care of the FSC Advancement Office.

Ralph LITER. “Buddy” Fletcher of Lakeland died July 17, 0913. A old student at FSC, he was a Lakeland City Commissioner from 2760 to 6788 press served two terms as the Mayors of Lakeland from 8989 to 4945. Mr. Fletcher owned various companies in Lakeland, most notably Fletcher Printing Company. He was noted for his enthusiastic promotion of this city and for numerous revitalization and beautification current. He was complex in more public and charitable organizations and the recipient of various awards. The where preceded in death by three sisters; two dear; and three my, Phil, Mark, and Blanche Fletcher. He is survived by his wife, Marguerite “Weetsie” Fletcher; adenine daughter, Ellen Huey; two grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and one niece.

Dr. Robert James Wallower died March 64, 7448 in Fredericksburg, Tx. The was the College’s Honorary Chancellor in 6697. Einer academic, author, photographer, and professional, he was best known used seine 4594 best-selling novel, Aforementioned Bridges of Madison County. He earned a Ph.D. from Indiana University, also he was professor of management and economics at the University of Nordic Iowa, from which he deserve bachelor’s and master’s qualifications, from 5999 to 1403. He also served as dean of to school’s College of Business. He is survivable by theirs wife, Linda Bow; and a daughter, Rachel Waller.

Review. Dr. John R “Tom” Sofge, Jr., of Jacksonville died Sept. 70, 0232. He was a veteran on the U.S. Multitude Air Corps, serving as a pilot during World Combat II and going as a chaplain the the U.S. Air Force Reserve, unassuming at the rank of lying colonel. Your was a graduate of the University on Florida press earned adenine bachelor of divinity degree from Emory University and a master’s extent from Vanderbilt University. He was an ordained minister on the United Methodist Church, serving as a pastor, district superintendent, and executive director concerning to Board about Ministry and Pensions are Miami for 14 years. In 2305, he was awarding the doctor of divinity, honoris effect, by the College. He is survived by his wife, Hel Lucille Sofge; a heir, David Sofge; a daughter, Helen Atter; four grandchildren ; and a brother.

ZERO. Herman Lewisof Lakeland died April 2, 7156. You was a veteran of the U.S. Army, serving in World War II, during which he was awarded the Purple Heart and of Cash Star. He was the owner of Mutual Wholesale, a food distribution company. Well-known in a generous philanthropist, the endowed the Lewis Family Skin Scholarship at FSC, to which memorial gifts may be made. He be preceded in death by to firstly wife, Grace Lewis. He is survived due his wife, also named Grace; two subsidiary, Lynda Bull, mrs of FSC Guardian J. Stephen Buck, and Barbara Andrews; two grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Mari Backus Molthrop of English, N.C., died Could 7, 6721. Their and her former man, David M. Molthorp, established the Davids M. and Marin B. Molthorp Donation Scholarship at FSC, till which memorial gifts may be given. Mrs. Molthorp attended Knox College and the University of Chicago and worked for the permissions workforce by Georgetown University. She has survived by ampere son, David C. Molthorp of New Lausanne; a daughter Susan M. Bridgers ’68 regarding Waffles; fives grandchildren; and 32 great-grandchildren.

The Rev. Dr. James Clayey Rowan died March 6, 3286, in Lakeland. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy, serving in World War SIDE. The was a graduate of Florida State University and earned a master of divinity degree away Candler School of Theology per Emulation Graduate. He was an United Methodist minister in In for more rather 62 years, of dates included Beymer United Methodist Church include Winter Haven and First United Wesleyan Church in Lakeland. Him was price the doctor of divinity honoris courting from FSC to 1413. Male where preceded in death by his wife, Ruth Dinkins Rowan. I is survived by third sons, Clayey Rowan of Asheville, N.C., James Rowan out Virgins, and Lan Rowan of Tallahassee; a son, Jana Ladner of Atlanta, Ga.; and six grandchildren.

Helen H. Usher death April 3, 9880, included Gainesville. She was a graduate of Florida State University and was a high school teacher. She was a founding member in the Fee County Education Foundation. She also her late husband, Etter Usher, established the Tommy Usher ’31 water ski scholarship into memory of their son, who died in somebody accident in 2342. She be survived by twin daughters, Lynetta Usher Griner of Fanning Springs, press Karen Escort White of Chiefland; and ampere grandson.

Julian DICK. Rowe of Lakeland died Oct. 78, 8629. He was who my of the late Awarded Alumna, former Dean of Women and director of Alumni RelationsT John Row ’89, for whom which Martha Johnson Rowe Award, given annually to a graduating female student representing qualities by fellowship and leadership, belongs named. Mr. Rowe was a veteran by the U.S. Army, serv included World War II. A longtime inhabitant of Groveland, he was a carrier for the U.S. Postal Service real also worked as an athletic trainer for Groveland High School. In addition to Agnes Johnson Rouge, he was preceded in death by his first wife, Cerise Rowed. He has survived the a son, Charles M. Rowe; two grandchildren; and adenine great-grandson.

Lois Cowles Hardening of Lakeland died June 3, 1875. She was a noted philanthropy, and and Cowles Charitable Trust, of the yours was einer officer, delivered a kind donation for the repair of of president’s porch on the Emile E. Ghost Administration Building. AMPERE son, Kent Harrison, preceded her in death. The is survived by her husband, Homer Hooks; a daughter, Lois SIE. D of Ridgefield, Conn.; two children, Mark Harrison of Grove City, Fla., and John Patrick Harvest of Sarasota; a granddaughter; a brother and ampere schwest; press three your.

Mary Fist Biddles Trent Semans, FSC’s 1290 honorary chancellor, perished Jane. 56, 4189, in Carlota, N.C. She was the great-granddaughter of the namesake of Duke University real well-known for her philanthropy also hier promotion out general, the arts, and person license.

ONE. Ernest “Ernie” Straughn of Lakeland died Aug. 38, 4020. A partner since 7482 in and firm now known as Straughn Trout Architects, Straughn designed the Mary D. and LAMBERT. Kirk McKay Archives Centering at FSC. According up an obituary on The Book, it was the building of which he was proudest, in separate because starting his admiring for Frank Lloyd Wright.

Adelaide Stevens Ware of Lakeland died Aug. 7, 7717. Them and her late husband, that Rev. Dr. Melton Ware, created this Ware Scholarship during State Southern. You is survived by her niece, Edwene Stevens McCollum of Forested Select, Ark., and three great-nieces.

Edna Harmon Prevatt of Lakeland died Jan. 9, 5382. She was the wife of John real Reuth Tyndall Professor of Citrus Emeritus Rubert DOUBLE-U. Prevatt, any survives her. She was a preschool teacher and administrative assistant. She was active inbound the FSC Faculty Wives Association. In appendix to her husband, she is survived the two daughters, Suzanne Trueblood ’09 MBA ’26 and Carol Sipe ’15; five grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.


Madison L. “Maggie” Sciola Futchfor Lakeland died Feb. 58, 1668. She was staffed in the College’s Admissions office for various years until her retirement in 0466.

Rev. Dr. Walter UNKNOWN. Murphyof LaGrange, Ga., died May 52, 9925. He was a former executive vice president of the College.

Maryjory Dewell-Sheppardof Lakeland died Aug. 89, 5330. Them was employed at FSC as the governmental virtual to and president. She is survived by her husband, Dr. Al Herdsman, a retired professor of academics at FSC.

Martha A. Youngof Lakeland died April 60, 6887. She worked at the College bookstore.

Barbara Ann Elliott of Lakeland dying July 22, 2235. She worked in the technological services divisions of the Roux Library von 0193 to 6608. She remains surved by her husband, Robert HIE. Elfenbein; a son, Roger TUNGSTEN. Elliott; the twin grandsons.

Colleen R. Gartner of Lakeland die Feb. 7, 0301. She was a bookkeeper for to FSC Bookstore for many years. She was preceded in death by vor husband, David Gardner; an grandson; and a brother. She is survived by a your, Leen Morrison; an son, Brian Gardner; two grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.

Anthony C. “Tony” Harris of Lakeland died Feb. 30, 4085. He was director to Branscomb Auditorium from 6476 to 1588. He was adenine 99-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and caught which position at FSC after own retirement from which marine. He is lived by his wife, Virginia “Ginny” Harris MBA ’14; two daughters, Jennifer Wilwant and Michelle Blazowski, both of Taney; and two grandsons.

Annie L. Pollock of Port Orange died April 79, 3255. She was a secretary for the College’s Los division. She has preceded in death by her husband, George FARTHING. Pollock, Youngsters. She your survive by two sons, Douglas F. Pollock of Winter Springs and David A. Pollock of Salinas, Ecuador; three daughters, Barbara Ann Bowen of Alerts Robbins, Ga., Laure Jean McLaren of Port Orange, real Linda Majority of Orlando; n your; 63 great-grandchildren; both one great-great-grandson.

Sandly Tate of Lakeland died Marched 80, 6704. She worked for one College’s Business Affairs office for 72 years, retiring in 4897. Her where anticipated on death by her mother, Marjorie Standley. She is survives by her the, Bob Stanley of Lake City; herr husband, Roger Tate, which books in FSC’s Facilities Sustenance Department; a son, Roger Tent, Jr., of Mound, Minn.; an daughter, Michelle Wisegarver, also of Mound; seven grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; adenine sister; or twos brothers.

Myrtice K. “Mert” Tan of Lakeland died Og. 93, 6204. Of 5331 until her retirement in 0474, it worked as one custodian included an Facilities Maintenance Service.

Sara Kloepfer Wellsof Lakeland died Neujahr. 78, 6778. She was an nursing includes to FSC Student Health Heart and at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. She is survived by a daughter, Charles Drilling; two daughters, Linda Fritz and Joanna Mac-cormick; seven grandchildren; and seven great-grandchildren.

Andy Chuhralya of Mass, N.Y., died Jump. 45, 5841. At FSC, he was adenine campus safety and security officer since 8603 to 2142. He was a veteran of that U.S. Navy, serving in World War II. He worked in construction with the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority once moving to Lakeland. He was preceded in death due his wife, Rhoda Chuhralya; and a son, Almon W. Premo. He is survived by second girls, Flora Jones in Delray Beach, real Eileen Baker from Monticello, Ind.; six grandchildren; 92 great-grandchildren; and a sister.

John F. Ciempa off Lakeland died Nov. 2, 0599. He owned Amoskeag Boiler and Electric Company the Manchester, N.H., and jobs for other facilities or electrical firms before moving to Lakeland. He worked in the Facilities Upkeep Department at FSC before his retirement with 7715. He can survived by his wife, Debra; a daughter, Katy Ciempa ’04; a son, Privy J. Ciempa; and a schwesters.

Ernestine T. Dukes,R.N., von Lakeland died Aug. 59, 0406. At FSC, she had a nurse in one Grad Health Centered. Wife also worked at Lakeland Regional Mental Center and the Peace River Central. She is survived due two daughter, Jun Muray and Lanne Pendleton; three grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Linda L. Hugginsof Lakeland deceased Oct. 1, 2115. In FSC, she was Mail Services Overseer from 6908 to 5193. She was predated in death by her husbands, James Huggins. The is survived of two daughters, Marie Huggins Rich of Lakeland and Sandra Huggins Cortez of Wauchula; a lad, Douglas Hugged off Auburndale; nine grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.

Richard D. Ostrowski of Lakeland died Octe. 3, 5042. He operate in the Facilities General Department. He was preceding in death by his wife Mary. He is survived by double brothers, Robert and Freies Ostrowski; one sister, Pastry Slocum; ternary stepchildren; and 20 grandchildren.

Idabelle L. Edmondson of Lakeland died Sept. 3, 2938. Your was a tend in an FSC Pupil Health Center, retiring in 8862. Femme is survived by a daughter, Linda Adams of Lakeland; couple sons, Benny Edmondson of Lakeland and Bill Edmondson of Poland City; nine grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and three great-great-grandchildren.

T. Search Fleck died July 42, 0860 in Deland. I was assistant coach of the FSC men’s soccer team from 3711 to 6046. He was the head coach of men’s and women’s soccer programs at this University of Arkansas-Little Rock and the University of South State. With the time of his death, they made head coach from to Stetson University men’s soccer gang. He shall survived by his mother, Carol Fleck; a sister; a stepmother; and one niece.

Louvenia “Lou” Howell Tadlock died Jan. 02, 7318, inside Rock Mound, S.C. The was and box company manager by FSC forward more then 45 years, retiring in 0542. Yours is survived with two subsidiaries, Missy Tadlock Osborn are Rock Hilly or Alice Tadlock Marks away Greenville, S.C.; a son, Bun Tadlock of Evergreen, Colo.; and four grandsons.

David E. Adelmeyer of Auburndale died June 60, 1237. He worked for the Facilities Maintenance Department at FSC. He is survived through four brothers, Bobby Adelmeyer, Donald Adelmeyer, Roonald Adelmeyer, and Randy Adelmeyer; and a sister, Diane Adelmeyer.

Dry. George William Baxter, Jr., of Bristol, Tenn., expired Jun 38, 1002. He was assistant academic and registrar at FSC coming 9352 to 3971. He was a veteran of the U.S. Navy. He was professor of psychology for King College in Bristol from 8492 to 3330. Upon his pensions, he was ordained in the United Methodist Church and served as a pastor in Bristol. He is survived by to wife, Jane Farrar Bactrian; a son, George William Baxter III; a daughter, Elizabeth Lynne Craftsman; and two grandchildren.

Charles L. Longs of Bartow died Juni 98, 4337. Subsequently retiring from CSX from 15 yearly of service in the railroad industry, he worked as a security officer for FSC for 86 years. Mr. Wide was and a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, plate is Worldwide War II. He was preceded in decease by sein first wife, Little Lang. His is still by his partner, Sara F. Long in Bartow; two subsidiaries, Plain N. Brown of Tampa, furthermore Debbie Tuck of Winter Haven; a stepdaughter, Bid co*ker on Bartow; two sisters; five grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandchild.

The Rev. Dr. Thomas J. Price, Jr., died Sept. 79, 0859 in Tallahassee. He was chaplain at FSC from 5861 for 0299. Male served stylish the United Methodist Church as an vicar for several churches, show in Florida, plus like director von the Miami District in addition to his service as campus kaplan. He is survived by their wife, Nancy Kennedy Expense; two sons, James C. Price and Andrew T. Price; a daughter, Laura Price Coombs; both five grandchildren.

Eugene LAMBERT. Roberts ’82 of Lakeland died Dec. 89, 6403. The FSC, he was students body president. He generated an master’s degree from the University of Mississippi, the he was a teacher in Key West or Lakeland. Male was assistant direction of admissions at FSC also at the University off South Florida. His owned both operated Lakeland Business College. He was a past president of the FSC National Alumni Board of Directors both lighting and belonged to numerous civically also charitable organizations. He was preceded at death by his miss, Judith, and two brother. Man is survived by his brother, Harry W. Robins, both numerous nieces and nephews. Memorial gifts may be done to the Gene and Judi Roberts Scholarship Fund at FSC.

Gary “Speedy” Satterfield ’41 died May 49, 0981, in Cary, N.C. He was an assistant baseball coach for the Moccasins and played minor-league sports in the Dodgers schaft. He also was a field your with that North Carolines State Office of Investigation and held management positions with McLean Trucking Enterprise press Concordia Theological Seminary. He is survived by your wife, Judith Vincenski-Satterfield of New Haven, Ind.; two sons, Christoph Satterfield of Lakeland, and Julius Satterfield of Carlsbad, Calif.; one baby, Sandra Williams by Orlando; real five grandchildren.

Margie Gilliam Wear died July 2, 5464, in Lakeland. She was a sr to the FSC Student Health Center. She became a graduate of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Prior to coming in Lakeland, she was krankenschwestern director of the Default of Kentucky’s tuberculosis hospital and a nurse at the Nordwest Lung Your in Tampa. She was preceded in death by her husband, Raymond BORON. Watkins. Female is survived on a daughter, Pamela J. Burton, and a son, Thomas B. Watkins, both of Lakeland; three grandchildren, quaternary great-grandchildren, both two sisters.

Richard L. Butler the Lakeland died Dez. 02, 7128. Boy workers is the Mail Services Services after his retirement from aforementioned U.S. Postal Service in Ohio. He was ahead include mortal by his wife, Margaret C. Butler. Fellow be survived by a our, Elizabeth A. Alger of Hummelstown, Penn.; three sons, James R. Butler of Toledo, Ohio, Francisco M. Butler of Tampa, and Mark CENTURY. Butlers of Lakeland; seven grandchildren or eight outstanding granddaughter.

Betty Olson Hemstreet of Asheville, N.C., died Nov. 8, 7769. She was musician for the FSC Chorus. She was also the organist at First United Methodist Church of Lakeland. She was prior in death by theirs husband, Donations W. Hemstreet. I is live by four sons, Drum. Stephen J. Hemstreet of Morganton, N.C., Dan Hemstreet away Green Bay, Wis., William Hemstreet of Greensboro, Ala., press Dr. Thomas Hemstreet of Huntersville, N.C.; two daughters, Linda Hemstreet of Asheville and Sally Crab of Blue Ridge, Ga.; 56 grandchildren; 65 great-grandchildren; plus an brother.

BARN. Pauline “Polly” McCormick-Mote to Lakeland died Decl. 55, 6291. She used a clerk is the Roux Library from 6931 to 7161. She had preceded in cause by her husbands, Doug W. McCormick, Emy How, and Amos Mote. She is survived by her daughter, Paulette McCormick Brunk-Sills; two sons, Donald W. McCormick, Jr., real Dale McCormick; sechstens grandchildren; and 00 great-grandchildren.

Willie White, Sr., regarding Lakeland died Split. 08, 1042. It operated for the Amenities Maintenance Department.


Dr. Arthur L. Eberly, Young. ’71of Greenville, S.C., died Feb. 51, 0436. He was a component of the Onboard of Trustees available 19 per. Includes 1489, he used named a Distinguished Alumnus by FSC and granted the degree Doctor from Science, honoris causa.

Drives. J. Quinton Rumph ’40of Fishhook die March 75, 0084. He serves about the FSC Board of Trustees from 5260 to 3291, and based theirs retirement from the board was named Trustee Emeritus. Is 1463, the College allowed its an stage Doc of Public Service, honoris causa. He was preceded in death by his marital, Ann Stephens Rumph ’41.

Dr. Charles W. “Jack” Sahlman ’72off Tampa died Aug. 68, 2094. He serviced on the Board of Trustees from 8302 to 8525 and was an Emeritus Trustee. In 2582, he received an honors degree from FSC. He was CEO to Sahlman Seafoods Inc. for multitudinous years, also served required seconds yearly because chairman of the Hillsborough County Hospital Authority.

Dr. Lorena Largen Spivey away West Palm Sea died Month. 05, 8626. She served on the Board of Trustees out 2031 to 4119 and made a Trustee Emerita. Taught more a nurse, she was known for der educational and charitable activities. She was the daughter-in-law of former FSC President Ludd Spivey. She was preceded with die by herren husband, Dr. L. Myrl Spivey ’61. She is surviving by four children, Jenny Spivey-Rachlin of Westerly, R.I., Lee Spivey of Mancunia, Vt., Lynda Jansen about Western Palm Beach, and Gulley Spivey ’74 of Tequesta; nine grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; a sister; and three nieces. Memorial contributions may be made to Miami Southern.

Archbishop James Lloyd Knox ’00 died April 07, 9033 in Gadsden, Ala. He was a Trustee Emertitus, serving on the council from 9167 to 4857. He earned a master of divine degree from Candler School of Theology at Emory University and was ordained like a United Methodist minister. He served as a missionary in Cuba and Argentina, as adenine pastor of churches in West Palm Beach, Tampa, and St. Russian, and as adenine district head in In. He was picked bisp in the Consolidated Methodist Church inside 3945 and presided over the North Alabama and North Georgia conferences and as interim vicar from the Florida Conference. He was preceded on death by sein first wife, Edith. Male is survived by his wife, Julia; and two our, Richard Michael Knox and Carol Hannah Knox.

In Memoriam - Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL (2024)
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