Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (2024)

It’s time to get festive with Christmas Martini Recipes! If you are like me, you’ve wondered where the name martini came from. Although, there are some conflicting stories about how the martini first got its name, it’s said to have been invented in California around the time of the gold rush.

Holiday Martini Making Tips:

The tale is that a prospector placed a nugget of gold on the bar and challenged a bartender in Martinez, California to concoct a drink. Using gin and vermouth, he produced a martini. Others give credit to an actual bartender named Martini around 1912 who first mixed the drink in New York city. Whatever tale you believe, there are a myriad of ways to enjoy the co*cktail.

Gin or Vodka

Who doesn’t love a good vodka or gin Martini? We aren’t just talking simple ones, martini co*cktails have really progressed over the year. They can be made with vodka as well as gin, some people who are not fond of juniper berry infused gin prefer vodka. When you go to make a martini you typically add one to two shots of vodka or gin.

Shaken or Stirred

There are two main ways to prepare a martini — either shaken or stirred. If you prefer a shaken martini, they are shaken with ice with means the drink will have a higher water content overall. A shaken martini might seem slightly more “watered down” when compared to a stirred martini.

Glassware and Rinsing

Long stemmed martini glass has a wide mouth at the top where the drink is poured. Martini glasses are not ideal for a lot of movement. Because of the wide mouth, the drink can splash out of the glass. Some people prefer to drink a martini in a short glass usually reserved for mixed drinks such as vodka tonic or whiskey and soda. Chilling the glass keeps the martini cold. Simply place the glass in the freezer 20 minutes before you pour the drink. The glass will take on a frosty appearance.


Vermouth is the third ingredient in a martini besides vodka or gin and ice. People have different opinions on how much vermouth they like in their martini. Someone who likes merely a wisp of vermouth likes an “extra dry martini.” Someone who likes a lot of vermouth likes a “wet martini.” The ratios can be anywhere from three parts vodka or gin to one part dry vermouth to 15 parts vodka or gin to one part vermouth. It really all depends on personal taste.


Another way to serve a martini is to make it “dirty,” which simply means adding olive juice to the recipe before shaking. People who like a martini “slightly dirty” mean they just want a little olive juice. Others who want a martini “really dirty” want a lot of olive juice poured into the shaker.


There are several different garnishes for a martini glass. The most popular are olives, a twist of lemon or a co*cktail onion. There are also variations on the garnishes such as stuffed olives, with fillings that include garlic, onion, jalapeno, feta cheese, blue cheese, almond and pimento among others. Some locations even drop in a sliced pickle. Garnish is always the last thing added to the martini before it is served.

Here Are Some of My Favorite Christmas Martini Recipes:

Christmas Martini Recipes

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (2)

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Mistletoe Martini

This Mistletoe Martini is a delicious and festive co*cktail with the flavors of cranberry and gin. Dry vermouth adds sweetness and a touch of bitterness, and a spiced cranberry syrup gives an extra punch of flavor. It's easy to make, and also great for making a big batch to serve at a holiday party!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (3)


Candy Cane Martini : Easy Christmas co*cktail!

'Tis the season for co*cktail sipping and relaxing with friends. If you're craving a holiday-inspired co*cktail recipe, this Candy Cane Martini is perfection. Simple ingredients but loaded with peppermint flavor.

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (4)


Christmas Cookie Martini

Cookies and martinis are hits on their own at any holiday function. This Christmas Cookie Martini combines these two treats into one fa-la-la-la-la-labulos drink to sip while rocking around the Christmas tree with family and friends!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (5)


Peppermint Martini

Celebrate the holidays this year with this festive and easy Peppermint Martini. It’s a delicious and easy co*cktail that is perfect for when you are entertaining guests. Don’t forget the crushed candy canes to garnish the martini glass!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (6)


Absolut Vodka Martini Recipe

Absolut Vodka Martini Recipe is the epitome of elegance and refinement - an elegant tribute to crafting the perfect martini co*cktail! This elegant and sophisticated co*cktail is well-known for its smooth yet crisp taste, making it a favorite among co*cktail enthusiasts worldwide.

This espresso martini variant features a sweeter profile with creamy foam on top. Thanks to Baileys, there are also notes of vanilla and chocolate present in this refreshing beverage. Just four ingredients are necessary to create this delectable creamy martini recipe!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (8)


Blackberry Lemon Drop Martini

Blackberry Lemon Drops are an irresistibly tart and refreshing berry co*cktail created using vodka, lemon juice and homemade blackberry syrup! Enjoy this light yet tart drink this spring or summer.

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (9)


Butter Pecan Pie Martini

This Butter Pecan Pie Martini is the ideal after-dinner drink that provides a creamy and delectable way to have dessert! Enjoy!
Pecan Pie Martinis are easy to create; all it requires are three ingredients and some time spent mixing. So let's quickly go over them now.

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (10)

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Candy Cane Martini

This Candy Cane Martini is an irresistibly refreshing holiday co*cktail! Combining vanilla, mint and white chocolate creates an irresistibly festive libation. This co*cktail is the ideal drink to celebrate Christmas and winter holidays! Rich and creamy with refreshing peppermint candy flavor for an irresistibly delectable holiday sip! Winter is an incredible season for co*cktails!

This Cheery Peppermint Mocha Martini is both rich and decadent, while minty fresh. A great way to welcome in the Holidays! Baileys adds a creamy taste, which is enhanced by chocolate liqueur and finished off with peppermint Schnapps for extra freshness and a candy cane garnish.

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (12)


Cherry Cheesecake Martini

Cherry Cheesecake Martinis are an exquisite combination of vanilla vodka, cherry juice and maraschino cherry syrup. Cherry Cheesecake Martinis are the ideal co*cktail to celebrate Valentine's Day - or any special event for that matter! Made of vanilla vodka, cherry juice and maraschino cherry syrup - it makes the perfect drink!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (13)


Cranberry Mistletoe Martini with Vodka

Cranberry Mistletoe Martini with Vodka is one of the easiest and tastiest co*cktails you can create during this holiday season. Once this mixture is mixed, add in the cranberry and lemon juices. Add triple sec and ice.

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (14)


Creamy Limoncello Martini

Oh boy! This Creamy Limoncello Martini will hit the spot! Perfect for sipping during hot summer days or as dessert after dinner. To celebrate this momentous event, I have prepared this Creamy Limoncello Martini as a treat this weekend - enjoy it after dinner or any time! Just remember it's 5 o'clock somewhere!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (15)


Cucumber Basil Martini with Lemon

Spring in a glass - ideal for Christmas... The Cucumber Basil Martini with Lemon offers the perfect balance of lemon-cucumber simple syrup with gin and freshly mushed basil leaves, all presented in its festive pale green hue for spring and summer drinks! Christmas marks an enchanting holiday - an opportunity to bring winter's dreams into winter's magic!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (16)


Fresh Prickly Pear Martini

This Fresh Prickly Pear Martini features fresh prickly pear pulp, gin, Lillet Rouge and orange bitters for an exquisite co*cktail! Not to be mistaken with sweet vodka co*cktails served in martini glasses, dry martini lovers (like myself!) will appreciate its botanical and earthy notes; and its eye-catching hue of prickly pear pulp certainly stands out against any background! Definitely make an impressionful first impression with this beauty!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (17)


Godiva Chocolate Martini

A Godiva Chocolate Martini is an indulgent, creamy treat - making it the ideal after dinner drink or dessert co*cktail to impress friends and family!

Warm spices without a hint of pumpkin make this Holiday Spice Martini the ideal holiday season drink to sip while celebrating. Holidays and spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and cloves often go hand in hand, especially during pumpkin pie season. Since these four spices are also commonly known as pumpkin pie spices (also referred to as "pumpkin pie spices") pumpkin often makes an appearance too. But I wanted something else besides pumpkin liqueur or puree that would pair nicely with my pumpkin dessert so we crafted this Holiday Spice martini that still features all its spicy goodness!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (19)


Irish Martini

Irish Martinis are an exciting take on classic martinis made with Irish Whiskey, Dry Vermouth and Creme de Menthe for an enjoyable festive beverage. Irish Martinis are an exciting take on classic martinis made with Irish Whiskey, Dry Vermouth and crème de menthe to create an irresistibly refreshing green beverage! Perfect for parties and social gatherings alike!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (20)


Key Lime Martini

Key Lime Martinis are an ideal combination of tart fresh lime flavor and creamy sweetness, perfect for co*cktails or dessert. Fancy Christmas martinis can add flair to any celebration - even something as mundane as celebrating making it through another week!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (21)


The Best Watermelon Martini

This Watermelons Martini recipe brings the fruity and sweet flavor of fresh watermelons together with the refreshing zest from lime juice - perfect for a Christmas co*cktail! If you love fruity beverages, I have an incredible watermelon co*cktail for you! Watermelons Margaritas are always popular and easy to create.

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (22)


White Chocolate Martini

This white chocolate martini recipe is the perfect holiday dessert drink! A sweet treat with a ton of white chocolate flavor, it makes for easy entertaining at your next Christmas party.

This delicious chocolate Christmas martini with crème de cacao and chocolate liqueur makes the ultimate decadent dessert co*cktail! If you love chocolate, this ultimate chocolate martini recipe will definitely please. Packed full of dark, rich, chocolatey flavor using double chocolate liqueur and crème de cacao for maximum chocolate goodness!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (24)


Watermelon Martini (with Gin or Vodka)

Watermeon Martinis are some of the best summer co*cktails! Enjoy them with either gin or vodka to add an irresistibly refreshing kick! Gin or Vodka Watermelons are one of our go-to Christmas co*cktails! Their refreshing taste make them irresistibly delectable!

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (25)


Red Velvet Martinis

When I think of the perfect dessert it’s not always cake. It might be cake in a glass with these delicious Red Velvet Martinis. They can also be served as an aperitif. Beautiful and festive they will make any occasion special, especially Christmas.

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (26)


How to Make a Raspberry Martini

My Raspberry Martini is a luscious pink co*cktail that combines the sweet, tangy flavor of raspberries with the smooth bite of vodka for a drink that's both elegant and playful. This vibrant libation is served in a chilled martini glass and garnished with a few fresh raspberries and some sparkly gold leaf for a pop of color and a burst of fruity flavor.

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (27)


Cherry Garcia Martini

With a play on a favorite ice cream flavor, this Cherry Garcia Martini combines chocolate, Irish cream and cherry liquor to deliver a tasty, easy and delicious drink.

Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (28)


Black Cherry Vanilla Vodka Sour

Sip on something sweet and sour with this black cherry vodka sour co*cktail recipe – a perfect blend of ripe cherry flavor and tangy citrus, sure to be a hit at any party or gathering!

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Get Festive With Christmas Martini Recipes (2024)
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