17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (2024)

Known as the largest city in Kentucky–Louisville, is famous for its relatively chill atmosphere which makes it a terrific place to consider visiting on your getaway.

From its historical museums and zoological parks to its award-winning liquors and spirits, the city of Louisville has got you covered with everything you’d hope to explore on your trip.

While offering miles and miles of lush green life, otherworldly adventures, and amusing entertainment, this city allows you to experience its fun-filled nature with ease.

So look no further, pack your bags, and discover an array of ideas about the best things to do in Louisville, KY, with the help of this list.

1. Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (1)

800 W Main St
Louisville, KY 40202
(877) 775-8443

Located in Louisville, Kentucky’s “Museum Row,” Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory lets you get a glimpse of Louisville Sluggers’ history and the bat-making process that baseball lovers eye.

Why You Should Go

Home to one of the main things to see in Louisville, the world’s massive bat sits right outside the Louisville Slugger Museum.

Moreover, in the museum, you’ll also be able to see baseball artifacts and learn about how the bat-making process works.

What to Do

Among the primary stuff to do in Louisville is to go on a sightseeing trip by exploring the museum or going on a factory tour to learn about the bat creating process.

You can also practice some swings with a model of your favorite player’s bat.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: 21c Museum Hotel Louisville

2. Kentucky Derby Museum

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (2)

704 Central Ave
Louisville, KY 40208
(502) 637-1111

A visit to Louisville is not complete without coming over to the Kentucky Derby Museum.

Opened in 1985, the museum lets you see the fascinating history of the Kentucky Derby, fit for all horse racing enthusiasts.

Why You Should Go

In the Kentucky Derby Museum, you’ll be able to discover the rich past of horse racing and the significant figures of the sport with interactive exhibits and a 360-degree experience of history that this museum features.

What to Do

Indulge in an exhilarating panoramic movie experience followed by a tour of the derby track.

You can also ride a simulation of horse racing inside the museum.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: The Brown Hotel

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3. Churchill Downs

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (3)

700 Central Ave
Louisville, KY 40208
(502) 636-4400

Churchill Downs is a 120,000 seating capacity thoroughbred racetrack well known for hosting the Kentucky Derby.

Why You Should Go

Churchill Downs enables you to enjoy the roaring excitement of the legendary Kentucky Derby.

And even during the off-seasons of the sport, you can still tour the arena and watch the horses exercise.

What to Do

Join in on a guided walking tour of the race track by the Kentucky Derby Museum for an in-depth view of horse racing, book yourself a seat and enjoy a thrilling time watching different majestic horses compete.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Best Western Premier Airport/Expo Center Hotel

4. The Speed Art Museum

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (4)

2035 South Third Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40208
(502) 634-2700

Known as the most significant and oldest art museum in Kentucky, the Speed Art Museum lets you explore its fascinating indoors as it offers an array of must-see portraits that any art enthusiast would love.

Why You Should Go

Nothing beats seeing art in person in this destination as it boasts of paintings from notable artists like Rembrandt, Rubens, and Picasso.

The Speed Art Museum also holds temporary and permanent art exhibits and collections, some even dating back to 6000 years ago.

What to Do

Marvel at the multiple arts exhibits and watch art films in the cinema located in the museum.

Enjoy witnessing items from ancient cultures, african artworks, and contemporary pieces.

You can also enroll in programming lessons for all ages if you want to take it a step further.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: The Seelbach Hilton Louisville

5. Louisville Mega Cavern

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (5)

1841 Taylor Ave.
Louisville, KY 40213
(877) 614-6342

Created by a massive limestone quarry during the 20th century, join in on a thrilling adventure inside Louisville Mega Cavern, with its fun, informative, and family-friendly underground activities.

Why You Should Go

One of the top fun things to do in Louisville, Kentucky, is to go spelunking in this artificial cave with the worlds’ only underground zip lining, historic tram tour, walking excursion, and even aerial activities.

What to Do

Escape the busy cities and challenge yourself with adventure-filled activities like zip lining, electric bike-riding, taking a tram tour, and aerial rope.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Courtyard Louisville Airport

6. Angel’s Envy Distillery

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (6)

500 E Main St.
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 890-6300

Known for its exceptional alcoholic drinks and tours, Angel’s Envy Distillery will cater to your preferences even when it’s raining or cold.

Why You Should Go

The distillery offers multiple tours depending on your preference, from a private tasting experience to bottling your bourbon.

You’ll be experiencing the heat of their unprecedented alcoholic drinks that puts this destination on the map.

What to Do

Opt for a guided tour of the distillery about the whole bottling & distillation process.

And, of course, your visit wouldn’t be complete without tasting their bourbon.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Galt House Hotel, A Trademark Collection Hotel

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7. Belle of Louisville

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (7)

401 W River Road
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 574-2992

Go on a trip back in time while you board the Belle of Louisville, the oldest steamboat in the Mississippi River, for a fantastic view of the downtown area of this city.

Why You Should Go

In Louisville, you’ll be able to enjoy a cruise and marvel at the vast waters that engulf the city by boarding this historic steamboat.

With outstanding amenities and a history to tell, Belle of Louisville is indeed one of its kind.

What to Do

Sightsee while enjoying a unique dining experience on the Ohio River, order the infamous Kentucky bourbon, and savor a dockside dinner with live music and entertainment.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Omni Louisville Hotel

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8. Beckley Creek Park

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (8)

1411 Beckley Creek Pkwy
Louisville, KY 40245
(502) 584-0350

Known for its native and non-native flora and fauna, Beckley Creek Park is brimming with fun and family-friendly outdoor recreation activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Why You Should Go

Beckley Creek Park is home to a plethora of free things to do in Louisville as it enables you to marvel at the sprawling park, traverse through its lush greeneries, and create special memories that you’ll keep for years to come with the people you love.

What to Do

This park offers biking and walking trails, fishing spots at the William F. Miles Lakes, various picnic areas at the Oak Picnic Grove, community gardens, and farmer’s markets open to tourists and locals alike.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Embassy Suites by Hilton Louisville East

9. Whitehall House & Gardens

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (9)

3110 Lexington Road
Louisville, KY 40206
(502) 897-2944

One of the prettiest places to visit in Louisville is the Whitehall House & Gardens, a gorgeous destination founded all the way back in 1994.

Why You Should Go

Whitehall boasts an array of vibrant and stunning gardens encompassing the gorgeous house that you’ll be able to explore.

With beautiful landscapes and greeneries that make up the venue, it’s a no-brainer that this hidden gem is a must-add attraction on your list.

What to Do

Get a historical tour of the house for a cheap rate and enjoy a carefree day while exploring the destination.

Visit the Arboretum, the Specimen Garden, or the Formal Florentine Garden and the Woodland Fern.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Breckinridge Inn

10. KFC Yum! Center

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (10)

One Arena Plaza
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 690-9000

With a seating capacity of more than 22,000, KFC Yum! Center is known to cater to a big crowd for some groundbreaking music concerts and thrilling sporting events.

Why You Should Go

In KFC Yum! Center, you’ll be able to experience a plethora of exciting events.

From renowned music artist concerts to big games held in the center, KFC Yum! Center is a destination that will elevate your trip experience.

What to Do

Visit the site for upcoming events and enjoy a day of fun inside the center.

Food and alcoholic beverages are also available.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Louisville Marriott Downtown

11. Cherokee Park

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (11)

745 Cochran Hill Rd.
Louisville, KY 40206
(502) 574-7275

Be one with nature today by dropping by Cherokee Park with its 2.4-mile scenic loop and a striking view of the hills.

Why You Should Go

Offering a change of scenery and a refreshing view of the green meadows & woodlands in the park, Cherokee Park is a destination that will take your minds away from the bustling streets of urban cities with an array of recreational activities you get to enjoy.

What to Do

Cherokee Park offers just about any outdoor recreation you can think of—like various sports areas, fishing spots, grillers, picnic tables, hiking trails, and a playground.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: AC Hotel by Marriott Louisville Downtown

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12. Kentucky Science Center

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (12)

727 W Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 561-6100

One of the top things to do in Louisville with kids is to spend the day in the largest hands-on science museum, Kentucky Science Center, where science and learning are fun and interactive.

Why You Should Go

Perfect for children’s inquisitive and curious minds, the science center allows you to have an interactive experience with the science center’s exhibits.

From its Discovery Gallery exhibit to its educational field trips, Kentucky Science Center is a landing place that builds your bond with your young ones stronger.

What to Do

Bring the whole family for engaging and informative science exhibits and events.

You can also immerse yourself with your kiddos by watching movies in the four-story digital theater.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Hyatt Regency Louisville

13. The Louisville Palace

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (13)

625 S. 4th Street
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 583-4555

With a seating capacity limit of 2,800, dressing up and spending the evening in The Louisville Palace is one of the unique things to do in Louisville tonight—a celebration of both art and community combined.

Why You Should Go

The Louisville Palace is a hidden gem in Louisville—entertaining generations of guests with exceptional movies and award-winning performances.

With that in mind, this destination is a must-try if you’re looking to make your day a lovely one.

What to Do

Wear your best outfit and enjoy a memorable night of awe-inspiring live performances.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Embassy Suites Louisville Downtown

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14. Fourth Street Live!

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (14)

411 S. 4th St
Louisville, KY 40202
(502) 584-7170

From exhilarating entertainment to witnessing an exceptional dining experience, Fourth Street Live, located on 4th street, is a destination that won’t disappoint.

Why You Should Go

Fourth Street Live is home to one of the best things to do in Louisville for couples, as it features a fine dining experience accompanied by refreshing drinks and live music that helps you create unforgettable memories with your partner.

What to Do

A top destination where you can choose from a multitude of restaurants and bars.

You can also enjoy live music or games on the wide screen television.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: SpringHill Suites Louisville Downtown

15. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (15)

4400 Paralee Dr.
Louisville, KY 40272
(502) 933-2142

Halloween enthusiasts and lovers of anything scary don’t need to look too far.

One of the spooky attractions in Louisville is the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, a former hospital for patients with tuberculosis but is now known as one of the most haunted places in the world.

Why You Should Go

Waverly Hills Sanatorium will test your bravery and friendship as it offers guided tours, private investigations, and overnights.

In this destination, you’ll be able to enjoy a memorable and somewhat spooky night with your friends.

What to Do

Join in on the sanatorium’s guided tours and events like the annual haunted house fundraiser during the Halloween season and Christmas laser light show.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: The Brown Hotel

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16. Louisville Zoo

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (16)

1100 Trevilian Way
Louisville, KY 40213
(502) 459-2181

As a famous place to better bond people and wild animals, the 134-acre Louisville zoo offers a fun-filled and beautiful day that you can enjoy this weekend with the whole family.

Why You Should Go

Louisville zoo enables you to understand and view the importance of environmental care and the conservation of wild animals.

Once you visit the zoo, you’ll have an enchanting experience as you witness the curious animals that inhabit the zoological garden.

What to Do

Explore the numerous exhibits like the Glacier Run and HerpAquarium that the destination features.

Furthermore, you should also visit the vast array of animals and admire the different species of plants that make up the zoo.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: Holiday Inn Express Louisville Airport Expo Center, an IHG Hotel

17. Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (17)

937 Phillips Lane
Louisville, KY 40209
(502) 813-8200

Unleash your inner child in the 67-acre Kentucky Kingdom & Hurricane Bay with tons of rides to choose from, depending on how adventurous you are.

Why You Should Go

The amusem*nt and water park offers many heart-pumping rides and water attractions that will surely keep everyone entertained, making it one of the best things to do in Louisville, KY.

What to Do

Enjoy a day at the park with the family by going on rides or a steep slide.

Also, don’t forget to get something from the gift shop to keep as a souvenir.

Recommended Hotel Nearby: SureStay Plus by Best Western Louisville Airport Expo

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Map of Things to Do in Louisville, KY

Louisville Things to Do: The 17 Best Activities for 2024

17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (18)
17 Best Things to Do in Louisville, KY (for 2024) (2024)
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