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Every streamer wants more activity in their chat, right? If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your audience engaged and naturally influence them to be more active, look no further! Playing games with Twitch chat integration is one way to breathe new life into your channel and bring your content to the next level. The community-building games listed in this article are bound to be a hit during your next game night on stream.

What are Twitch Integrated Games?

Twitch integrated games are a specific type of game that gets your viewers involved. Some games have built-in features that allow chat members to vote for difficult decisions to be made, submit funny answers to earn points, or even trigger new obstacles within the game, with the intention of making your play session more challenging. Most of these games will allow people to actively play in or affect your games directly though just being on your Twitch page. Some games will need a visit to a secondary website in order to submit answers, but none of the ones listed in this article will require your viewers to purchase the game for themselves in order to participate.

  1. The Jackbox Party Packs (1-7)

    There are currently 7 Jackbox Party Packs filled with loads of fun games to play with your friends, with the 8th addition to the series coming very soon in Fall 2021! Each game is structured like a game show, where players compete by submitting the funniest answers to earn points while being judged by their peers. If the game you’re playing happens to fill up, a handful of Jackbox games allow additional viewers to join the audience through a Twitch extension called Jackbox Audience Kit in order to keep them engaged while the game is being played.

    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (1)

    Jackbox is a fun time whether you’re playing with a bunch of friends all in the same room, or via a stream with people from all over the world, making it a great game to play with your community. A huge draw of this game is the fact that only one person needs to own a copy for everyone to play. The game will provide the host with a room code, and it requires the other players to migrate over to their website,, enter the room code, and their name before playing in any games. If you are concerned about the safety of playing this game live on stream, it would be a good idea to keep the room code hidden and only give it out to players you trust. You are also able to turn on a setting that requires all players to log in with Twitch in order to play in order to keep the games safer from bad actors joining in hopes of being problematic.

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  2. Marbles on Stream

    Marbles on Stream is great for growth and is one of the most popular Twitch chat games to play on stream. Simply load up the game, connect your Twitch account, start a race, tell your viewers to type “!play” to enter the race, hit start, and watch the marbles roll! It is free and easy to set up, and outside of loading up the races, you don’t have to control much, giving you plenty of time to talk to your chat.

    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (2)

    With the way the game is set up, no two races will ever be the same. The streamer also has the option to customize the marbles available to both subs and nonsubs. Setting up prizes for winners or incentives for playing is an excellent way to help your Marbles stream stand out against the rest.

  3. Geoguessr (with ChatGuessr extension)

    Geoguessr is a popular game where it drops players in a random location somewhere in the world, and then you must use what is around you to make an educated guess on where you landed. Shockingly, every location is Texas… or at least that is what my chat will tell you. Viewers love to give their input in chat, for better or worse. Luckily, there is an extension that allows them to make guesses of their own!

    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (3)

    Enter ChatGuessr, a Twitch chatbot that will record other players’ guesses right on your screen and compare who got the closest at the end of the round. Making a guess is pretty simple. You get the link to the map, and when it is clicked on, it will copy a location to your clipboard, which you paste into Twitch chat. This can be a lot of fun to play with friends, especially on Twitch where you may have people from all across the world in your chat.

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  4. Words on Stream

    A fun game that will get everyone involved is Words on Stream. In this game, chat works as a team to unscramble words to score points. When the goal is reached, you will move onto another round, with each round getting more and more difficult. If the timer runs out without enough points, your run will end and you will have to start again from the beginning. (Tip: If you’re not already doing so, is recommended to go into your Twitch Creator Dashboard and switch your latency mode to “low latency” to allow your chat to answer in as close to real-time as possible)

    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (4)
  5. Gartic on Stream

    Another fast-paced teamwork-oriented game is Gartic on Stream. Chat’s goal is to work together and guess the drawings shown on the screen. Get enough correct answers and chat will move onto the next round. Failure to reach the goal will end your current streak. (Tip: Much like Words on Stream, it is recommended that you go into your Twitch Creator Dashboard and make sure your latency mode is set to “low latency”)

    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (5)
  6. Drawy

    Drawy is still in early access, but it is an interactive drawing game that you can play with your Twitch community! As the host, you will be given random prompts as your chat races to guess what you’re drawing. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins and the total points from all players get added to a local leaderboard. The latest update to the game allows you to create custom lists of words, giving you endless possibilities when it comes to this game.

    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (6)
  7. Dead Cells

    This is a 2D single-player, rogue-lite, Metroidvania inspired action platformer with an absolutely stunning art style. While playing in Streamer mode, viewers can give the streamer gear and stat boosts, vote on the next area visited, spawn new enemies, cheer or taunt, and even play as an in-game character named Captain Chicken.

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    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (7)
  8. Choice Chamber

    Choice Chamber is a crowd-sourced action game where your Twitch chat will make in-game decisions via your Twitch chat. Players are asked rapid-fire questions that will ultimately shape how the player experiences the game. How does a game with invisible enemies, constantly jumping, and sticky floors sound? Terrible, but it’s definitely possible with the voting system that Choice Chamber has provided.

    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (8)
  9. Da Twitch Charades

    Here is a common game you may have grown up playing, it’s Charades! All you have to do is head to their website, type in your channel name and hit “Start Game”. It will open up a second window where you can see the word you have to act out. The first viewer to type the answer correctly in Twitch chat will win the round. There are a ton of categories to choose prompts from, and it even has a way to enter custom words so you can act out whatever your heart desires. (Note: Only supports Firefox and Google Chrome)

    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (9)
  10. Chess (with Vote Chess extension)

    With the help of popular shows like The Queen’s Gambit and Twitch streamers like GMHikaru, the game of chess has experienced somewhat of a digital renaissance. There is a Twitch extension by the name of Vote Chess, allowing viewers to vote on your chess moves. Simply run a poll through the extension for each of your turns and your chat will decide what piece to move. Teamwork makes the dream work!

    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (10)

Other Games with Twitch Integration

The games listed here are either older titles or just don’t have a strong presence on Twitch, so you may find it difficult to reach new viewers while in these categories. However, they can still make for a really fun stream while getting your community involved, so here are some honorable mentions!

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  1. Ring of Pain

    A punishing roguelike card crawler with many risk vs reward decisions to be made. There is an official Twitch extension available that has 2 features that help the game land on this list. One of which polls the audience in order to decide which option to choose when comparing items or stat boosts. The other, allows viewers to re-draw the art on the enemy cards, often leading to some hilarious encounters.

    Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme (11)
  2. Ultimate Chicken Horse

    This is a party platformer where the levels are built as you play. Reach the goal, while sabotaging your opponents to score points. With Twitch voting enabled, the audience can type in specific keywords in order to vote for blocks that will appear in the Party Box.

  3. Move or Die

    A fast-paced, 4 player local and online party game where the mechanics of the game change every 20 seconds. With their Viewers vs Streamers update, everything typed in chat will show up on the screen. Chat can vote on game modes, mutators, and trigger specific in-game events that will influence the game.

  4. #IDARB

    #IDARB is a fast-paced, multiplayer, chaotic sports game, yet at the same time, it is shockingly simple. Put the ball in the other team’s goal. There is an in-game feature available that allows viewers to cause specific in-game events through Twitch or Twitter using something known as hashbombs. If you can manage to get enough players in the game, you’re all but certain to have a great time.

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Should You Play Integrated Games?

Twitch chat integrated games are a great way to bond with the audience you have already established, so you should definitely consider playing them. If you optimize tags, set creative titles, or set interesting challenges, you may even bring in some new viewers who are just browsing for a fun group to play games with. (Side note: Be mindful, some of these games allow viewers to influence what is written or drawn on your screen, which can sometimes lead to trolls looking to spoil a good time. I highly recommend having a trusty team of mods that can handle an unwanted situation if it occurs.) You don’t have to exclusively play these kinds of games on stream, but even mixing in as little as one community game day a week is a great way to keep everyone excited and involved.

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Games With Twitch Integration - StreamScheme? ›

Many beginner streamers mistakenly believe that if they start streaming the most popular game, they will immediately gain many viewers. In reality, this is a big misconception. The most popular game sections usually have thousands of streamers, and getting lost in the crowd is easy.

How does twitch integration work? ›

Twitch integration
  1. Viewers can spend Channel Points which fill up your Twitch Totem Bar. When this bar is full you will receive a reward!
  2. Help or Hinder events will happen automatically. ...
  3. Allow viewers to enter a raffle to create your next follower.

Does it matter what game I stream on Twitch? ›

Many beginner streamers mistakenly believe that if they start streaming the most popular game, they will immediately gain many viewers. In reality, this is a big misconception. The most popular game sections usually have thousands of streamers, and getting lost in the crowd is easy.

How do I choose a good game to stream on Twitch? ›

Choose games carefully

Start by picking a game you like playing, then head to Twitch to see how many viewers it has. You can also use data from a source like TwitchTracker to check out which categories have the highest number of viewers, channel-to-viewer ratio and average number of channels.

How do you make money on Twitch Interactive? ›

Six ways to make money on Twitch
  1. Donations. Donations can be a great way to start earning money before you qualify as a Twitch affiliate or partner. ...
  2. Merchandise sales. ...
  3. Brand deals and sponsorships. ...
  4. Subscriptions. ...
  5. Twitch bits. ...
  6. Ad revenue. ...
  7. Twitch account. ...
  8. Laptop/PC.
Jul 16, 2023

Is Twitch affiliate easy? ›

Twitch Affiliate can take as little as a week with proper planning and a bit of luck. It takes the average streamer 2-4 months to reach Affiliate. It is also worth noting that it is possible to lose Twitch affiliate if you do not comply with Twitch's terms of service.

Do bots join Twitch streams? ›

Twitch viewer bots are simple software scripts that allow streamers to simulate human viewers. Other bots used on Twitch include follow bots, which simulate Twitch followers and chat activity bots, which simulate chatter on the streamer's channel.

What games are banned from streaming on Twitch? ›

For more on gaming content restrictions, please read the Community Guidelines.
  • 3DXChat.
  • All Randomized Video Chat Platforms.
  • Artificial Girl 1, 2, & 3.
  • Artificial Academy 1 & 2.
  • Battle Rape.
  • BMX XXX.
  • Cobra Club.
  • Criminal Girls.

Is it good to stream everyday on Twitch? ›

Stream 3-5 times per week

It's better to dedicate that time to some off-Twitch activities that can grow your channel (more on that below). On top of that, doing anything non-stop is a recipe for burnout. There's no faster way to lose that fire than to turn it into your daily grind!

What game gets more views on Twitch? ›

The most popular game of all time on Twitch is League of Legends, with more than 59.18 billion all-time views worldwide as of June 2023.

What not to stream on Twitch? ›

Examples of content you should not share on Twitch without permission from the copyright owners or unless otherwise permitted by law include:
  • Other Twitch creators' content.
  • Pirated games or content from unauthorized private servers.
  • Content from other sites.
  • Movies, television shows, or sports matches.

What is the highest quality you can stream on Twitch? ›

That means, with the audio, the maximum bitrate supported on Twitch is 6,320 kbps. Keep in mind, though, that what's known as the Twitch ingest servers can accept streams up to a given max of 8,500 kbps. If you try to go higher than 8,500 kbps, you will either get an error message or the screen will go black.

What does Discord twitch integration do? ›

For Twitch Partner and Affiliate streamers, you can integrate your Twitch channel into your Discord server so you can chat and chill with all of your subscribers. Or if you're a Twitch viewer, you can join and chat with your favorite streamers on their Discord servers.

How do I set up twitch integration? ›

Go to the Discord Settings menu and select Connections. Choose the Twitch icon and follow the prompts to sign in to the Twitch account. Go to Server Settings and select your new Twitch Integration option. Set up a server and sync it to your account.

How does a Twitch affiliate get paid? ›

Becoming a Twitch Affiliate enables streamers to earn as long as they stream on a frequent basis, with the option to accumulate revenue from the sale of games and their in-game items. They may also earn via 'Bits': virtual goods that viewers can offer, resulting in a share of the revenue for the streamer.


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